Monday, January 2, 2012

Dec Prime Time

Finally time to post. My goal this month was to use all 500 yards of this yarn. The yarn is from Blue Moon Fiber Arts Luscious Single Silk in the True Blood colorway. I made an easy mobius that was long enough to go over my head. Still have lots of yarn let's make a pair of mittens, these are my first mittens that I have made. I still have yarn left. A hat to I knit a hat and still had yarn left. I made a Calorimetry. Now I thought that I would use all the yarn on these project but no I still had a few yards left. While hang the stockings by the chimney I noticed that one of the stockings where missing its hanger. The perfect use for the leftover yard an i-cord. All 500 yards where used on these item.  I had fun knitting up all of the yarn I think that this is the first time that I have ever done that.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

December Primetime

Yeah I am done! The last project is my Fear of Commitment cowl. It took two skeins and the picture doesn't really show how nice it is.
Progress is on Dec. 23rd with info.I am so excited for last year to be over! And looking forward to a new start today!

Ever the Optomist

I was optimistic that I would finish in time....and I was optimistic that the linen stitch would not drive me crazy. It was a close call on both!!
Cast on: Dec 9th
Cast Off: Dec 31
Yarn: Bernat Mosaic 1.5 skeins....314 yards
Pattern : Cerus Scarf
My Rav Page: Ever the Optimist

We may have a convert....

I bought my mil some Little Flowers when I visited her last month. She is now a CPY convert...and refers to all CPY yarn know, "that yarn you love". Here she is in her Little Flowers Scarf she knit for her 75th birthday. Just thought I would share.

Apparently, she has visited her LYS for yarn for 2 more scarves....her friends are asking for them!! I may have to get some myself! It is really fun stuff. I would probably not have tried it myself without seeing it on her. In 2012, I resolve to expand my yarn preferences!! Thanks for a wonderful year to Adrienne, Susan, everyone at CPY and all the KAL participants. Happy New Years.