Saturday, August 29, 2009

good news

for mystery sock/52 week challenge kal'ers!

dr laura and i have decided to let you count the mystery socks as your september project for the 52 week kal! of course, this means you have to finish your socks and have a picture of them posted by october 4th! yay! yippee!!! however, they will have to be posted by september 30th to qualify for mystery sock kal prizes.


so, how's everyone doing with the mystery socks?

Friday, August 28, 2009

52 Week Challenge - Brenda (Owlsrook)

Completed Project for August. Just finished my Ribbed Socks in Kroy Yarn from my stash. Busy month, rather slow in my knitting (maybe because I am also working on the Mystery Kal). These have 5 inch cuffs and ribbing continues down the instep.
Total yardage = 346 yards.

Brenda in Alberta

Mystery sock KAL: - I forgot to put a picture here

Here is a photo of my beginning (clue #1) - I put photo on Ravelry group and forgot to get one in here - my bad, LOL. I have started on clue #2.

mystery scok kal

clue 3 has been sent! if you don't receive it, please email me at the carefreekal addy and i will send out another copy.

so, how's everyone doing?

calophi has posted a pic of her beaded socks here on rav. so cute! i need to knit another pair!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Prize yarn arrived, plus new project

My yarn prize for the "Favorite CPY Project Runner-up" for my maizy socks came Saturday. Kid Merino, lace yarn. Soft and squishy It was hard deciding among all the lovely colors. Especially between the blues and the browns. So I picked "cocoa blues", which combines my current favorites. Not sure what this yarn will become. Probably something lacy.

Something new - a reversible double knit hat out of Mini Mochi. Idea for this came from those Kauni cardigans, like the one knit by the Yarn Harlot. Almost done, just have to decide if I should adjust sizing around ears.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I finally have a few things I can show off

I'm making a knit version of a Marcy Tilton Vogue jacket, The original is sewn. The story is on my blog if anyone cares. I will sew it again in wool. The first one was in linen. This version is dishcloth cotton in a 3 color seed stitch. Two of the colors have been in my stash for almost 20 years.

I've been knitting on a pair of socks for my daughter. I actually have the first sock finished. The yarn is Patons Kroy Socks 4 ply in blazing blue. Needles 2.5 mm.

I keep working on the crocheted dishcloths. Three are finished, in a variegated yarn with blue trim. The fourth will be blue with the variegated trim. It looks like it's time to take more photos.

I'm also doing the Mystery Sock KAL. I misread the pattern to start with and am redoing the ribbing. The longer one is correct. The yarn for this is CPY Panda Wool that I won in last year's Tour de Sox. Color is Ultramarine.

testing posting photo

thought I would post a picture of my finished "Margaritaville socks" by Adrienne!! I love them.

mystery KAL

I'm loving the mystery KAL.... great pattern so far.

Thank you CPY!

I received my prize for winning the drawing in the 52 week challenge. I thought it would be fun to try out two different yarns so I picked one Merino Stripes, and one Taos. Now I have to find a couple of one skein projects to try them out on. The Merino Stripes is fuzzy and soft - I bet a cowl would feel good around the neck. Love the colors in the Taos - I think I'm going to try something felted with that - maybe a small clutch.
Thank you so much!
Good morning,
I teach 6th grade Hebrew Scriptures in a Catholic Middle School in NC. My DH of 33 years is currently looking for employment...we have 3 children. I keep busy knitting, reading and walking. I am excited about the mystry KAL.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

mystery sock clue two

should be in your mailboxes!

if you don't receive it, let me know.

many of us are chatting and sharing our progress over on ravelry. come on over and join us. we're here. you know you wanna! :)

I really have been knitting!

I just keep forgetting to take a progress photo and post it before I finish. So, even though this doesn't count, because there is no progress photo - I'm going to post just to let you know I really have been knitting! This is "A Little Bird Told Me...." from with a few modifications - knit in the round instead of flat, an i-cord drawstring and strap, and needlefelted heart. It was knit with two skeins of Patons Classic Merino.