Saturday, January 22, 2011

Last Project I start in January Finished

173 yards more 173+404= 577 total for Jan. for P.T. Kal
Hat finished, super quick. Loved the yarn and hate the yarn for its acrylic content. I am not a fan of acrylic generally and feel it has dragged down the warmth factor of the hat. I may make another in a different color but I will get some sock wool or mohair blend and knit an insulating lining.

Friday, January 21, 2011

January Progress - all challenges

Prime Time: blue socks, will be finished if I can get more yarn. My LYS took it all to New York this weekend. I made the socks wide and the leg longer and ran out half way through the first toe.

Me, Me: Mittens, which I badly need and a cotton bath mat from One Skein by Leigh Radford. I hope that it's enough yardage.

January Projects Completed

Here are the yoga socks that I made for my daughter's friend. She loves them!

I realized that these probably were not the required 300 yards so I started a pair of fair isle socks from the Knitted Socks book by Anna Tillman. The book shows them knitted in neutral shades but that was just too boring for me! I picked black for my main color and these bright shades for the patterning. The yarn is Kroy sock yarn from my stash.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 2011 PrimeTime

So here it is Jan 20 and I've just started my January KAL project - actually I cast on last night. Should be able to get this done in time, good thing I can knit on my commute to work! I love the mini mochi and have never done a shawl, so I picked the "Shawlette" pattern which uses two balls of the mini mochi (so technically 390 yds) and my colourway is Tropical Ginger. Size 5US needles, started off on straights and now I've changed to circulars. I like this pattern, it's a simple lace that's suitable for beginner lace-ers like me. I tend to pick up and put down projects a lot so I need something where I don't forget where I left - tinking back lace is a PITA. I have 8 days, can I do it? LOL

January Finished Objects

I am not usually so full of random knit projects but I kept wanting to start new things between finishin up some left over projects. I had a request for black texting gloves and then used most of the remaining yarn on the hat for my munch. ( I started w/ 2 skeins for ease of 2aat and ended up w/ about 50yds left so 344yds of wool-ease used).

Then my Chroma Prism hat took a little over half the ball - so at least 100yds. I love the stripes and was kind of experimenting w/ the yarn to decide if the fingering would work for socks - but sadly I don't like to have to worry about the strength of my socks and might have to pass.

I also finished the leftover 'to-be' felted bowl w/ was a tad under 1 skein of patons wool - doubled so counting for 100 yds. It is still unfelted and being modeled as a sloppy hat. :)

One more for Jan.

Due to having made myself a somewhat regrettable hat earlier in the winter (Truffle Hat). I still kinda like it and it is warm, but I feel like I stole Strawberry Shortcakes hat (old early 80's doll) which isn't really a look I relish. I was going to wait and use it for February, but I am not so much about waiting right now. So here it is started the Outre hat.

"it's all about ME! ME! ME!!!!" KAL

debi thought that we needed a selfish KAL for US, since we've all spent so much time in the last few months knitting for others.! so carefree kal is having an "it's all about ME!" kal. knit something that you've been wanting to make for yourself between january 13 and february 28, 2011 march 15, 2011 and you will be entered into a prize drawing. prizes will be donated by the ever generous susan of crystal palace yarns.

project must use a minimum of 300 yards knitted or 500 yards crocheted. you will get one entry for each project completed. limit of one prize per person. you know we like to spread the happiness around! no double dipping with the prime time kal.

there will be a special prize drawing from projects knit/crochet with crystal palace yarns products (must be at least 90% cpy).

you must post progress photo and photo of completed project by midnight, march 19, 2011.

leave a comment if you feel like being "selfish!" LOL!

eta: is 6 weeks long enough for the kal? i can extend it to two months if you all want.

doesn't count, but pretty!

I've already submitted one project for this month, and I started this too early (Jan. 9) for the just for me KAL, but it's so pretty, I wanted to share --
It's the Narciso scarf, knit in LostCity Denise's merino/bamboo sock. Gorgeous sheen to the yarn!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January Projects Done

I got many projects done to start off the 2011 Prime Time KAL. I have a pair of crocheted fingerless gloves. A crocheted felted handbag, and a pair of knitted wool socks I had done up for my son-in-law.

Just for Me

For the it's all about me challenge, I am making a felted project bag.  I wanted something that was tube shaped with a round bottom.  And after spending hours searching through pattern books and the Ravelry pattern search, I found the Felted bucket bag.  I can turn this into exactly the sort of colorful rainbow bag I want.  Tall enough to hide 14" long needles with enough room for a portable project and yarn.

This is the bottom of the bag:
I've done the color pattern in opposite rainbows.  My daughter pointed out that I should have done it as a butterfly reflection of colors with the warm colors on top and the cool ones at the bottom. 

Me me me!

Here is the start of my All About Me! project. It's called Lace Capelet by Mary-Heather Cogar (then click on Accessories under Freebies ). It's also a free pattern available through Ravelry.

I like how the colors are coming out in this.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January Project is Done!

I finished the Harry Potter Year 3-4 small sized scarf.  It was just over 650 yards worth of yarn, all done in k1 p1 ribbing.  We decided against the fringe (I hate doing fringe) and my daughter was OK with that.  She just wants to wear the scarf.  It took me about 2 hours to weave in all the loose ends from the gold yarn. 

And as it looks laid out on the table in waves:
Now I am off to make something for me.

Monday, January 17, 2011

January cast on

I cast on a few days ago for some Hedera socks:

I might end up giving them away - they'll be perfect for Valentine's Day.


I finished this bag today...not thrilled with the results. The yarn didn't fluff out as much as I'd hoped. Maybe I needed to make the loops longer or maybe I haven't spent enough time fluffing. At any rate, that tipped me over the 300-yards-used for the month of January.
Now I'm off to start the Me! Me! Me! project!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jan More FO's

Playing with some Mochi Plus trying to make some mitts. Also is a shawl I was lucky to get to test knit. I used Hazel Knits soy/merino. This pic is the truest of the colors.

While waiting for more yarn to finish the shawl, I started a pair of clogs for Ken. He chose the colors. This make 2 pair this year. Probably should keep track as last year I made over 30 pairs. Debating on felting these now or wait until I have a pair done for ME ME ME.
I ran out of yarn for this shawl. Needed about 50 yards. Wendee from Hazel Knits sent it to me. I am so amazed as I can not tell where one yarn ended and the other started. This shawl took 490 yards.

January - 2011 Prime Time

For my January project, I knit a Nantucket Basketweave scarf in Panda Soy.

Progress photo:
Cast on: 12/31/10
Finished: 1/16/11
Pattern: Nantucket Basketweave Scarf by Knitted Moon Designs
Yarn: Panda Soy in Tibetan Red
Yardage: 315 yards
Needles: US 4 (3.5mm)
Notes: I cast on 37 stitches since I was knitting with fingering weight yarn.

Finished scarf:
1.16.11 003

and a close-up shot:
1.16.11 005

This scarf is for my sister-in-law, but I may just have to knit one for myself! It is so soft and I really like how it turned out!

-Cathy (n3tue)

It's Primetime January

And it's cooooooooold here. Wool hats are the knit of the month. I've used a bunch of different brands of wool. Gotta love stash dive knitting. (with a bit of augmentation from the lys. Between the two hats, I believe I had about 450 yards worth of yarn used. Fun times, warm heads. Life is good.

Yes, my hat model is getting a bit sick of modeling!!!!