Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cathy's Anything Goes post

For the Anything Goes KAL, I really want to finish these socks that I cast on 9/16/08:
05.25.09 005

The yarn is Tofutsies and they're on US 0 needles. I am on the home stretch now and just need to finish the one foot. I can do this! I declared these during the UFO KAL, but this time I have actually been working on them and will finish them! I hope...

I also cast on a dishcloth for the Anything Goes KAL on 5/25/09:
05.29.09 014

And, I happened to finish it that evening as well:
05.29.09 015

Yarn: Sugar 'n Cream - Painted Desert
Needles: US 10
Yardage: probably about 50 yards

I love the satisfaction of completing a project in an evening. I envy the people that can knit a sock that fast. :-)

love the new spin!

...on the mini-mochi!

i got some of the newer version of mini-mochi to play with. it has been spun a bit tighter so is less splitty than the first shipment. i love it. of course, i loved the first batch too. the yarn seems to fluff a bit after washing. it is still not fun to frog but being a single ply, i am not surprised.

kai-mei by cookie a
mini-mochi in violets rainbow

US 1.5 needles (2.5mm)
gauge: 8.5 sts/inch in stockinette
mods: i added a lace panel down the leg as i am not fond of 6.5" on k3 p3 ribbing (BOR-ing!!)

i LOVE mini-mochi!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

new pair started

My dear friend Bea will recognize these...I am sure. The inspiration for this sock comes from her Bamboo socks. I was asked to knit a pair of socks for a fellow Raveler and the yarn she sent comes from Regia. I am about to start the heel, as it knits away like a breeze.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

52 Week Challenge - Brenda (Owlsrook)

May Project Completed - Ribbed Socks in Austermann Yarn = Completed yardage = 348 yards.
Progress photo was posted on May 18/09. I like this yarn for its tweedy look, and to me it called for a plain pattern as it is already busy enough.

Now I have to decide on something for June. Hopefully I'll get more knitting time in June than I did in May.

Brenda in Alberta
May 27, 2009

What a weekend

What a weekend! I had hoped to do a lot, but that went different. Beautiful weather... and I was sick. Pollen attack - and I had to spend a lot of time feeling miserable in bed. I did not do much knitting, but did make a little progress on my shawl. I also need to make a lot of pictures, among them of the traveling scarf, that needs to be sent along next week. My piece is done... but needs photo.

And then last night... A major thunderstorm was circling around and around and it seemed that it did not want to stop. This morning around four we had to get out as DH had an early shift, and it was raining so hard, with constant thunder that it scared me. It seemed that the thunderstorm was stuck between the river Rotte and a few train tracks... it sure was heavy!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Heartbeat Sweater Finally done YIPPEE

I was planning on having this done by the beginning of May. Didn't happen! (and that was my "late date", but it's now the end of May and it'd DONE. Plan on wearing it tomorrow....the true test on if I like it or not.

52-week for May- yeah

Oh my! I finished my first pair of adult socks with a lacy pattern! I am so excited. Unfortunately they are for Sock Wars IV. So, they went to my target, boo hoo. But, My assasin used a sport weight yarn instead of fingering so she had a misfire and I am still alive. So, I am cleaning the house like a mad-woman trying to make up for the time I spent knitting! I used Cascade 220 almost the whol skein. But, I do not know how to do the yardage. I assume it is enough for May. I will try to find out how to weigh the leftovers for a specific count this week. Yeah, for me maybe I can get one more target before I die a valient death.

Another finished thing for May.

I haven't finished much this month that was knitted. Three prom dresses took up much of my time. If anyone's interested, they're on my blog.

I did make a toy for our knitting guild toy competition. The toys a donated to charity. I knit this in a week. I do have a progress picture. He's unstuffed and held up by a water bottle. Guild meeting was May 11. I picked this toy because it was easy and cute, in that order. This brings my May total to 308 yds. Maybe I can finish the green socks.


As a challenge I was given some yarn and was told to make something. Well ended up getting more of the yarn and making 3 bags. Was fun.

52 week challenge

Sock progress: April Ravelry socks
The pattern is Entrelacsocks from Stephanie van der Linden. The Ravelry group rules say that the socks should be finished by May 30 to be eligible for a prize. I don't think I will make it. The yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton. I'd hoped these socks would be mine, but they're coming out a little large. luckily I have a daughter with feet larger than mine.
Finished project
This one was a fast knit and I forgot to take a picture. They are Maine Morning Mitts by Clara Parkes. The yarn is Noro Silk Garden. I made them for my sister.

I'm also knitting a pair of socks for my son-in-law. The pattern is vintage. The yarn is Trekking Pro Natura.
What is slowing progress is a shawl that I'm knitting for a yarn company. No picture of that one.