Saturday, January 2, 2010


MMarioKKnits (also known as M2K2)and MMKKMMystery are both groups on The first has a lot of patterns, charted and written out. Some of the patterns have been knit, some haven't. In a way it's a big group of test knitters. The second is the KAL.

Designer page on Ravelry - MMario
and Rav fan page - mmario-fan-knitics

One of these days I plan to knit the Spanish Armada shawl.

If I remember correctly, I first came across MMario in the Ravelry newsletter/groups in the spotlight section. The group was mentioned together with lace and Dragonriders of Pern, so I just had to find out what that was about.

i'm tired already!

just from watching all of you cast on!

fyi, when i said to "label" your posts "12m/12p/12boy," i meant that you should use that in the bottom window of your post where it says "labels for this post: eg, scooters, vacation, etc" NOT to title all your posts that. it would be super boring that way. so, please title your posts whatever you want =).

i have a pair of boring guy socks and a boring guy sweater sweater started. i need some lace and bling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps...where is mmario's mmystery shawl kal at?! help!!!!!!!!!

lace kal

I'm doing the MMarioKKnits MMystery KAL too. Needles US 6, Bernat baby yarn. Hopefully will be done in a couple of months. Now to come up with something for January. Maybe something from 50 Socks-50 States book.

12 months/12 projects/12 balls of yarn KAL

I have been very busy casting on new projects. Nothing like a lot of UFO's so there's always a choice of things to work on! After knitting for 2 days, I took off a few minutes before the sun went down to take some photos.

Panama Shawl (Misti Alpaca Lace), Monkey Socks (Knit Picks Stroll Multi), MMario Mystery Shawl (Knitivity Down Home Sock Yarn), Saskia Shawl (Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solids), and Winter Mystery Shawl 09 (JaggerSpun Zephyr).

I'm having a ball!!
GablesDeb on Ravelry

12 months/12 projects/12 balls of yarn KAL

Wow! I had a very busy day yesterday. I started a pair of Monkey Socks that I have wanted to make for a while. I am using KnitPicks Stroll an I love the way that it is working up (although I haven't gotten much farther than the cuff). I also started and knit the first clue in the MMario Mystery Shawl 2010. I didn't get much farther than the cast on and first few rows of the Panama Shawl and the Winter Mystery Shawl 2010 before I started falling asleep over my needles. I will post photos as soon as I can (hopefully later today).


Friday, January 1, 2010

December project finished

My final December project was a pair of socks, made completely of yarn left over from other projects. There are 8 different yarns in the socks.

The top is garter stitch worked sideways. The slip stitch pattern is from Barbara Walker's first treasury.

Happy Ney Year and January Starts

Hi, everyone. Happy New Year! I hope you all have a healthy and wonderful 2010. My start for January is a "Gathered Scarf " from Ravelry. It is actually made from a sweater that the kids won't let me get rid of. They were always on top of me when I wore it. I have never recycled this way but the kids are excited to see it in a new way. It uses two size needles and it is super fun to do. I also have a skein of Cocoa Mint Panda Soy for this month. But, I can't pick a pattern.
Any ideas? Darin is still un-employed and we are only living on $175.00 a week due to an adjustment in his baseline. He worked for two weeks last summer and was $98.00 over the minimum (for a family of four.) EEK. So, no yarn budget until he gets work. But I have some stash. I will pray for you all if you pray for me! Have a fun day. xxooxx, Jody

Antarctic shawl

Started my Antarctic shawl with some lovely Alpaca laceweight yarn from my daughter.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

12 months/12 projects/12 balls of yarn

a new year! (can't believe that we are going double digits...just seems like we were worried about y2k. yikes!) and a new yearlong kal! knit at least one project for each month of 2010 and you will be entered into a drawing to win 12 balls of yarn! there will be random drawings during the year from all the projects finished. we are also working on adding a twist to the prizes.

the rules will be very similar to the ones for the 52 week challenge kal. projects cannot be started until january 1st (of course, i am a softy so may allow a new year's eve start for all of you who like to bring in the new year doing your most favorite thing! knitting and champagne!!! what more can you ask for?!!!).

so let me know if you want to play! leave a comment on this post or email me at carefreekal at gmail dot com and i will add you to the list.

if you are new to the blog, please email me for an invitation to the blog and we will get you set up to play!

eta: projects do not have to be completed in the same month that you start them. however, you cannot start any projects until january (or maybe dec 31st-if i decide to be really nice)

12/22: i have everyone listed who has contacted me to join this kal. if i am missing your name, please let me know!



Here is the start of a triangle shawl.

The pattern for the shawl can be found here.

I bought the yarn over 10 years ago for the another project. I still have a couple balls left over and thought about using it up for the shawl.

Good luck to everyone participating in the 12 month KAL!

Happy New Year 2010!

Julie H

End of 52 Week Challenge 09 - last objects finished

No KAL-socks, because I missed to take a pic of the unfinished socks. These were a gift for a friend and she likes them.

Qualifying for a second project for December: This is my cardigan, finished right before Christmas and very welcome, as it was very very cold. We definitely had white christmas.

Here is a detail from the band and how it is sewn to the front. Shape was made with the help of short rows.
There is only one object missing that I did not finish this year. It is the green cardi with the asymmetric closure and the square neck. All I have to do is the seaming of the sleeves. But I cannot find the cardi. Within the last two weeks I re-organised my stash. My big stash. My giant stash. Now I know where each and every yarn is, but where did I put that green cardi ?
All the best to all of you for 2010!
AND: Thank you for offering this KAL. I will go for it again in 2010.

Monday, December 28, 2009

December project

I have started a new project with the goal of finishing it by the end of the month. I have credit for 11 months in the 52 week challenge, but the project with both a progress and a finished post does not have enough yardage to qualify for December.

As part of the Ravelry group Sock Knitters Anonymous, one of the options for the December challenge was to knit a sock completely from left overs. I started with a pile of yarn like this.

I've a good start on the sock, and I'm off work this week. There are 8 different yarns in this sock. The slip-stitch pattern is from Barbara Walker's first Treasury

rules for 12 months/12 projects/12 balls of yarn

the rules will be the same as the ones for the current 52 week challenge. you may knit different small projects for the month but must meet the minimum yards to get credit for the month. please show all the projects together in ONE post as i get easily "cornfooseded!" :)

no current ufo's or wip's may be used for 2010 project credit.

you may cast on beginning december 31, 2009 for the 12/12/12 kal. i know we all want to be doing something we love as we celebrate the start of a new year!


it's almost time!!!!!!! squeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

here's the twist!!!!

as you all know, our carefree kal blog is generously supported by crystal palace yarns (and we love you, susan!). although, you are not required to knit your projects with crystal palace yarns, we have always encouraged its use with special prizes limited to projects made with cpy yarns.

we have added a twist to the 12 months/12 projects/12 balls of yarn kal. susan has donated an additional prize package of 12 balls of yarn to be awarded to the knitter who knits the most projects with crystal palace yarns during the kal! the projects must contain a minimum of 90% crystal palace yarn to qualify.

so, there you have it...2 prize packages of 12 balls of crystal palace yarn (winners' choice of yarn and color) plus additional prize drawings during the year! what are you waiting for?! january is just around the corner! sign up now!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

December project

The purple slippers are finished. Knitting was finished about 9:00 Dec. 24th. Felting followed and they were placed on our boiler for drying. Past history was repeated. Next afternoon they were dry!

They were wrapped up, and Saturday they were unwrapped and spent the rest of the day on their owner's feet. 283 yards of bulky yarn out of my stash!

And another December project

That was a cute quick knit that I finished right before Christmas. Mini Mochi in Neptune Colours... was not enough to qualify for the December project... 1/2 ball approximately was used.

December socks

This pair is using a stitch that was inspired by something that my dad once said. It must have been a year ago or so... and in the beginning of this month, his question popped into my mind, with these socks as result. My dad is always in my mind.

390 yards are used for this pair.