Friday, October 23, 2009

little lacy cowl finished

Here's my kid merino cowl all finished (except of course weaving in the ends and a touch of blocking) I threw it over my daughter's head and made her model it as she was heading out the door, so it could have used a little arranging, but you can see how it will look. It's better than a photo of it lying on the table, I hope.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gift category KAL

This took just a few days from start to finish and I LOVE the mini-mochi. I knit until almost all of the first of 2 balls was finished and then began the decreases for the 2nd half. Spliced the join in similar color section and it worked perfectly with this yarn. I have just a little bit of yarn left which will become stripes near the cuffs in future socks. Wildflowers by Evelyn Clark. Well written and a fast knit. Definitely will make another in the future. And I will get some more mini-mochi for sure. It was a joy to use with the 4mm needles.

gift for Chris

A friend who has given invaluable help to Fred with our plane is trying to make a decision about building one of his own. He tells us he has "cold feet" about it and really does have problems with cold feet. He also teases us about having such a patriotic color scheme for our plane and call sign which begins with Y (Yankee). He is a Brit and likes the idea of his own flag colors for his future plane. LOL it will also be red, white and blue. So these socks are for him in colors of his flag (and also the Aussie one) and hopefully future plane. :)
The pattern is Thuja by Bobby Ziegler and I'm using Bendigo Mills 100% wool "luxury 8 ply machine washable". Really enjoyable project for a very special man.

Holiday (or not) KAL 1st project!

After some ripping and cursing, here is the progress on my Hourglass Socks from a few days ago:
Indigo Moon Hourglass socks

The yarn is Indigo Moon Superwash Merino in Madder Red. The red is much deeper than the picture shows!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Holiday KAL

the pattern is Crenellation by Hunter Hammersen. The yarn is Malabrigo, Terracotta colorway.

Progress on socks

These are my own pattern, for a birthday in late October. I've been playing with gusset decreases. I like them better now than I did when sock #1 was finished. Yarn is Bernat Sox. Sock #2 is restarted. I forgot to twist the knits in the rib.

There is progress on the black socks. The birthday was in July, but I gave an IOU. Time to get them finished, but after the blue ones. Again they are my own pattern. The intended foot is wide.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

october 52-week projects

Hi again.
Here are the pictures for the scarves. There is now 300 yards for Nathan's and about the same for Katie. They both will not take them off. 600 yards three continents and tons of fun later they are finally done!

Now to finish Bella's Mittens for my neice! I need to adjust the pattern to fit her hands.

Holiday KAL Update

I am about 50% finished 2 projects so I thought I better post some WIP pics.

The first is the "We call him Spidey Mittens" for my son in Wool-Ease worsted to get them big enough for a 7 yr old.
The second is "Fetching" mittens in Louet Riverstone Bulky. I may have to frog the top after the second one if I have enough yarn to make them a little longer. I'm trying to only use 1 skein.

Jill (jaerrt on ravelry)

52-week followup for October

Hi again. Nathan has decided that he wants me to add the rest of the yarn from the project onto his scarf. He thinks it needs more light blue on the bottom! So, I will resubmit the totals tonight.

Kid merino cowl

Here's another gift I'm knitting, for my sister this time, it's the lacy cowl from designer one skein wonders. A very quick knit.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Yeah, Nathan's scarf is finally here! So, I finished the second scarf with just over 210 yds! I used 160 yards of TinyTots baby dk. The dark blue was the whole skein plus a little more. And about half of the baby blue! He is so excited he wants to sleep with it on. Can you see his vampire teeth?
This projects progress picture was way back around April. All of the scarves in both of the groups are done and home to their owners (finally.) Nathan's was two months late. But it traveled as far as Switzerland and Italy before landing in Oregon. I love the tiny tot yarn and will try to find a comparable CPY to use again.
Happy Fall!

Of course, I managed to start another pair of socks...

... before finishing any of the projects I posted about earlier. I'm finished the first sock now, but was waiting to confirm permission before posting a picture:
This was a test knit for Hunter Hammersen. It was called Flummery when I first got the pattern, but I believe she'll be changing the name when the pattern is released. I used
Karen's Heavenly Creations Ultra Superwash Merino Fingering in Blue Violets and 2.5mm dpns.

Lacy stuff

I also participate in a lace knitting blog KAL, seasons of lace, and for that I started a malabrigo lace scarf on Oct 7. It's the Luscious Lace pattern and is looking like this now


Adrienne re invited me, and now I can post!
Here is the start up photo of the Taos mittens I'm working on.
I've also started a Kid Merino cowl.

Thank You

The Crystal Palace yarn I won in the Moonchild (aka Mystery) sock kal arrived over the weekend. I chose Panda cotton in the Rosewater colorway, and it's beautiful! I probably won't knit it up until next summer, but I'll be sure to share it with the group once I do.

I want to thank everyone involved in the kal, and I'd especially like to thank Susan for the great prize and SPEEDY delivery! Thank you:)