Saturday, July 2, 2011

Joyette finished for July Prime time KAL

I'll be entering 2 projects for Prime time this month. I started this shawl on our anniversary, June 22 and finished it tonight. 500 yds of DK wt cotton.

The other project will be the croc scarf for Fred's birthday and I'll post pics and the details of it after he gets it on Tuesday. Peek on my Rav page to see if finished. :) Knitting eyeballs was a kick and the teeth were fun as well.

Meanwhile, a happy July 4th toast to all of you "Up Over" and we'll be wearing our red, white and blue along with you during our hail storms. Is that strange or what?! LOL

More details about the shawl on my Ravelry page:

Friday, July 1, 2011

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Prime Time KAL-June

Well I finally got a project finished for June, but it's a little short on yardage. June was a really rough month knitting-wise for me, I'm hoping that once you read my tail of woe you might cut me a little slack! I've definitely been working hard - I knit constantly - but nothing seemed to be working out all that well.

I started three sweaters this month, and all of them got frogged, in varying stages. The first attempt was "Madrigal" from Twist Collective. I will definitely revisit this again, but my short rows were less than stellar (must practice more) and this one hit the frog pond.

Can't remember attempt #2, but #3 was a striped sweater using cotton yarn that had been hiding in my stash. It was bottom up in the round, and I got all the way to attaching the sleeves and doing about 2" of the body before I realized that it was way too big (darn cotton yarn and gauge) and this one also hit the frog pond. It would have been beautiful though *sniff*

Oh and now I remember project #2, it was actually part of my now finished project. #2 was a mystery sock pattern that I decided to use this really cool skein of handdyed SweetGeorgia fingering merino. Unfortunately there were 2 sizes in the pattern (who does this? seriously!) and of course I picked the larger size and it was too big. That and the pattern was super complicated and a little beyond me for a sock at this point. So, that one hit the frog pond as well.

The final (and actually finished) project is the Chevron Lace Fingerless Mitts from Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders. Great pattern, I highly recommend it. I really like the picot edging on both the bottom and top edges. I love learning new stitches, it's fun.

Here's the mitts in progress:

And here's finished:

As I said, sort of short on yardage, I think I'm at about 250yds :( but it's the 30th, and nothing else is getting done tonight! LOL

Ah well, on to July. Onward and upwards!

June-Prime Time

Hi, I just finished these for the month! Project-50 socks 50 states Colorado Purple Mountains Majesty
needles- 2

yarn- Panda Cotton- blue

mini Mochi-white

purple- Heritage Handpaints
Finish date- today!

I love these socks. I have wanted to make these since I got the cd. The only thing I would do different is to not do the duplicate stitch for the mountains.

Prime time July

I won't finish these in June, but here's the Cast On.

Started June 11, 2011 as part of the SKA Scavenger Hunt on world Wide Knit in Public Day.
Yarn: Knit Picks essential that I won as a prize.
Needles: 2.5mm
Pattern: my own


Fiona....eater of bamboo needles. Doesn't even take the knitting off first! Sigh...good thing she is so cute.(and at least it wasn't my new minimochi!!! Whew!!)

Purple Rain Scarf

Almost didn't make it in time for June...I actually thought today was the first, and was all ready to post this as July, even though I finished last night!!
Just a little short of the 300 I made a
headband. Both are made out of Taos # 19....on size 10 needles. I wanted to make a matching raindrop hat...but did not have enough.
Pattern is:

Shizuku 雫 for scarf &

Easy Cabled Headband....for the headband ( with liberties taken on both!)
you can see my project page for this: Purple Rain
NOTE: THIS THING STRETCHES WHEN BLOCKED...what started out as a 62" shawlette became an 84" scarf. My daughter Sarah will love it, though.
My Mods: Made it a boat shaped shawlette -- Increased for 17 drops ( 8 rows per pattern)…stayed the same for 28 drops, then decreased for 17 drops. Pattern as written is triangular. I ended up with 62 raindrops.

Purple Rain ended up weighing 110gr -- 282 yds ( About 2.2 skeins) and headband added another 32 -- total of 314

**I did so want to make a hat with the left over yarn...just so I could call it Purple Rainhat! ......*I might have enough for a baby hat with little raindrop tassles, though....hmmmmm.... will post as an addendum if I do!!

This color of this wonderfully soft yarn reminds me of boysenberry pie. Yummy. Really yummy.

Tracy Van Wormer

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Prime Time KAL - 6/11 Finished

Finished my Magic Mystery Dog Socks (North Dakota) by Rachel Wilson from the 50 Socks - 50 States CD. I knew I wouldn't have enough Mountain Colors 4/8's wool in Sagebrush (250 yards)so I went digging in my stash and found Galway Highland Heather which blended with the Mt. Colors. I started the socks with size 4 needles, then went to size 3 and it still felt large so I changed to size 2 and knit the majority of the sock using size 2. At least the strange color change will be inside the shoe! Cut out one motif in the sock pattern - the Mystery Dog... Guess I should call them the Magic Missing Mystery Dog Socks!

I finished the scarf for my Granddaughter, Haley. Used a pink eyelash that I had in my stash. Didn't even have the yardage on the package (which I can't find)

Also, I have included a photo of the prize yarn I won from the Coquille KAL - I picked 3 skeins of Merino 5 in the charcoal colorway. Neat color!!! Susan you are something else - thank you soooooo much!!!

June Finished Project

My June project is another pair of socks. These are knit with Panda Soy in Lemon Cream colorway. The pattern is a Crystal Palace free pattern called Creme Hearts. I modified it by leaving off the diamond motif which is below the hearts on the original pattern.

June 2011 Prime Time

Much like last month I have lots of ideas and ended up w/ socks and monsters. .
The socks are upside down ampersands in 716KNIT Twist sock.
The other friends are Harold The Houseplant Monster (orange) and Kat the Kitchen Monster (monster of many colors - dancing dog dyeworks) - patterns by Rebecca Danger.

Gift yarn

When I got back from Vermont, there was this lovely package waiting for me. It is two balls of Sausalito, color 8107, and the colors are a lot richer than the scan shows. It is a Merino/nylon blend, and it is hard to keep knitting what is currently on the needles and not immediately start this. Sigh, must be grownup and show some restraint. Thank you ever so much.

No project for this month. Went to Vermont for the Stowe Basketry Festival. It's the 20th anniversity. I missed the last two years (health), but this is the 17th year I've gone. It was great to catch up with old friends. If you want to see the baskets that were offered, go to http: www.roundhearth. com /files/ pg33 2011%20 SBF%20 Classes%20 and%20 Descriptions-final dot pdf - take out spaces and change dot to a period, hope I typed that correctly. If not, just google it if you are interested. But between seven days of weaving, five days of travel, and homework (still have one basket I'm rimming), project did not get done. At least this is not the first month I missed this year - otherwise I'd be staying up to finish this pair of socks. Instead, I'm catching up on stuff and resting, as it's off to Wyoming next week to dig fossil fish and make some jewelry.

Hope it is going well with everyone else. Regards, aj

it's a PAIR!

yup! i may have started these in january (2011, HA!) and it is the end of june (so, what?!) but i have a PAIR of socks! =D

my lazy version of cranberry biscotti
doing the slip stitch whenever the color changes
yarn: regia cotton surf color

slip when i cancan progress

slip when i cancan done

June Primetime KAL

Finished Pic


I finished this in the nick of time for June. I have done 2 February baby sweaters this month, but forgot to take WIP pics, so couldn't use those. This is Lintilla done in Stroll Tonal. I used all but about 2 metres of yarn ( about 420 m). Had to improvise the finishing as I was running out of yarn. Pictures don't do the colour justice. It is beautiful with a very unusual construction and ALOT of short rows. Should be an expert on that

Jill (jaerrt on Ravelry)

June KAL

Down to the deadline wire here...I had the hardest time making myself make the tassel for my son's nightcap. I can't explain it, myself.

First project of the month: socks.

Fun to knit--very quick and easy and the end results ain't so bad, either. The pattern is called Chevron Lace Socks from the Lion Brand Just Socks book.

Next up was this baby hat I made for a new arrival in the neighborhood.

And, finally the nightcap I made for my son. I downsized the pattern quite a bit from the original.

I can't get it in close to the photo, but the link to the baby hat pattern is this.

Unfortunately, none of these items used Crystal Palace yarn, but the socks and the hat were both knit on the same set of bamboo Crystal Palace dpns that my sister gave me.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June KAL

So I have three projects for this month. I have a felted hand bag. This used up my remaining two skeins of wools yarn I had. I made a yarn doily because it is what my mother-in-law wanted. and finally I made a crocheted reversible cable scarf. I really like how this turned out. I recycled the yarn from a vest that did not fit well and used it for the scarf.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

news flash

I know Adrienne is modest and wouldn't be sharing this news with the group, but I'm grinning ear to ear and know you'd all like to send her your congrats. I had written to her about frogging the start of the Jasmine scarf due to a couple of major errors (needle size and picot CO flub) and she wrote back and sent the following regarding her entries in the Alameda county fair:

in the land of oz in the neptune mini mochi: honorable mention
ode to frogs in the bugga: 2nd place
windsbraut spitz.....: 1st placeand
TAH-DA!!!!!!!!!!!black tie, optional got BEST OF SHOW!!!!!!!

GO ADRIENNE!!!!!!!!!!!!! oxoxxoxo