Saturday, February 20, 2010

Progress picture Olympic socks

Currently in progress: Socks. They will be finished... But not today, because I have to make some preparations to celebrate a birthday.(I'm the victim in this case) This is looking difficult, as I am using two cable needles to create the cable in this one. I feel though that the cable will come out better in a lighter, solid yarn. But that will make another project.

March sock started

This is another knitspot pattern by Anne Hanson called "Roger". I needed to get started on these so Fred can wear them in March. I'll get a pic of him wearing them with bermudas on and peachicks at his feet to post in March.

Olympic KAL - Progress Photo

Here is my progress photo for my Olympic 2010 KAL project. This is actually the 2nd project I cast on. I started a scarf using the Cabled Brioche stitch pattern the night of the opening ceremony and fought with it for about 6 days. That stitch pattern and I did not get along and it has the honor of being the first project I have ever given up on and frogged. I managed to get off a stitch or two at some point and trying to fix it was an exercise in futility.

This second project I am MUCH happier with. I am using a pattern from Nicky Epstein's Signature Scarf book. This is the Cable scarf pattern (but without the fringe). I am using Bamboozle in the Ivory and Royal Blue colors which are exact matches for my declared country of Finland. I really like this pattern. It reminds me of the moguls on the ski runs!

I guess this would qualify for Team Spirit, Olympic Spirit and Alpine Skiing potentially!

Olympic Land of Oz finished

This is my second Land of Oz shawlette, this time knitting it exactly as written without extra repeats. From tip to tip it is 42" and center back is 21" deep. I LOVE this pattern. The size is just right for keeping cold shoulders warm without getting in the way even in the kitchen. I have 31 gms left from the Dream in Color starry yarn. It softens nicely after a bath. If you have not knit this pattern, you'll be in for a treat when you do. Clearly written, interesting and yet easy enough to enjoy tv with a wonderful and fast result. Trust me! :)

Don's February Scarf

A bit late for Valentine's Day... but finished none the less. Loved the yarn and the pattern...

Olympic Free Style (Brenda - Owlsrook)

Here is my progress photo for the - ''Free Style Design your own in CPY''. I am using Panda wool - red for Canada - and my design is all about texture, so includes basketweave stitches and eyelets on the cuff, basketweave heel, garter stitch gusset and foot, haven't decided on what toe style yet. No sure if I will manage to get them done for the Olympic challenge, (it's a bad month for arthritic hands), but will see how it goes.

Brenda in Alberta

2 finished projects!

I finished my Feb 12/12/12 project and my Olympic KAL project!
First the Olympic KAL:
Muir woods finished
start: 2/12/10
finish: 2/19/10
pattern: Muir Woods from 50 Socks book
yarn: Woolly Boully 100% Superwash Merino

Next the 12/12/12 project:
STR Marbles finished
start: 2/7/10
finish: 2/11/10
pattern: vanilla 64st socks
yarn: STR MW Marbles

Both projects ended up going to others so I am going to have to make both of them again. :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic progress

I bought a pair of display feet, but they are mens size. Not quite what I wanted, but useful and they were cheap. Here's my progress on the Olympic knitting.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Knitting

Round 3 of Iron Knitter came out Sunday morning. So off and knitting I went.

Pattern is Shop around the Corner. If you look close you can see the shop doors and windows.
Not sure what these fall under.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Olympics or Bust!

Here's my start to the olympic challenge. I don't know if I'll finish in time, but I'm liking what I'm getting so far. I'm using the Panda Wool in some discontinued color. I'm pretty sure it's ultramarine. I'm glad I picked up 4 balls as I LOVE how this color works up.

Progress on Olympic Project

I have my first sock finished for the Olympic KAL, it always amazes me how much yarn is in a ball of CPY, the balls look so small. I think this sock could qualify for three events. Olympic Spirit and Freestyle Skiing for sure, but I am thinking it could also qualify for Nordic Combined. I break up the horseshoe pattern with 4 rows of garter stitch. I like the effect.

I had to take a break will making the second sock today, my hand was hurting (carpal tunnel?) so I switched to crocheting in hoping it would hurt as much. so I started a hat and scarf set in my country's colors. I did spend some time in the U.K. while I was still in the military so I did choose it as my country for this KAL.

It is going to be a hat and scarf set. I might not get this project finished in time, my priority will have to be to get the sock finished first.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ice dancing with some olympic spirit!

after much hm'ing and huh'ing about which shawl pattern to knit, i finally settled on knitting...

panda silk in ivory #3204
with pinkish-lavender beads

adding extra bling in the center ala etownknitter! beads all the way down the heel and the instep! i am so bad that i can't even knit my own pattern without changing something. i extended the center motif down the flap so it now matches the toe pattern. i am almost done with the first sock!

i am not sure if i over blinged these but oh well! they sure will be sparkly!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympic scarf progress

Here's a progress pic of my Olympic scarf. Finished the first 2 cable sections and started the 3rd cable section tonight. So far, it is looking like my yarn will hold out as planned!

Olympic project and another cast on (possibly for March)

I started my Olympic project last night:
Julia Socks (Emily Johnson) in Lang Jawoll Color Superwash 82.0088, 2.5mm dpns.

I'm not sure whether they're a project for ice hockey or nordic combined - do the pulled stitches that form the pattern constitute texture or lace?

I'd also like to post another cast on. I started these on February 1st, but was focusing on other projects and didn't get past the ribbing until yesterday. They might end up being my finished object for March.

Mexican Waters Lattice Socks (Linda Jo Park), Sock Pixie Merino Sock 'Gone With the Wind,' 2.5mm dpns.


We're very excited in my neck of the woods. The first gold medal for the United States was earned by a hometown girl, Hannah Kearney. Did you guys see her awesome moguls performance? She attended the same high school that my boys attend now. Everyone around town is pretty psyched!

I started my Jamaican team socks (in colorwork) last night, February 14. The design is Adrienne's pattern, Tea Time. The yarns are Wollmeise 80/20 sock yarn in Schwarz (black) and Dornrosen (pinks). I'll use about 400 yards for this project. It's SO much fun to knit!


I finished two pairs of socks in the last couple of weeks. I seem to be doing an All Adrienne Fong KAL - it's very enjoyable!

I finished my Moonchild socks on February 2, 2010 - just in time for Ground Hog day. I used Sanguine Gryphon's Skinny Bugga! yarn, colorway is Blue Metalmark. I used about 400 yards for this project. I think the yarn makes the pattern pop!

I also finished my Valentine's Day socks yesterday - just in the nick of time! The yarn is Knitterly Thing's Vesper Sock Yarn, the colorway is Sweetheart (so appropriate). The pattern is Adrienne's Margaritaville, which I believe is my favorite sock pattern ever. It's fabulous for self-striping yarn, isn't it? I used about 350 yards for this project.

Thanks, Adrienne, for such great patterns!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm an Olympic Athlete

My Olympic event is intarsia socks. It's my own pattern, inspired by Kaffe Fassett. Suggestions for a name are welcome. I'm using the traditional method of knitting the leg flat.

The yarn is all left overs from other socks.

Land of Oz shawlette cast on

I cast on with the rest of you and hoped for lots of progress when we discovered a bird inside our house and had to turn off all the lights. Turned out it was a bat! Fortunately we got him outside 24 hours later and I can now knit in the evening. :) This yarn is "blue lagoon" starry by Dream in Color. It is much prettier in person than my camera can show. Loving knitting this pattern in this yarn. :)

Pre- Olympic project

It was a request. And I managed to make them... Tortoro mitts proved to be a torture. They were finished before the start of the Olympics.

Olympics KAL

The is the Mini Mochi I won from the Holiday or Not KAL. It is the Blueberry Pancakes shade. I am using a size 9 needle and the pattern is the One Row Lace Scarf by Turvid. Going to be beautiful and soooo soft.
Happy Knitting...
Renee' aka yoyosocksister