Saturday, November 21, 2009

Finished My Owl Gloves!

Jury duty is good for something, eh? =D And Knit Picks swish is super soft. I'll probably get it again even though a lot of people are saying it isn't really machine washable.

And here is an update on my Miss Marple socks. I have them both worked up to this point but the pictures keep coming out more yellow than green, so I wanted to just put up a picture with the right coloring. :) I think mosaic is my new favorite knitting technique!

Another project started....

I didn't realize how close we are to Hanukkah until I happened to look at my December calender a few days ago. I put down everything else I was working on and started a neck warmer for my daughter-in-law. The Happiness Socks are almost finished, and those will be for my son. I have to get everything done so I can ship it all out to Oregon if I want it to get there on time!
GablesDeb on Ravelry

Friday, November 20, 2009

I was starting to think I was going to kneel out

for the yearly gig in November.....but I made it. Here's my version of the Central Park Hoodie done into a vest. Never being home due to swim meets and life's sat around a lot. I've finished and given away socks without taking pictures, and we won't talk about the frog pond. Let's just say I'm drunk on pond scum! Tis all good.

Hope everyone is doing well, and hope to catch up reading soon!


Two pairs of socks to show.
One is for my youngest son. He has a 6"foot. His socks are the red ones.
One pair for me... the natural ones.

The red ones are made in Neveda Socky - a 3 ply sock yarn. His pair will be a holiday gift.
The natural ones are made in Lidl Treviso - also a 3 ply sock yarn. For this pair I used 345 yards.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holiday KAL

Working on several items for the Holiday KAL. First, I want to finish my Moonchild socks - I posted a picture waaaaayyyyy back at the end of Sept so you'll see I am making progress. Will definitely finish them this month.

I'm making a shawl for my mother. Using some Cachet yarn from my stash and a prayer shawl ministry pattern.

A sweater for my precious grandaughter, Haley - almost 5! Sirdar Snuggly Magic yarn and I think size 6 needles.

And... I'm making an entrelac scarf. Our local knitting guild is having a retreat in the spring and I thought it would be helpful if I knew how to do it.... having fun! The yarn is Ironstone and I'm using size 9 needles.

I know baby socks don't count towards the kal but I made these as a gift and thought I'd post them. Turned out cute!

I love what all of you are doing - beautiful items. Happy Knitting, yoyosocksister aka Renee'

Finished Project + New Project

I have finished my Thujas! They are done in Knit Picks Swish Worsted on size 6 and 5 needles. They ought to fit a 10.5 inch foot. If they don't I might have to shoot myself. And next time I make socks for someone else they should buy me a blocker in their size. XD

I've got leftover yarn so I'm trying to get a pair of fingerless gloves done too. I am not sure if there is enough yarn for the second one. We shall see. They are called Under the Tree.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

finished lace beret

I finished the lace beret quickly, because I enjoyed it so much!

More Work in Progress

This is a KAL, so I don't know whether I will have it finished by the deadline, but here is the photo of the results of knitting the first 3 clues. (I don't know how many there are.) Although the pattern suggests lace-weight yarn, I am using fingering weight - JaggerSpun Maine Line in Teal and size 7 needles.

GablesDeb on Ravelry

2 done! another one started....

finished the lacy baktus a while ago but never got around to taking a picture of the finished shawlette until today.

lacy baktus
str lightweight in turquoise

knitting all these shawlettes made me itchy to design my the str that i was originally going to use for a gathered scarf, and then a multnomah was repurposed for this new project...

nonameyet shawlette
str lightweight in a raven colorway millend

i am in the process of writing up the pattern. yeah, right! debi laughs at me but i do get maximum play value with my yarn! you wanna see the noro thing?! nay...

and i have an idea for an "infinity" scarf. here is the start.

mini mochi in neptune
(my 2nd favorite color which i still can't photograph to true intensity or color)

oh, my new favorite color?! susan guessed that i would like this better than's #110, jungle. almost like the neptune but toned down just a little. you need to see it in real life!!!!!

you all are NOT disappointing me a bit. i am so loving all your projects. remember, we will be giving away one prize for every 10 finished projects posted!!!!

New Lacy hat

Cast on last weekend for the #24 Lace Beret from Vogue Holiday 2009. A very pretty hat knit in alpaca fingering.
It's for my daughter.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Another MIL Shawl done

Another Shawl for my MIL. I thought that with the weather we have 2 different weights would be a good idea. I fell for the 198 yds of Heaven shawl. Well this is that pattern, but on a bigger needle and thicker yarn. Yarn is Cascade Yarns. Lana Bambu. Color was lavender but much of that dye came out in the wash, even with setting it with vinegar.

More "holiday" projects

I finished my husband's Boomerang Cinnamon socks.
Boomerang Cinnamon Socks Finished
Fiesta Boomerang Cinnamon
64st vanilla socks
Started: Oct 30
Finished: Nov6

Then I knit him a pair of Boomerang socks in Reflection.
Boomerang Reflection sock in progress
Boomerang Reflection socks Finished 2
Fiesta Boomerang Reflection
64st vanilla socks
Started: Nov 6
Finished: Nov 10

Now I have some fingerless mitts that I need to finish so I can take a final picture! I flew through the first one and forgot to take an in progress pic til I got to the thumb.
Fearless Fibers cabled mitt

I will finish these up today then I have a pair of socks for my son on the needles!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

LULU in ultramarine progress

I LOVE this CPY ultramarine and the yarn is wonderful to use for this pattern. Just the right drape for this little scarf/shawlette, Lulu by Birgit Freyer. I'm on row 131 and just wanted to show you the progress. We are expecting houseguests soon and I really should be doing all kinds of chores, but this has my complete attention now. :) One of the chores is to move the yarn stash in the guest room. Oh dear, do I sense some more distractions trying to get the room ready? LOL

November knitting

I finished a pair of socks for my adult size grandson.
Yarn is Bernat Sox
Needles US #2/2.75mm
my own pattern.

I also knit a vest for a smaller grandson
Yarn is Wool-Ease black sprinkles accented with Wool-Ease white.

52-week for Nov and Holiday

Hi. Here is my first for the month (blocked and unblocked.) It is a cowl for my niece's fiance. He works for a lumbermill here in Oregon and it is cold! He is basically outside throughout the winter. It is chunky black yarn and doesn't photograph well. I knitted it in a basic 2x2 rib half on size 6 and half on size 10's. The inside will be snuggier than the top. I like it because it sort of looks like the top of a simple sweater and not too fru-fruie (how is that spelled?) I will total up the yardage and type of yarn once I find the ball band!