Friday, July 31, 2009

52 Week Challenge, Almost

Last minute as always, and rats. about 25 yards shy (hence the "Almost, in the title). Oh well, it is what it is (or they are what they are), knit with Panda Jet Black, which is really a yummy midnight blue.

...may i have the envelope, please?

***clearing throat***

and the winner in the category of "anything goes" is:





the winner in the category of "52 weeks" is:





and now the moment you have been waiting for.

the winner of favorite project of quarter #2 is:




for her production of solid socks mystery kal (#9)
and accepting the award for her is:



maizy soccks (#11)

as debbie won the favorite project for quarter #1 too, she will be awarded all the honors and accolades. (YEAH! debbie!) however, in the spirit of sharing the wealth, the yarnie prize will go to the favorite project runner-up, radka!

congratulations to all the winners. jane and kadezmom each win 2 skeins of yarn of her choice. radka wins 4 skeins of her choice for favorite project. and debbie may just be declared favorite cpy knitter of the year!

please email me at carefreekal at gmail dot com with your mailing address and choice of 2 yarns/2 colors and i will forward your requests on to susan. failure to complete any of the requirements will result in forfeiture of prize to ME! (wicked, evil cackle!)

we will be changing the favorite cpy project next quarter to a drawing from all the projects made with crystal palace yarns. as much as i love having you vote for your favorite, the response has been very poor. my sad....

and again socks...

The last pair of an ordered knit is ready. The yarn used is Trekking XXL Tweed, and for this pair of socks I used 390 whopping meters.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My TdF KAL socks are done!

I made the deadline by a whole week almost!

some socks I've finished - 52 week challenge

'February' socks from the SockaThon's February sock pattern of the month, pattern by Margret at - done in Zwerger Garn Opal Cotton color# 2008.

52 Week challenge maz

My most fascinating knit ever. Finished. I am so glad to have opened my secret treasure chest for the yarn. Would you believe that they even fit?
For a long time now I wanted to do those socks inspired by a turkish pattern and knit toe-up the very special way they establish the toe and foot.
If you knit such a dense texture at 10 sts per inch in stranded knitting they are going to be warm and insulating. Therefore I wanted to have them longer on the leg. They will be my "winter couch potatoe luxury footwear".
As my heel-instep-width is rather big the fear was they wouldn´t fit in the end because of a longer leg. Examples I found in blogs and forums didn´t show legs as long. So no helping idea there.
The sole shows a pattern we all are familiar with but which is also one of many traditional patterns used with such socks. Obviously I would never have been able to make them pass over my ankles and therefore left the original form and added my heel, but added black rows to have a visual end on the sole/heel part.
The cuff ends in two wide tucks that repeat the tucks at the side "seams" that I thought to give an additional touch to it.
Used about 550 -600 yards. Am very happy, even a bit proud of finally facing that task.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

what i've been doing

This pattern will be posted soon on the Crystal Palace Yarns site ... i wanted to showcase the Mini-Mochi colors in toddler socks... don't you love the colors?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Poof....July is almost gone

Here July is almost over and I have not knitted a pair of socks this month. But I have been knitting.

I will try to go in order of finishing items. First off were a pair of clogs for my DIL's grandma. I so enjoyed her that I just knew I needed to knit her a pair. My dil showed hers off and the family loved them. So I did these as fast as I could. I finished them in 2 days. I can not show pictures of them felted as they are shipped to Wisconsin.

Here they are completed as far as I could do it.

The shawl bug bit me hard this month. I was so very lucky to get to test knit this shawl. I used a cone of yarn that I had had for many many years. I did not know how it would look but thought I would use it anyways. I love it.
Here those beginning rows that go oh so quickly.

Then here is my Sweet Tango Shawl all done and pretty. Have I said I love it. I am so happy with how it turned out.
In here should be 2 more shawls that I have started but later I will show them.

So I went on a road trip this past weekend. I brought some cotton and a crochet hook. I just played and this bag was born. Lucky I remembered to take a picture before I completed it.

I also started this bag. Which if you look closely at the crochet hook. I attended the NW Needle Market this past weekend close to Seattle. Wow many new fall yarns were shown. Oh my what fun. A new lace yarn that is coming out is oh oh oh. My lys did order it as I loved it so much. Visited with Cat Bordhi. Together we chatted about knitting socks and shawls out of the new yarn. She was a lot of fun.

Oh so back to the crochet hook. Rooms and Rooms filled with yarn.. What did I buy? A crochet hook. I have never owned a fancy hook. So this is a new one that Lantern Moon is coming out with. I had to play with it. So I made another bag.

Then the 2 bags together. I finished both of them up today. Then after completing them. I got the chance to test knit a hat. Here is the start on my clivia plant. It had 4 clusters of blooms this year. Was really pretty.
A few hours later and in 90degree weather I finished this hat. I do not care for pompoms so I made this one big. I thought a wool hat needed to have its picture taken by corn stalks. Most fallish I could do. If you look close you can see my Christmas snowflakes that are solar lights. I keep them up year around. When it is not Christmas I call them flowers.


I got bitten by a bug... the lace bug!!!

Am almost half way with my scarf in green lace - the name of the colour is semi solid moss, and it is a mixture of cashmere and alpaca. Got frustrated on my own pattern first, but now I truly love it.

The photo shows the beginning... and my wedding ring. LOL! That kept me busy in the last few stages of Le Tour de France.

Adrienne... who did win the CPY#2 favourite contest? I am just curious!!!
Hi guys. I need to get a sock blocker, but Darin is still unempolyed. Any ideas? I love how you all have "fake Feet" to show off your creations too. Are there legless manequin's running around in the world (or not with no feet!)


you gals have been very busy! wonderful sock projects! i have even watched a bit of the tour de france myself. what a challenging event!

i have posted all the finished projects so far. if i've missed yours (which is quite possible), please let me know so i can add it to the finished list.

i did start a pair of socks for my son using panda superwash in dark knight and was going to declare tanzania as my country! LOL! did you know there are no flags in black, green, and blue? i was going to fudge the yellow and say that you could see a thread of it in the green....really stretching the colors there but doubt that i will finish in time. i've been busy working on a "MYSTERY!"

you have another week to get your socks finished and posted.

who won the tour? i worked this weekend and haven't even checked!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

tour de france

Hi, Finished this right as the last stage ended. Katie made up the pattern! You can see an alternating K2P2 rib and knit rows. This was so much fun. I loved the red/white and blue colors but too short for my toes. She wanted them to not match on purpose. Made me nutty but they are hers for school! Now to finish the 52-wk scarf. Almost done with the palindrome scarf and loving the color. Jody

Girasole progress

My 8 weeks of asthma finally calmed down enough to let me work on this alpaca (allergy to it) blanket that I started a few months ago. I was concerned about how to do the edging, but once I ignored the chart and just followed the word instructions it was easy. All the other charts were excellent and I zipped through this project. I'm using the 8 ply natural fawn colored yarn from our friend's alpaca farm, "Quanden Springs". I love knitting with this yarn and can hardly wait to block the blanket. It has been great to have on my lap during the winter here. The pic doesn't do it justice, but I couldn't wait to show you my break from socks for a while. I do plan to finish the green Bamboo pair for August. :)