Saturday, January 3, 2009

OK, I'll join

Noted the KAL's on Ravelry - decided to see what I can do with the challenges.
Good luck to me, LOL.

Another One Bites the Dust

Another project finished! Status Jan. 1 one mitt finished and one mitt about 1/3 knit.

The pattern is Stulpen by Petra. The pattern was written in German, but the English translation is lower on the page. The yarn is Regia 6 ply from my stash. I knit 2 pairs of these with my nieces in mind, but we didn't see them for the holiday, so they go in the gift basket for the future.


I need to make photo's of the UFO's that I have. Carried over to 2009 are:
1. Sweater for DS 2. Am almost done with the back, so still to do is front, sleeves and finishing.
2. Sweater for me. Just halfway the back...
3. Shawl. It is a simple one, done in kid mohair. Need to work away 3 1/2 skeins.

4. Wolhemelblanket for Wietse. I need to make 5 blocks, sew and work a border around it.
5. Sock yarn blanket. I have 38 centimeters in height and have to make it 2.20 meter in height. Width is almost 2 meters, so every 100 meters yarn worked away in garter stitch is 3 cm in height.
6. Sweater for Wietse: One on circular needles. Had to think how to work the top part, and approximately 20% of the sweater is done now.

My focus to finish before Wietse's birthday are: (Wietse's Birthday is March 20)
6: Sweater
5: Sock yarn blanket
4: Wolhemelblanket

Big projects... but I have calculated that it is going to be managable to finish the sock yarn blanket when I work on it on a daily basis. Photos will follow asap.

Friday, January 2, 2009

UFO KAL - Cathy

OK, here are my UFO's. Not sure if I'll finish any of them, but I'm putting it out there to motivate me!

This first one should be easy enough to finish:
UFO: various cat toys for friends who have cats (some knit; some crochet)
yarn: various cottons, probably sugar 'n cream
95% complete - I just need to assemble them!
how old: these have been sitting around for months; they should have been Christmas gifts!

UFO: Tofutsies socks - using a pattern in Sensational Knitted Socks
yarn: Tofutsies
about 60% complete now; I'm a little further along than this picture
I just need to finish the 2nd sock!
how old: I started these 9/08 but keep getting distracted with other projects

Another sock UFO:
UFO: no-purl Monkey socks
yarn: Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet
50% complete - I need to knit the 2nd sock
how old: I started these in 3/08

And last, but not least:
UFO: scarf
yarn: Lion Brand Homespun - colorway: Corinthian
I'll say 5% complete - it's barely started; don't know how long I'll knit the scarf
how old: I started this with yarn leftover from a prayer shawl that I knit in 3/08, so I'm guessing it's from 3/08 or 4/08

I notice a pattern here... none of my UFO's are knit with CPY yarn; I think that's because when I'm knitting with CPY, I actually finish the project!! :-)

I did start a project with Panda Cotton on 1/1/09 that I am really enjoying which is making me think that these UFO's will continue to linger. I'm not sure if this will count for the UFO KAL, but I'll post anyway, and you can let me know:
non-UFO: SKA January mystery sock
yarn: Caribbean Blue Panda Cotton
new project started 1/1/09


Here are a few of my UFOs - just to get started. I have more, but will have to go searching for them!
A second sock
two 'loop' scarves
a neck warmer
a headband

New Year's Day Socks

Yesterday I was watching the New Year's Concert on tv, which is annualy coming from the Goldene Saal in Vienna. I was surprised by the beauty of the flowers, in orange and red. That reminded me of the fact that Alexa had bought two skeins of Panda Cotton, in which orange, green and red are the main colours. I started a pair... and this morning I turned the heel. It is looking nice thus far. Update on UFO kal will follow.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! I'm looking forward to getting some UFOs done, and with your help I think I will!

Just off the needles as of yesterday, a gift cowl (STILL knitting gifts!)

First FO of the year

I started these December 16. At year end, they were still missing one foot. They are for my DDIL with a January birthday. The pattern is my own and is for sale on Ravelry. It took two tries to get a pair of socks I could gift, because I ran out of yarn on the first ones , twice!

The cuff is knit sideways and the leg picked up and worked down from the cuff, with ribbing and then slip stitch colorwork. One name for the technique is Mosaic, using one color at a time and slipping the other. Each color is used for two rounds. The yarn is mainly Aussi Sock. The black is Kroy 4 ply. All yarn is form my stash.

See, I did finish both socks, and they're really the same size.

I have a few

I have a few UFO's. At the top a baby blanket that is one skein (I hope) from being done. They do not sell this color any more in my area. This has been a UFO for a few years. I finally found the color on line and ordered it so it can be finished. Now I hope I can remember what size needles I was using.

To it's right is a pair of socks I test knitted that the designer never finished the design. So I will finished these off. I started these early last spring. 35% done

To continue clockwise a Burgundy bag. This is a shopping bag. This I started in Nov. So it has not been on the needles that long. Less than 10% done.

Next blue socks that I am currently test knitting. These need to be done soon. About 5% done.

Then the 7th pair of socks for Ken, my DH. He is so in love with these. I found the yarn but many skeins in the same color so I am adding stripes or doing something different so they can be paired up. 50% complete.

In the middle is a pair of socks by some designer named "Adrienne Frog". I started these before the last KAL and never got back to them. 40 % complete.

So these are the ones I found that were close by. May have to dig to find more. But, then again I don't have a lot of UFO's.


Edited to add %s

(75% done - Hedera)
Starting with the oldest one, we have Hedera, started in August of 2007. I'm just past the gusset decreases on the second sock. The yarn is Maizy in the Hot Feet colorway and I really hope I can get these babies done!:

(70% done - Spring Forward)
Next, we have a pair of Spring Forward Socks that I started July 10, 2008. I have one sock done and I'm just starting the heel flap on the second one. The yarn is Panda Cotton in Fuchsia:

(80% done - Sweetie Pie)
The last sock UFO (I hope more aren't hiding somewhere...) is the second Sweetie Pie sock in the pair knit with some red Panda Cotton. I have no clue when I started these but I'm almost done with the second one, I think it only needs one or two afternoons worth of knitting:

(70% done - Tree Jacket)

Now onto the bigger projects (insert sinister music here). My poor little Tree Jacket that I started in September. I was cranking along pretty well on it for a while but then there was a family tragedy and it got put aside. It's knit with Berroco Comfort. I have the body and most of one sleeve done:

(25% done - Prarie Tunic)

I started my Prarie Tunic back in March of 2008 with some brown Karabella Vintage Cotton. I was doing pretty well for a while, but winter lasted until about late may last year (is it really supposed to snow in May?) in Minnesota so I didn't have the motivation to get it done. Also, it's a top that's knit on size 3s. Sigh:

(60% done - Larger Than Life Bag)

And finally, my only crochet UFO, my Larger Than Life Bag. I started this in November of 2007 and don't even remember the last time I worked on it. But it would be such a cute bag for spring, I must finish it! It's made with a bunch of different colors of Sugar N Cream.

-Kala (vegancraftastic)

52 Week Challenge

Progress on Norwegian slippers - somehow this will turn into a slipper!

I cast on for my first month's project in 2009 - felted Norwegian house slippers . I'm making them from stash yarn (Patons Classic Wool) and the pattern doesn't give the yardage, but judging from other similar patterns for felted slippers like these I think they will meet the 350 yardage requirement. They will be huge before felting!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Jane (grammieknits)

P.S. - A question for the moderators. Is it easier for you if we update our original posts with the finished project - or easier if we post it as a new post?

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

don't forget about us!! 2009 KAL #1-UFO

Hi folks,
well i'm bad. jumping the gun here.
i want you to be ready new year's eve to start in on our 2009 UFO kal.

more details will be coming.
at present
1. we are planning to start 1/1/2009 at 12:01 am.

this will mean showing pic of start/progress for each item [perhaps with an estimate of what's not done] and of course the final pic

2. the UFO-KAL will run until the vernal equinox, which is 11:47 on March20/2009 [still checking if that's am or pm]

3. there will be mini-prize contests along the way.

4. bonus prizes for using Crystal Palace Yarn for >90-95% of item

5. maybe categories - like sweaters/socks/hats so we can assess fairly as it obviously takes more yarn for an adult sweater than a pr of socks

6. a charity prize - for the most and at least one runner up of items to be donated to non-family/friend.

7. a "chosen by members' votes" prize

................. i am VERY tempted to have a prize for early signups - all those who comment here and sign up for the UFO-KAL [i'll ask if i may give you debi's email] can be kept in list by Debi and entered in a "ready to roll" drawing

hope your holiday is going well. we have more of the white stuff coming down!
blessings, :L

8. ps what UFO contest would be complete without a prize for UFO - that is- a prize for knitting an alien, alien-space ship, something UFO-related, will be in a special category to win a special gift!!

My last pair of socks for 2008

The last pair of socks that I finished is a pair in Regia Galaxy Jupiter, for Alexa. I still have to create four pairs of socks for her... but that has to be carried over to 2009. What we hope that gets finished too is starting to get visible on the second photo... the new swimming pool that is being built. The old one has been closed and demolished with the coming of the High Speed Line (train track for very fast trains)

Ah well... the year 2008 has almost disappeared and 2009 is coming. I hope for all that you'll have a happy and healthy start of the New Year! See you back in 2009.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You guys are GREAT!

I'm so glad you are keeping the momentum going with the KAL! Maybe I can work on finishing the Panda Monkey socks I started waaaay back! And maybe finally dig into my CP stash I have waiting for a sweater! Possibilities! (And Adrienne, you know I always need a kick in the butt for the focus!)

52 week KAL

I am just posting to say I will be joining the 52 week KAL.

Shye in Atlanta, GA

edited to remove email addy.

52 Week KAL

I would like to join the 52 Week KAL for 2009, and look forward to all the wonderful items we will see during 2009.

I would also once again like to thank Dr. Laura for so generously providing the prize "Charmed Knits" Book which I received in the mail yesterday, and was a prize I won early on in the Carefree KAL. It is a great book with lots of wonderfully fun patterns to knit this year.

The best of knitting experiences to all for 2009.

Brenda in Alberta (Owlsrook)

Monday, December 29, 2008


Is the UFO KAL going to be on this blog - or do we have to sign up on a new blog?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wait, wait

Are you sure that is not March of 2010?
But I forgot and started another UFO.
This is the begining of a thrum mitten. I have never knit a mitten so it just maybe 1.