Saturday, March 20, 2010


WE HAVE WINNERS FOR THE OLYMPICS KAL! susan has generously allowed me to draw 4 winners from the pool of finishers.

the winners of 2 balls of crystal palace yarns (susan's choice) are:






congratulations to the winners. please email me at carefreekal at gmail dot com with your mailing address and if you have a preference for wool or non wool blends.

but wait!!!! i'm not finished yet. i have some wonderful news about the special cpy drawing! the winners of the special cpy drawing are:





yes! everyone who used crystal palace yarns has won 2 balls of yarn! winners get choice of yarns and denver, debi, and jody, email me your mailing address and your choice of yarn and two color selections! isn't susan wonderful?!

thank you, susan, for your generosity and for your support of our kals!

ps. sorry it took longer to post this than the olympics lasted. but, hey, good things come to those who wait! and i do thank you for your patience!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Finished Nefertiti Shawl

Whew! Finished my Nefertiti shawl. It's so soft, I just love this alpaca!

Progress Photos

Above are the photos of a pair of socks I am knitting with Opal yarn. No special pattern since the yarn itself makes an interesting pattern.

The shawl above is the Eliina shawl in JaggerSpun Maine Line, and the one below is Multnomah using Rowan Tapestry.


correction about the Roger socks

Oops! I just realized I had 2 skeins of the "dyed in the wool handmade in Canada" yarn and used 56 gms for each sock. I had 59 gms left from each 115 gm skein. So I really used 112 gms of the 115 if I had used just 1 ball. I didn't want to confuse anyone who might be ordering this yarn for a similar sock pattern in size large. At least I know I can make 2 more socks if I make the cuffs a bit shorter or for moi! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

markers arrived and already on needles

A BIG thank you to Dr. Laura for the pretty markers from last year's 52 week challenge KAL. You can see they are already in use for this little footie version of Adrienne's "Rainbow Over Lahaina" pattern in CPY Panda Cotton. This yarn is my personal favorite for my own socks.
This is the start pic and I plan to knit another pair or more to combine/qualify for a future monthly entry.

Roger socks for month of March

I finished the Anne Hanson Roger socks which fit Fred perfectly thanks to Adrienne's help. The cuff section fits fine as written for the 64 sts, but I had to add enough after the heel flap to get to the usual 72 stitch size for Fred. The cuff pattern stretches enough and perhaps if I had continued in the pattern, the below the ankle part would have fit as well, but Fred has decided he prefers plain ("not lumpy") stockinette below the ankles. I had to frog back to the heel flap when it wouldn't go over his foot. That's when Adrienne rescued me and saved the sock for Fred. I will knit another pair just like them in another medium weight yarn in my stash. I would love to get some more of this yarn. It is a joy to knit. Just the right firmness, but soft at the same time. :)
The yarn is "dyed in the wool handmade" from Canada and "fingering sock medium weight". I got 7.5 st/inch with 2.5mm needles. I love this yarn and also enjoyed this pattern very much. I have 59 gms left from a 115 gm skein. The pic with the skein is closer to the true color, but is much prettier in person.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2 More FO's

I have 2 more finished projects to post. The first is my Saskia Shawl, which I don't think I posted here. I used 806.4 yards of JaggerSpun Maine Line yarn in Teal, which I love.

The second is the Panama Shawl by Monika Eckert, knit in Misti Alpaca Solids. It took 1551.4 yards, and it came out huge - a whopping 96" x 45". I didn't realize that it would be so large!

Now I am working on the Eliina Shawl using leftover Maine Line yarn from the Icelandic Shawl that I made in 2007, continuing with Multnomah, and have started a pair of socks. The February Lady Sweater is coming along very slowly, but I will see my daughter next week and will be able to measure it on her so I can proceed. Progress photos are coming as soon as I have a sunny day.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

12m/12p/12boy - March - Brenda (Owlsrook)

March Project Completed - Mini Mochie Scarf in Colour #115 - Purple Dawn. I am not completely happy with this project, as this time the yarn knot curse struck, and there were a few breaks & ties in the yarn, which through off the colour blending from one shade to the next shade nicely. I gave up trying to recreate where the colour blends should start, as it was wasting to much yarn. Anyhow, finished project is about 64 inches long, and I would estimate 310 to 325 yards used. Despite the yarn breaks, I really enjoyed using Mini Mochie, and I will be doing several projects with it this year.

Brenda in Alberta
Owlsrook on Ravelry

don't ask

...why i signed up for sock madness. i am done, for sure, as soon as that pair of knee high socks show up. i am NOT going to knit a pair of knee highs!

simple side to side socks
socka color #9139 (well aged in stash)

wonderful pattern: if you love kitchenering, picking up stitches, and weaving in a bazillion ends.

Monday, March 15, 2010

First Sock Done

Here are pics of the first sock completed for the 12m/12p/boy for March.

12m/12p/12boy - mlj1954 - progress sock

Socks for Zachariah . . . socks are my new passion . . . the problem is not second sock syndrome . . . the problem is poor planning on my part.  This was going to be something else, except that I was going to knit group and needed something that I wouldn't be counting on.  So I started this sock.  It was last Wednesday, March 10.  I don't remember the yarn but the good news is that I do have another skein of the stuff in my stash. 

Here is another picture of it.  This stuff is incredibly soft.can't you just feel it???

The other sock, which I will add a progress photo (it is on a different camera), is not as soft.  But Zachariah will love them.  And here is one progress photo (way below is another):

This was made with Lion Brand Sock-Ease.  He liked the way the stripes work out.  The advantage of making socks for him is that his feet are relatively small.  The bad thing is that he has to wear dark socks to school.  We are pushign the idea of "dark" socks with this yarn. 

So, I have one more sock to finish in this yarn and finish the other unknown yarn sock plus the matching one!

Maybe someday I'll make a pair for me.

Oh, look, I found some more of the progress pictures of the Lion Brand Socks!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sock Progress for March

Blue socks for the SKA lace challenge are growing slowly.The lace is on the back of the leg. Stealth knitting interferes with sock progress.

The green Mystery Socks for SKA are also growing. I'm using these as a break for the stealth knitting. Clue #3 comes out on Monday 3/15. I may not have finished Clue #2 on the second leg by then.