Saturday, March 28, 2009

Update March project, progress pics

The Beauty and the Twist are finished. Maggie Bag was first half of March project. Now there are another 380 yards of fingering weight sock yarn. March is done!
Long time TV knitting project, started this month, but not finished and no good stockinette stitch before washing for me... This will become a square neck cardigan, closed on left side, 3/4 sleeves and long enough to hide important parts of my wonderbody.

Another long time project, started in February ( or even in January?), cardigan, classic style, but will be embroidered after knitting. Hope to finish this as my April object. Yards enough. More than.

March 52 week challenge - I made it!

I finished the socks I was knitting for my March project in the 52 week challenge!!
03.28.09 011

03.28.09 012

03.28.09 013

The lighter colored yarn is so hard to photograph - the colors just don't want to show up with the contrasting dark yarn. But, here's a pic of how much yarn I had leftover. I used 1 full skein of Maizy in Bittersweet, plus started into a second skein. And as you can see, I used almost one full skein of Maizy in Meadow Mist:
03.28.09 014

Pattern: harika - from Twist Collective
yarn: Maizy in Meadow Mist and Bittersweet
Needles: US 1 DPNs (and circulars to knit the cuff of each)
Cast on: 2/14/09
Finished: 3/28/09
ETA: estimated yardage: 410 yards

Only modification was to do more rapid decreases on the toes because the feet were too long following the pattern as written. But, other than that, I followed the pattern exactly and the socks fit great and are really comfy!!

Now, THAT was a challenging pattern. On to something a bit easier for April!! :-)

A set...

I started with the socks... in this beautiful cotton, named Katia Bombay (2007), for my partner in the Sock it to me 3 swap. Almost finished with the pair, I came short for the toe of the second sock, and needed to purchase an extra skein.

So... plenty of yarn left to make my partner something extra, and the idea of making a pair Fingerless Gloves was born. These were finished just half an hour ago... but then it was already dark outside. The photo is made under the lamp...

In total 400 yards were used for the entire set.

Friday, March 27, 2009

52 week challange - scarf

I finished another project in March, the Jojoland Swirl scarf.

Started February 1, 2009. Finished March 19, 2009. It's made of many hexagons, each picked from those before. Yarn is Jojoland Melody, 2 balls, 440 yards. Needles size is US#6/4.0 mm.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Frogged and restarted...

One of the UFO's that did not get finished in the past UFO Kal was a scarf I intended to knit for myself. But a dear friend of mine was talking about lace... and she peeked my interest.

I was working on a scarf first with this yarn - Gedifra Kid Merino, but frogged it this morning. I have seen so many shawls in the past couple of weeks, but did not find the "right one". I peeked at a few, how they started, and started my own.
And - after now having 40 rows done, I can say I have nerves in my shawl... more pictures later of course.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

52 Week Challenge- Brenda (Owlsrook)

Completed my Winter Frost Socks, using 344 yards of Elann "Sock It To Me" yarn in Color #44219, which is actually a lovely Teal color, although this photo looks more blue. I used 2.25 mm dpns and knit this pair unbeaded. (my original pattern design shows this beaded).

Would have been finished earlier but took a few days break to do some test knitting.

Now I am back to deciding what to knit next. Wow we are almost at the end of the first quarter of the year.

Completed Projects so far for March:
Bluebell Rib Socks - 328 yards
Garter Stitch Rib Socks - 346 yards
Winter Frost Sock - 344 yards

Total Yards so far for March = 1018

52 week

Hi all. Please pray for me. I woke up at midnight last night with kidney stones. It was soo bad I could not even knit. So, I am way under the gun for March. I still don't know how you all do it! Half way down the leg on a second Panda Soy sock. I never thought I could be in just as much pain as child-birth with no baby to show for it! And all the pretty socks you are all doing for the book rock! Thank goodness I bought two emergeny pizzas grocery shopping yesterday. I just did not know I would use them the next night!
Knit on!

carefree ufo kal

is over! we will announce winners soon!

stay around for the carefree "spring fling" kal! starting in april!

and i think i win for starting the most new ufo's since january. oh! that wasn't the object of the kal?! dang!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

UFO finale

Hi, just got my pictures taken and posted last minute. These are another pair of fetching mittens. The progress picture was on Jan 26th and just under 1/2 way done. I think that I put them under the 52-week category by mistake. Katie refused to be my model this time. They were a Christmas gift to my niece who wanted me to add fingers after I already started! I am just too new to do the math to figure out how to do that puppy! I told her I would make her a new pair where someone else already worked out the details! This is my second pair of mitts. I like them but they were too short for my fingers and i tenghtened them. I think I am ready to made the pair from CPY with Mini-mochi!!!!!!! Yeah, for me. Yep, they will be mine. Oh man, this is a not so good picture. Tell me if you want to see a new one, black is so hard to tell and you can not see the back hand.


One pair of mittens

I need to block them still, but wanted to show them. Mittens, for my partner for the Mitten Swap. Design is mine, and I hope they will suit my partner. Three colours are used, all from Sandnes Garn (scandinavia) Approximately 250 meter of yarn was used in total.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

RRH socks finished

The socks took 86 gms of the 100 gm ball of Patonyle, so close to the 400 yds Adrienne calls for in the pattern. Fred calculated 354 yds. I wear a US size 6 shoe to give you an idea of the size of my sock. I also decreased the heel/sole by 4 sts and used a 2.00mm below the ankle and a 2.25mm above. (Adrienne helped me customize the fit and I'm thrilled that they fit "like a glove".)
This little gem of a pattern really improved my sock knitting and I know I will enjoy knitting more RRH socks for gifts. Some day I hope to teach Georgia Peach to knit socks and this pattern will be the ultimate goal.

52 week update

I finished Katies first sock. She is in bed asleep with it on! I don't think I can get it off her! I have casted on and the ribbing is done, only 66 rows, 9 stitches per inch before I start the heel! I don't know if I can make the March deadline, but I am trying.
I will post my last ufo once my battery charges. I went to a wedding today.