Saturday, March 12, 2011

Prime Time March

My Socks are finished.Total Yardage about 375.
Started Feb. 24 and finished March 11, 2011.
The pattern is by Anna Zilboorg, published in Piecework magazine Jan/Feb 2011 issue. It is complex, but well written. The fact that I misread the pattern is beside the point.
Main color is Chewy Spaghetti Spaghetti in the Lovely color. The contrast is Froeliche Wolle Special Blauband in dark brown. 2.5 mm needles were used.
The fireworks are embroidered in stem stitch, the straight lines are chain stitch applied with a crochet hook.

Friday, March 11, 2011

All About Me All Done!

I knit this lovely little capelet, but didn't use enough yarn so I added the lace edging which also keeps the edge from rolling up and gives it a personal touch.

 Unfortunately, I still hadn't used the requisite 300 yards so I decided to whip up this quick beret to match.  However, it was neither quick, nor "Barely There" as the pattern name suggests.  I used more than 300 yds for the hat alone, even cutting the pattern a bit short.  It called for a double strand of mohair which I think was overkill, honestly.  At least is should keep my head warm next winter.

Barely there?
By the photo, you'll see my son doesn't like it, either!  Oh well...knit and learn!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Prime Time March: No Purl Monkeys

Patonyle cream yarn dyed in crock pot using Wilton's food coloring. I changed the pattern slightly by alternating 5 knit and purl rounds instead of ribbing, used eye of partridge heel and only one lace repeat into the instep. Then plain until 6 pointed star toe. I used 4 different sizes of needles decreasing in size from 2.75mm to 2.00mm. Fun and easy pattern to knit from knitty winter 2006. Look at Ravelry for No Purl Monkeys and there is a chart from "Crafty Pancakes" on the page that will come up. This pattern is based on Cookie A's popular Monkey socks.

all caught up!

if you completed a project for february, please check that you have an "f" after your name.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MAR KAL PROJECT - tvanwormer

Brown Cable Vest for Brooke( aka March KAL project) by Tracy Van Wormer

This used 4 skeins of Hometown USA by Lion Brand Yarn total of 324 yards size 13 needles. It was really a fun project, and progressed quickly. I think my daughter will like it. I think if I made one for myself, I might make it a little longer.


This is my post for "It's All About ME! ME! ME!!!" I finished all of this some time last month, but I was waiting to see if I'd have time to use my last 150 or so yards of yarn. Sadly, I don't have time.

I started out with 6 skeins of Loops & Threads Charisma so that's about 650 yards, and I wager I used about 450-500 yards of it for my projects. I'm not sure exactly how much for each project, but I figure it's at least 300 yards for the knitting project alone. Probably closer to 350.

1. Chunky Cluster Cowl. I know it's hard to tell the difference between these two pictures. Basically the cowl was crocheted in a long strip and sewn together end to end. If you look at the project page you can see the direction of the clusters are sideways when on my neck instead of the way I crocheted them. =D

2. Nagellack. Modified this pattern a lot so be sure to poke at the project page. They were HUGE as written, and the mitten tops looked line anus so I left them off.

3. Garter Slipped Scarf. Used two colors instead of one. I think it worked out well. I got bored so instead of a full scarf I came up with what you see below. Project Page!

4. Thorpe. I like the style of this hat, but the yarn doesn't lend itself to warmth really. It's too airy. I may try to do a lining at some point to help with that. Project Page!

March Prime Time Finish

Behold: The Baby Blanket of Rassilon!

800+ yards of Bernat Baby Sport with a G hook. When the filet crochet part didn't come out very large, I yoinked edging from another baby blanket in one of my books and tacked it on at the end.

It's all About Me again

In late February, I blogged about a shawl knit from the Panda Silk DK, thatI received as a 12/12/12 prize. I was turning it into a shawlette. There was not enough yarn to complete the pattern as written, so I left off one lace repeat and edged it with garter stitch. That worked very well.

Started Feb. 22 and finished Feb. 27
Knit on US#7 needles
Pattern: free from CPY Panda Silk DK Shawlette with Lace Pattern
Yardage: 240 yards
Closed with a china rose pin from my ancient history. That keeps it on my shoulders at work.

And again for me, a pair of mitts that I'm calling Odd Fellows. I had said that there was no repeat in the yarn colors. I was wrong! There is no usable repeat in this ball of Mini Mochi.

Yardage 190 yards used (one color leftover)
Started March 6 and finished March 8
Knit on US #2/2.75 mm needles
My own design, which needs some tweaking before publication.

Now I'm getting back to the socks I planned for my March project.

Monday, March 7, 2011

More for Me

Last week, I received a ball of Mini Mochi in the mail. I love the feel of the yarn, but it is splitting on #2 needles used in my current project. I've designed a pair of fingerless mitts. I'm not writing up this pattern, because I think I can do better.

This will be a pair of mis-matched mitts. the ball of yarn has no repeat colors.

I finished the shawlette from the Panda Silk DK yarn. The two projects together will have enough yardage for a prize.

March Project

Pink enough
Breakfast at Tiffany's finished

Started: 3-2-11
Finished: 3-7-11
Pattern: Breakfast at Tiffany's by Adrienne Fong
Yarn: Wolf Creek Wools Panda in Sonora Sunset
Needles: 2.5mm

MAR KAL PROJECT - tvanwormer

BROWN CABLED VEST: NEW MARCH KAL PROJECT -- Since I decided that my original March KAL project was going to turn into an "ALL ABOUT ME KAL" project, I cast on for my Alternate KAL Project for March. It is with Lion Brand yarn(est: 5 skeins), 10.5 needles.

My husband and I went hiking yesterday, near Jerome, AZ. The 3.5 hour (each way) car trip there provided ample time to knit -- except for the begining when it was dark (5:30 am) and the end -- when it was also dark!! Since we live in a rural area, I do a lot of knitting when I ride in the car to town ( 70 miles each way) or at night. So most of my projects are geared toward what I can do while traveling/talking/watching tv. Enough about me.

Here we are hiking:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

March Socks

This seems to be the year of the sock. Here are the progress and completed photos of some plain socks I just finished. The leg is just 2x2 ribbing with a stockinette foot. The yarn is Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Galaxy Color in blue with teal and pink. I used most of 2 skeins of yarn, about 400 yards. I love them! I also started some alpaca socks for my daughter who needs warm socks when she is outside in cold New England riding her horses. This yarn is Misti Alpaca Hand Painted Sock Yarn, and I am reinforcing the heel so she doesn't wear them out too quickly. When I asked her how long she wanted the leg, she couldn't find a tape measure or ruler, so she told me "9 piano keys". Interesting way to measure! I had to go measure the keys on my piano!

March Progress

I've finished one sock, embroidery and all.

12m/12p/12boy -Prize - Brenda (Owlsrook)

The postman delivered my 12m/12p/12boy Prize - 12 wonderful balls of Crystal Palace Yarns. Don't they look wonderful?

Thank you Susan so much for your generosity and Thank you to all the Ladies who make this such a wonderful group to be a part of. For the first time in a couple of years, I won't be able to hit the monthly challenge, Life is taking priority over knitting time this year, but I still plan to participate where I can and post when I management to get something finished. Now I get to go play with this lovely yarn and pick a project to start. I am still trying to complete the Rodekool Scarf, didn't make the deadline for the KAL, but still going to finish the scarf, it is now my nemesis.