Saturday, May 7, 2011

KWTP KAL Tracy Van Wormer

Love it or Leaf it Scarf.
Based on the Saroyan Scarf.

I wanted it a little more triangular. Having 3 balls of Cotton Twirl in Spring Greens, I used on on the increase section ( 7 leaves) one on the middle (5 leaves) and one on the derease section ( 7 leaves) Total=19 leaves.
Really a fun pattern. Leaves do not show up too well in the photos.
Yarn is really a pleaure
to knit with. I used size 8 needles.

More can be seen on Ravelry site:

May Prime Time - WIP

I started off May with a bang working on a 2nd Rodekool scarf for one of my sisters. I'm so enjoying this knit that I almost forgot to take an in-progress picture. I hope to finish it today and then get busy on my mother's socks for tomorrow - which I have no hope of finishing.

I'm using Mini Mochi in Caramel Latte and Brandied Apricots and love the way the color changes seem to mirror each other - when one gets more gray, so does the other - when one lightens up, so does the other. Very cool. I'll measure the balls when I get done and figure out yardage.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hoping I'm not too late for April...

Finished Pic


I cannot believe it is May 5th already! Where did last week go? I finished the project well before the end of April but had a busy last week and had a new baby neice on the first and lost track of time. Hopefully this will still count for the Primetime KAL (please?)?

The pictures aren't great and don't do the yarn colour justice. It is the Mr. Greenjeans pattern and I used Berroco Vintage in Juniper which is a dark navy with purple threaded through it. It is a very nice colour and the sweater is more flattering on me than it looks. I used almost all of the 5 skeins I had so well over 1000 yrds.

Jill (jaerrt on Ravelry)

Corn socks

These are Breeze socks.  I made a few changes because I wanted to use up my green Maizy yarn but didn't have enough (42g to be exact, 171yds). So I knit till I was through half of the yarn and then started the second sock. Then I did the toes in what I had on hand that seemed like the most similar fiber blend (plant/nylon), Panda Cotton in blueberry-grapes. Used 10g of that (36yds).  I decided to add a crochet edging so the toes wouldn't be lonely. So, total of 52g of yarn, (207yds).

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

KWTP Hitch hiker

I frogged my Coquille since I totally failed at following the instructions and I'm using the yarn for this Hitch Hiker scarf which I know I will wear a lot. Very easy pattern and using Intense Rainbow mini mochi is always fun for me. So far, one skein used and I'm already thinking I will go beyond the 42 points suggested in the pattern to make it more of a shawlette. We'll see. This is a very easy pattern and I like the way the rainbow stripes work in it.

KWTP KAL -- WIP -- Tracy Van Wormer

Love it or Leaf it?

I definately love it. This yarn is sooo nice to work with!! I have a feeling that this yarn is going to be like a great can't wait to get home to knit some more..but then are sad to have it over.

Squeezability factor of this yarn: 5/5
It is the Soroyan pattern.

More info:

Monday, May 2, 2011


Primavera Caplet - 494 yards - Love how this came out.
2011-04-17 16.29.302011-05-02 20.23.55

Annis Shawl - 410yards - Really happy with this!
2011-04-23 19.50.322011-04-17 16.27.33

Tidewater Cowl - 376 yards - So not good. Should have used much bigger needles.
2011-04-06 17.23.112011-04-23 19.40.16

April Prime Time

I lost my knitting mojo in April. Just about every project I cast on ended up in the frog pond. I did manage to finish my Coquille in Rainbow Trout and I loved making it so much that I'm going to make another in the new Red Zone for one of my sisters.

I made the smaller version and used about 2.25 balls of Mini Mochi.

I don't know what's got me so down - but here's hoping that May is a better month!

Spring time somewhere.....

We have yet to have a real spring here. But these socks reminded me of spring. Given to my daughter to wear Easter. Pattern is from our own Miss A.......A little bit country.

I did remember a progress pic. I usually get going on a project and forget.

Wee Shawl Sea -- May Project Primetime KAL

Wee Shawl Sea....

Finish this last night. Have decided against the edging....because it looks like sea surf with the gussets rolling around loose. Kind of in keeping with the Coquille theme -- which of course was the pattern. I took a few liberties -- only used 1 of the largest gussets. Mine came out a little smaller --perfect for an oversized scarf. I used two sock
yarns -- one solid black and one striped blues and greens for the interesting combo you see here.

WIP shows the truest colors!
more info is on :Ravelry page

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I think I am half way! I hope because I am half way through the ball of mochi!!

Love this yarn. Colors are soft and subtle.


April finishes

ETA: I think these socks qualify for KWTP, but not totally sure because they were entered in the 50 socks book group March/April KAL.

These are my New Wheat socks. They started out as socks for me, but my 9 yr old claimed them. The finish photo is of my right foot and her left foot. Started Apr 6, done Apr 14. Used 68g 251 yds of Panda Soy in dogwood pink.
My version of Amiga cardigan from Knitty. Started Apr 20, done Apr 30, finished weaving in ends at 11:15pm. Just needs blocking. I used 298g (almost all of 3 hanks) 1367yds of Zitron Trekking Hand Art in the green color Irland. I made the body and collar longer.