Saturday, January 24, 2009

mini-mochi baby sweater

this is the new baby sweater in flame mini-mochi i finished recently, on Susan's DGD princess Nadia .
i washed it and blocked before sending and no color issues.
deliberately made a larger neck so it could be put on easily and worn "over".... and she's sooo cute in reds!
i did do some careful matching to get lace at bottom of fronts and back to be closely similar.
pattern will go up on CP site soon.
i finished it about jan 7, and had started in dec, so it is my first ufo.
except i'd have to go scout for progress pics... i think i had posted some, but does a start in lace that you frog count?
oh, it used most of 3.5 to 4 balls of flame MM. have enough left to make a matching hat

You wouldn´t believe it!

Due to an unforeseen stay in hospital I had the opportunity to knit my heart out on my daughter´s sweater. I may call it finished now and my daughter is happy. The pic is poor as she had neither time nor equipment but wanted to give me a pic to demonstrate the finished status. If I may do so, I would very much like to post a better one later on, perhaps with my daughter in it :-)

This is my project for Jan, 52 week KAL, and would you believe it I am very proud of it. For the records: It will qualify for the obligatory 350+ yards...., it´s size L, 650g in Nimbus.
Have cast on for a pair of red socks with a pattern from a Japanese magazine. Pictures of progress will follow when I am back home. Looking forward to seeing your great knitting. That always gives me a boost to persevere. Now off the net again, but soon to be back home.
May all of you have a great weekend coming !

Friday, January 23, 2009

Kerry Knits

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52 posts this year....

Would be amazing. Of course, I've already blown it, but what they hay!

This has been a nutty sort of week. Okay, all my weeks are nutty. This isn't for submission, but for what I've been up to. On top are a few crochet for charity hats (they really look much cuter on the head than they do on the couch) and they are skirted by a towel (to be part of a set) for my cousin's wedding!

Have a great weekend.

52 Week Challenge - Brenda -

This post is to update my Post of January 21st, which shows that I actually did knit two socks. Don't know what I was thinking about when I post the picture with just one completed sock. This is just a basic sock, ladies size medium, 5 inch ribbed cuff, done with Sisu Yarn - 348 yards.

Brenda (Owlsrook)
Jan. 23/09

52 Week Challenge - Brenda

Jan. 23/09 - Just completed my Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn - Feather & Fan Scarf, total 456 yards (420 Metres) I posted the in progress photo on my earlier post. I still have one full skein of this yarn, don't know what I will make with that yet. The colour repeats are long, and although this is Noro Sock Yarn, I'm not sure I would like to do socks with it. It is a single ply wool yarn, goes from thread thin in one spot to almost worsted bulkiness within inches. Makes for a nubby look as you can see on the close up picture. I don't think this would feel very comfortable in a sock. Perhaps the other ball will become a hat or wrist warmers.

So now it is on to my next project, socks I think. Hope to get another project completed for January.


New Year's Day Socks meet new requirements.

According to the new requirements that Dr. Laura posted today, the New Year's Day Socks should be reconsidered as entry for January. I measured the leg part this morning. The leg part for this sock is 5" before starting the heel. I used 340 yards in this pair (for a 9" foot)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

ufo KAL

here is a picture of my first "pair" of socks!

the one on the left is elann's sock it to me in a pattern that i have in my head
the one on the right is also a pattern that i have in my head which is suppose to be transformed into a "real" pattern for crystal palace yarns

and LOOK! i am making another "PAIR" just like the first! :oD

the sock on the left is for my bil's christmas present. he's finally decided that he has enough blue socks so i can use a different color now. and, yes, i gave him one finished sock and a ball of yarn. he said he liked his "knit your own sock" socks. i just forgot to give him needles so he gave the whole thing back to me. i had one sock done and needed to do the mate (choke!). and i have had to frog the heel flap more than once because i did not write down how many stitches i used for the heel flap and used too many the first time. then after the second attempt, realized that i didn't knit enough rows BEFORE starting the heel flap. it is dangerous to be "IN" my head. at least my stripes are matching!

the pink panda silk was started almost a year ago. as you can tell, i have been very lax in starting/finishing the second sock and just as lax at writing up the pattern. i LOVE the panda silk and i LOVE the pattern. i just get easily distracted. oh, LOOK! pretty yarn.....

52 Week Challenge


Whew, I finally finished my Sweetie Pie Socks:

Just a bit more than 4" leg so yay, I'm in! I'm so glad these are finally done, they're so comfy! I used Panda Cotton in the dotty lolipops colorway and US size 1.5 needles.

-kala (vegancraftastic)

Another sock started.

Another birthday gift is started. The pink yarn is Bernat Hot Sox, the contrast is a mystery leftover. The pattern is Onion domes from KnitNet in July 2002.

Finished object: Wietse's Wolhemel Blanket

Yesterday I finished the 12th block that I needed for Wietse's blanket. I also made a start with the border, which I finished today. It needs to be blocked still, but the result is very nice so far. Wietse curled himself into his new blanket after I made the photos...
Start date: Oct 1-2008...finish: Jan 22-2009. I used 7 balls Cascade 220 Superwash to make this blanket, and 12 block patterns out of the Wolhemel Groninger Blanket KAL.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

52 Week KAL

Couple of items to add to my 52 week KAL list - In progress and completed photos of a basic pair of socks - Ladies Size Medium - Sisu Yarn - 348 yards used.

Currently on the needles - Feather & Fan Scarf in Noro Yarn. In progress photo:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

52-Week Knitalong

Adrienne got me set up for this (thank you Adrienne), but am not sure how long I will last. I know I mention (okay, whine about) it way too much, but the carpal tunnel is getting worse, so I am probably going to have to deal with surgery on it sometime ths year, which will put an end to the knitalong for me this go-round, unless I could complete 12 projects before I deal with surgery and call them my 12 months worth? Just asking, as I don't want to miss out on the fun, but I don't think I will be able to hold off on surgery until next year.
I couldn't resist those great slippers either that two of you have made, so am trying to get a pair done before the 31st. I also owe you all a pic of the felted elf slippers I made for my son, they are quite a kick (not to mention he will outgrow them and they will be mine, whoo-hoo!)!
Lots of great projects here, loved seeing the mittens, and that you got them done in time! Looking forward to seeing lots more cool knitting this year!

ufo 2 update

Haven't been online much this weekend. I have been knitting... and am almost done with the Wolhemelblanket for Wietse. One block and the border to go. The photo shows the detail in the middle of the recently finished block... which I did cast on today while watching the inaguration of President Obama.

I also have been working on the sock yarn blanket, as well as on the sock. They are progressing nicely. (11 blocks are done, one needed still, plus the border)

Finished the Mittens!! 52 Week Challenge

Today is my oldest daughter's 26 birthday. She requested these mittens to match the scarf and hat that I made her for Christmas. I wasn't sure if I would get these completed, but I did. Just finished and steamed them this morning!!

Now, these fall short of the 350 yard limit, but the important thing to me was that I posted the beginning picture and the finished picture in the time I had given myself to complete these.

I started a new skein of 250 yard yarn, and I didn't even use the entire thing. So, I guess I'm off to find a new project to complete by the end of January that meets the yardage requirement. That's okay--I have plenty of things in the back of my mind just waiting for me to make!

Having this blog has helped me immensely in finishing projects that I start, as well as the birthday deadline!!


Monday, January 19, 2009

UFO's become FO's.

Finally I was home long enough when I could take some pictures. so...

Ken's Socks
Total I made him 7 pairs. He is happy. I finished these Jan 3. I have made every pair different some way. I started these in Dec. I am thinking these were 1/2 of the way done. Yarn is Brigg & Little, Tuffy. These can go in the washer and dryer and only get softer. Love this yarn for a man's winter sock.

Margaritaville Socks,
Pattern by Adrienne (is it Frog or Fong) I get confused?
I finished these last week sometime. These were about half done when I picked them up to finish them off. I had started them back before the last KAL. Yarn is Pagewood. Don't ya just love this pattern? This pattern originally a SOTM pattern so this is the second time I have made them. Will probably make them again as they turn out so nice.

Mystery socks
I will post about these later. I had these barely started. They were finished the week of the 4 - 10 I do not remember what day. They look normal but these were a test knit of a different sock structure. Yarn is trekking.

ufo KAL

Yarn spaghetti turned into a sock: Maizy turf, on dpns CP US2, modified Firestarter Socks pattern. Last worked on in Nov '08. Have one sock and ribbing of second done, about 47% to go.

Mystic Meadows in Panda wool, about 30% to go. Started May '08, last worked on Nov '08.
Cabled Pullover about 35-45% to go? Have sleeves, neck band and most of back done. Started Feb '08.

52 week challenge

Started this sock sometime last week. Yarn knitpicks essential shale multi, two strands -different dye lots held together throughout, Cp US 3 dpns.

My own generic pattern like my
New Year's Socks (wearing those right now and they're sooo nice, soft and warm.)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another January Project

Socks for my grandson are finished. Man size feet take a while. The pattern is Widdershins from The yarn is Grundl Hot Socks Sockenwolle. with contrast yarn from Aussi Sock