Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Washcloth Trio

My creation
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A la Aunt Kathy style, I thought I'd show this in moasic. Now....the trick is to see if I can GET it INTO there! LOLOLOLOL. Anyway, dd2 wanted a new chenille cloth for swim camp, and there was born the strawberries and limes cloth. Then dd1 looked jealous, so I went back to the lys and picked up more cotton chenille in fern (?) I had enough left over to make a mitered square out of both for me. I think it looks like watermelon stripes. Now I'll have a happy camper, a happy sister and a happy mom. Everybody wins!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Anything Goes...

Wow, I can hardly believe that the year is half over! It seems like forever since I actually posted something...Anyhoo...I've finished a pair of Firefly Cabled Socks! Yippee! *grin* I started this at the tail end of May; I knit them out of Wool-Ease in natural, using US 5 needles for the ribbing and US 6 needles for the body of the socks. They'll make great house socks come this winter. It's hard to think about winter when it's so lovely outside!
Steph (JAGsHunny).

If anything goes...

...then I am allowed to show LOL! Yarn making before using.:-)

Although I have a spinning wheel, I sometimes find it relaxing to grab a spindle. The fiber was part of a swap box (favourite things swap) and was added to fill the space. My estimate is that it is approximately 25-50 grams. I am not done spinning it all up, but love the way how it goes through the hands.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pair done...

The first pair in the 52 pair plunge is ready. I like how it turned out now, as I had to frog the first sock. The pattern and I did not agree about the way it was done, so I shifted it one stitch. Problem solved.

I used 350 meter Regia 4 f├Ądig.

52 week KAL May maz

Here is my Fishermen´s summer sweater finished pic. Don´t know the yardage, because I twisted 8 threads of a pure bamboo weaving yarn into a knitting yarn without knowing the NM or tex, but it is worsted and knit on 3,5mm circulars. Being my size (XXL) it might qualify for a full project.
I will be wearing it in Coventry for the Ravelry UK Day this weekend.
(Yes, I know, I am German, but they did a good job and there was a cheap flight...All in all this will be cheaper than going to the German Raveller´s meeting in September, where I am honoured to give classes in "Designing your own Aran Style Sweater". I am so looking forward to it.)

Another one finished

I finished a pair of socks on May 31. They came out a little big, so i may gift them. The pattern is Entrelac Socks by Stephanie van der Linden. The yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

52-week for June plus (dead and back to life here!)

I am so dead in SWIV. But, I made one "Air Raid" sock attack before my demise. I am so glad to be back. I learned so much. Mostly how important gauge is. You all taught me well here and on sockathon. My assasin used sport weight instead of fingering (misfire) then never swatched and the new ones were too small. But, my daughter Katie is loving them! I am tempted to rip out the toe and make them fit her more but she won't give them up. (And a Valkarie is sending a pair to me today that I wil love and that will fit.) My target loved hers and I had fun which is what matters. And I see it as two for one! My obituary to follow. Made some new friends too. Now, I can knit for me (maybe the pair Adrienne just made hint, hint..... just kidding, NOT!) LOVE that pair.
Another traveling scarf and finally a first pair of socks for me! It is definately going to be a mini mochi pair. I picked the Barcelona pattern by Helen Waittes on the site for June. Not sure who gets them yet.
Happy knitting,
P.S. How is the book coming? Stay calm, breathe wonderful designers (and especially Laura too!)

Update - 52 week KAL - Anything goes KAL - maz

Last week I have been very busy. I had pain and had to stay at home completely. So I tried to work my pain away. Here are my projects so far:

The green socks actually are emerald green, a stunning colour I achieved for the first time. Now I have to learn how to manipulate my digi to show the right colour. A neverending story.

Here is another Maggie bag coming, without straps yet and before fulling, hence a progress pic.

Then there are my His-Socks. It is a very delicate yarn of silk, bamboo and merino, which he should not wear as hiking socks. But my dear husband was so constantly murmuring how nice indeed the herringbone socks were and so truly unisex a pattern....

I simply had to do a variation for him. Here are my Hers-socks, which some might remember from last years´ TdF-KAL.

And then there is Mrs.Esther Nurse from Sheringham´s pattern which I had to do for a basic summer top to be worn over a shirt, made from sheer bamboo. It was a terrible yarn for knitting as it glides faster than a bamboo needle could stop it. But it might be what I wanted: something to wear when it is hot, covering all the curves I want to be hidden.

Monday, June 1, 2009

anything goes!

one of my sons requested slipper socks instead of my standard fiber trend felted clogs; so i made him a pair out of lopi. then my hubby decided that he would like a pair too. so i decided to make them out of some paton's chunky -hoping that the acrylic will not wear out as fast as the wool. i really hold little hope for my son's slipper soxs, even with the spray on plastic dip coating on the bottoms. these may have a chance.

the pattern is knit flat and then sewn together. i hate sewing things together but did that for the first pair just so i could see the construction. this pair, i am playing with the pattern and am trying to knit it in the round. i think i will be compromising on this in the future and will knit the cuff in the round and then complete the rest of the sox knitting back and forth. i don't like purling either. :oP haven't deciding whether i dislike purling or sewing more.

i have been working away on the mate for my waterlilies sock since last week. got to the end of the toe and took my progress shot. hey, i was on a roll!

cascade handpaints


pair done, new pair started

I finished the socks in the lovely ribbing pattern. They were flying through my hands. This morning I also started the first pair for June...(I am participating in the 52 pair plunge on Ravelry... so that is going to become a promising sock year.)

The yarn for the red socks is Regia 4 ply. For the other pair I used a whopping 390 meters.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

52 Week Challenge

Not sure what one would call these, slipper socks, maybe, yes, another felted item, I am kind of pattern bashing on these, using the stitch count from one pattern, then am thinking I might duplicate-stitch a small pattern on them, not sure yet. Anyway, these will be for June.

52 Week Challenge

It has been a loooong month between driver's ed and baseball games 3x a week with my oldest and track meets for my youngest. It finally hit the fan last Sunday when my oldest (15 1/2) ended up in the hospital overnight on IV's from dehydration due to a nasty bug he caught. While we were able to bring him home the next day, his hands are still a little numb (we were told it should resolve itself...), and his liver enzymes are high and we don't yet know why. Back for more bloodwork next Friday.
I did get my knitting done, nothing exciting, more felted items, the pink hat and mittens are for a friend in the nursing home, the green mittens might go to my hubby, not sure if they really are big enough. Total yardage = 675yds (hat = 190, green mittens = 275, pink mittens = 210).