Saturday, January 29, 2011

welcome some new members!

a warm carefree welcome to our newest members, daushalynn and ccbcricco (carol)!

2011 Prime Time 2nd project

Second project this year! These fingerless mitts were knit using yarn I dyed with Wilton's food paste.

Yarn: Footscray
Yardage: 77 grams/343 yards
Needles: 2.5mm

January Prime Time KAL

I can believe that I finished this pair of socks in a month. I have been working on too many other projects and had to buckle down to get these done. AND they are for ME and only ME. I don't make to many pairs for just me. So here they are:
Hedera by Cookie A., I used Dream in Color Smooshy in Jungle Cloud. I made them two at a time I don't get them cast on right and had a problem doing it... So I knit the cuff's separate and put them on the needles and knit away. I like how fast they seem to be when knitting them at one time no SSS.
I have also been knitting on hats this month and I didn't want to figure out their yardage to get my 300 yards. But they are quick and fast gratification when you just want to see results real fast and that's what I needed.
Here is a few of my WIP's that I am working on for the next few months: I'm working on a pair of toe up Monkeys in Miss Babs Frog Princess. And my large project is a Pi shawl for Monica's Wedding Veil I'm using Baruffa Cashwool. She picked out 3 different patterns that she like and we are putting all the parts together to make this one veil.

So I have my hand full plus all the other project that I want to do in between. Happily knitting.

Frozen skeletons

Started January 2, 2011, completed January 28, 2011. Used needles size 4 US, yarn Berroco Comfort DK, 86g = 306 yds.  It's a combination of two patterns I found on Ravelry, round dance and  zombie hat. My rav project page.

Friday, January 28, 2011

January 2011 Prime Time KAL

This is my first project of the new year and it turned out great. I started to make a medium and had to frog it to make the large instead. It was a lovely pattern and I plan to make several more of her patterns. I did several extra pattern repeats on the sleeves and in the body length to fit a longer torso. Fantastic pattern!

January PrimeTime KAL

Hi All! This is my first Carefree Blog post and here to submit my January Prime Time KAL projects. First up is my Rodekool Scarf in Fireworks and Leaves & Sprouts Mini-Mochi. Lots of first for this project - Italian cast-on and cast off, brioche knitting and keyholes. Feeling pretty sassy for having figured it out. Used about 238 yards. Then I finished my fourth pair of Michigan Boot Socks from 50 Socks/50 States in Merino 5 Feldspar and used about 180 yards. These are for my nephew Ben and should have been finished in time for Christmas, but after frogging back a few times I completely restarted them on Jan 2 to qualify for Prime Time. These are also the first pair of kids socks I've made - no wonder it took me a few times to get it right.
Sorry everybody - still working on getting the text and picture layout right.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

win some "sausalito" yarn!!!!

susan is having a comment contest on the crystal palace yarns' facebook page. you can win two balls of the new sausalito yarn! go check it out! drawing will be held on february 5, 2011!

sorry, limited to usa and canada addresses only. =(

edited to fix link. blogger didn't like same link i tried posting earlier. stupid blogger...

January KAL - Completed!

January 27/11 - ALL DONE!! blocked and looks awesome (or so says I). My first mini-shawl, and I'm pretty stoked. I'd like to do this again. Made a couple of boo-boos but I'll never tell, and I'm ok with them. Never did a lace border before either, it worked out well and I really like the pattern. Props to the designer! Oh and I definitely used more than 300yds as I've only got a scant amount left from the second ball. I love it when that happens.

Things look better

The blue socks, which are my January Prime Time project, will be finished in time. The LYS has my yarn back from NYC. I'll pick it up when they open. The pattern is Niagara by Janel Laidman. The yarn is Claudia Hand Paints. I added one repeat to the width of the leg and two repeats to the length. I should run out of yarn just before the toe on this sock.

I have one mitten finished for ME, Me, Me. It looked like this yesterday.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finished Clapotis

Finished Clapotis 820 yards

PrimeTime KAL Jan 2011

I've been ripping my hair out as I rip and reknit my Rodekool scarf, so I need to relax with my Stone Cold Moltens. Hope to finish these quickly and have my first ever entry in the Carefree KALs. Rodekool can wait for a less hectic time.
The Panda Wool in Neptune began its life as one of my Muir Woods socks, that is, until I realized I had a skein of old Panda Wool and skein of new Superwash. Dear Susan of CPY came to my rescue with a second ball of Superwash so I could complete that pair.
The Black is Panda Superwash in Jet Black.

Monday, January 24, 2011

not as ambitious as maz

here are my pitiful offerings for january. my goal is to make at least one month of the prime time kal so i don't look like a total slacker.

bulky yarn booty
red heart yarn only because i wanted something totally indestructible

bulky yarn booty progress

bulky yarn booty

rodekool brioche scarf, finished part 1
mini mochi in bogeda bay

rodekool front

rodekool bodega bay

i ran out of yarn before i could complete all the repeats on the last section so just finished it off and thought i could live with it. turns out i can't so i have since undone the italian bind-off, frogged back 3 or 4 lace repeats in the middle section and have reknit second ribbing and last section to finish a second time. i am much happier now. the middle section was originally longer than i liked anyway so this worked out better for me. i like a snugger fit and my ends are the same length!!!!

PrimeTime 2011 Jan

Back is done, fronts are done, this is the first sleeve and yet another to be done. It is Jan 24, so hopefully the end of my PrimeTime will not be at the first possible stage. You all could know by now something about my size, a blend of some X and one L. We must not argue if I had 300yds/m to do this cardigan, but as in every year I went through my wardrobe and had to admit some spaces left for sensible garments. IF this reaches the "finished" tag for the PrimeTime 2011 KAL, the project coming for February will definitely be in a smaller range. A woman´s got to do what a woman´s got to do.