Saturday, November 7, 2009

two new cast ons

Here's a pair of socks I'm knitting for my daughter in law, and a lacy blanket to have at my house for the grands!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Another project started

Here's the start of some socks I'm knitting for my dad:

The pattern is Thuja by Bobby Ziegler. I'm using Briggs & Little Tuffy in Blue Mix and 4mm dpns. It's going quickly; I cast on about a week ago but have been working on other projects as well.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Holiday KAL - Brenda (Owlsrook)

Here are both the in progress picture and the completed project picture of a Cabled Headband I did up for a quick stocking stuffer gift. Took me a couple of hours to night tonight while watching TV. Did this out of some stash Worsted Weight yarn
I had.

I have completed a couple of projects that can't be shown, (Test knitting) and another "Naughty Deer" Hat for a friend who wanted one for her husband for Christmas.
(won't post that photo in polite company), but those on ravelry will know which pattern it is.

I was working on my Lagoon Pond scarf (previously posted in progress photo), but last night decided I didn't like the yarn with that pattern so I frogged the entire thing, and will use a different pattern for the yarn. I will do the Lagoon Pond scarf again but in a plain colour so that it shows off better.

So that's it for me so far, now back to finishing my November KAl sock.


Time flies when your knitting......

Wow where to start. Well I get in trouble for not posting so will post some.
Adrienne had more projects than me and as she said that is not right as I usually have more so grab a cuppa your favorite drink.

I agreed to spend the month of October knitting Christmas gifts for someones to give to to their families. Well part of the month so will start with gifts others are giving away.

Start of a scarf. My pattern.
A hat and scarf start. Hat is Tab Hat on Rav. Scarf again my pattern.
Clog progress pictures.

Finished scarves and some clogs. These clogs will be given away unfelted. I love the look on peoples face when they get them and wonder what the heck....

Just a few more of the clogs I have done. All but 2 pair are going to far away places for presents.

The felted purse all deco'ed out ready for a little girl to take shopping. Shown in 2 pictures I know but it is cute.

Hanna's clogs. These are gone so I can not show a felted picture. But going to a 2 year old. Dang cute I think. Yarn was from her Grandma's stash.
I test knitted some socks that I can not show yet. So I did the Adrienne photo opt for them.
Don't ya just think they are soooo pretty. Notice the fancy..oh sorry guess I will have to post these later to show the cuffs.
OH just 2 of the shawl starts I did.

Oh and I did finish them. Top one is Dream in Color Baby. This baby is big.
Noro silk Garden. Shawl was made from yarn a friend gave me. But, I thought this friend needed a hug so I made a shawl from the yarn and gave it back to her.

I also finished a test knit shawl I started a while ago. I may not have put up a progress picture. (progress pictures take away from knitting time lol) First shawl I have made using Zephyr.

And then.........Drum roll.....................
Adrienne's mystery socks done "MY WAY". I had problems with my bead holes. I like them. Adrienne is still shaking her head about them.

Holiday project 2 done, #3 started!

I finished the husband's blue striped socks
BBF Cashsock finished
and started on another pair for him with some Fiesta Boomerang in Cinnamon.
Boomerang Cinnamon socks

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

52-week for October

Hi, under the wire with this one. I re-designed Bella's mittens from ravelry for longer hands. Whee fun for the first pair I have done. I used just under four skeins of Frog Tree yarn (54 yds each.) Plus, the scarves goes over the total for the month. Next time I will go up a size in needles like I do on other things so as not to change a pattern (and give myself a headache!) It is hard to see the cables but they are a very pretty gift for my niece.

52 week KAL either Nov or Dec started

Another pair of "airplane socks" for Fred in our colors. This is the Gridiron pattern by Anne Hanson. I will take a pic of him wearing them sitting in the plane when finished so you'll know why these are airplane socks. :) I hope to have these ready by Thanksgiving. Our Aussie guests get the holiday confused a bit and wear red, white and blue. We think they are sweet to try and honor our holiday. Last year a guest brought us a pavlova she decorated like an American flag. It was fabulous and heartwarming.


I've followed Adrienne's suggestion and joined the mystery shawl KAL. This is clue 1 which took me a day to knit. Lots of fun and I am looking forward to clue 2 coming in a few days. I didn't have any lace wt yarn to use, so am using Bendigo classic 3 ply in this cream which I will dye when the shawl is finished. Join if it isn't too late. You'll enjoy this pattern. :)

One gift

One progress and two finished photos. One gift ready for someone who does not know yet, although I know she will be delighted to receive them. She will receive them for Christmas for sure
50 grams Neveda Pulli/Socky is used. (approx 180 meters)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


was finished last week but needed a bath and block for her photo shoot.

mini mochi in flame rainbow
us size 6 needles (4.5mm)

forgotten progress pic for shawl, and baby!

Here's the casting on photo of the Ripple shawl.

And then, I had to add, the shawl wrapped around my brand new granddaughter, Evie, born Nov. 2

Monday, November 2, 2009


yes, i started another shawl. yes, i know this one is a mystery kal here. if you want in, you had better hurry as the first 3 clues will disappear when clue 4 is posted! first clue was posted on october 31st! and i think there are only 4 clues!

designed by Wollkllabauter

knitpicks shadow in jewels
us size 4 needles (3.5mm)

and yes, i did visit the frog pond before getting to this point. hey, i was getting thirsty!

Holiday Kal: Luna Hat & Thuja Socks

I finally finished the Luna Hat! In-progress pictures can be found in this post.

I think it came out fabulous. Luna thinks so, too.

And here is a picture of the recipient wearing it along with her Halloween costume!

And I am ditching the previous Ladder of Life socks I posted and doing a pair of Thujas instead! They are being done with KnitPicks Swish Worsted.

I have two mystery socks to do this month, also. No idea if they will get done before this KAL is over, but I'll post them here anyway when I start them. =D

Christmas Stocking finished

This is #27 in an ongoing set for the family. The mother's stocking is green, so this one had to be red. The great granddaughter is named Rayven Rose.

Yarn from stash: red and green are Mary Maxim Wintuk, white is from Lee Wards
Started: Oct. 22
Finished: Oct. 31
Photo: Nov. 1
Needles US#5/3.75mm
The pattern is my own, adapted from a regular sock pattern.

52 Week Challenge - October

20" wide, 110" long, 250g of my yarn with looong colour runs, one with blues, one with greys, more than 1000yards, it took me ages to zigzag along for my wanted zebra look.

This scarf is going to hold me warm on my winter biking hours.

Simple dropping on the floor on your return is highly recommended. Someone will turn up, call him a DH, and will shuffle it around. I think he does a pleasing job, once you get to overhear his remarks on your sense of tidiness.
Well I guess, he didn´t know about my new degree in extreme short rowing. Hence a little inattentiveness for recovery seems to be tolerable.

gift for my friend's first granddaughter

I used Bendigo DK wt superwash Merino for the hat and some acrylic mix from my stash for the leaves. I didn't realize until after weaving in all the loose ends from the petals that I was supposed to do a row of single crochet all around the edge in the cream. But the baby won't notice. I tried, but couldn't make it look even, so will leave it this way. Note to self: read ALL the way through a pattern. I still think it is cute. :) This will be gifted at Thanksgiving. The turkey hat is for her cousin.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

52 Week Challenge - Brenda (Owlsrook)

November Project In progress photo - Spring Forward Sock Pattern - Yarn is Kroy Socks FX - Colourway is "Clover Colors". I am really impressed by how soft this Kroy yarn is. Their yarns are not normally ths soft, but the Socks FX feels great.

Brenda in Alberta

Holiday KAL - Brenda (Owlsrook)

Completed Project - Easy Lace Fingerless Mittens - Pattern by Kathleen Taylor
I really enjoyed knitting these, they are quick and easy, and the fit is really nice.
These are a gift for a co-worker. Great for that one ball of sock yarn you don't know what to make with.

Brenda in Alberta