Saturday, August 21, 2010

Aug progress

Not sure if anyone sees the socks on the right. I started these while waiting for Carter to be born. He is 4 days old in these pictures.

Yes, I made the hat, the booties, and the blanket.

More details on the socks later. A certain Grandson is wanting to be held by his Grandma.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

12/12/12boy for August

Hi, here is my August socks! I used Malabrigo sock yarn in Ochre on 2.25mm's. I like this pair very much. It is the Margarita Summer sock from the 50 Socks 50 States cd. (Back to the Vegas ones now!) The second picture is a more accurate color.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

footie sock to share

I saw a footie sock on rav which "spoke to me", but the pattern was in German. Oh dear! I wrote to the designer and asked if it ever becomes available in English, I would love to knit a pair. She immediately replied (in beautiful English) and kindly sent me her pattern. As Adrienne knows from helping me improve the fit of socks the past 2 years, I have struggled to keep the heels from twirling on my feet. I wear a US6 AAA with a 5A heel. If you have narrow feet, a high arch, and are a novice sock knitter, THIS is the pattern for you! :) I used some crock pot dyed Patonyle and weighed the first sock at 22 gms finished. Nice to have a pattern for future luxury yarn purchases that I know fits and doesn't take much yardage.

If you want to contact the designer, her name is Claudia Tietze and her rav name is Trametes 1971. The name of the pattern is sommerliche sneaker socken. This is a great pattern and the only change I made was to use a 6 pointed star toe which fits me better than the standard toe. Thankfully, Adrienne told me how to do that when helping me with the fitting tweaks last year. :) Danke schon, Claudia AND Adrienne. :)

I know I will be making more of these and my feet will be very happy. Can't you just see a pair in mini-mochi rainbow?!!!! I can hardly wait. Just need to get more MM.

Yankee Fox Mike airshow socks

I am finally posting the socks I knit to match the bottom of our plane. They are part of Fred's red, white and blue birthday socks present. The yarn is Dream in Color Starry in "Romeo Blue" and difficult to do justice in my photograph. The sparkles are much prettier in person. I used almost the entire skein. The pattern is by Traci Heiner and called Great Gansey Socks. The yarn softens a lot after washing and it is nice to wear.

mini mochi socks for Fred 12/12/12

I finished another pair of "rainbow coast" socks for Fred using Lorraine's bamboo sock pattern which is a favorite to knit and to wear. Mini mochi for the cuffs which took one skein. I like the fraternal look (which is lucky) and did the same for the other pair with my dyed orange knit pick bare for below the ankles. The orange ones have cuffs using Anne Hanson's Gridiron pattern. I'm including these pics so you can compare them to the ones with the blue below the ankles. :) The blue rainbows are for my August 12/12/12 entry. I love this mini mochi yarn and it is never boring to use. I definitely need to get more of it since these socks are quickly becoming Fred's "go to" socks when he goes to a meeting.