Saturday, February 5, 2011

Prime Time - February

The socks are finished! The pattern is Cranberry Biscotti. Yarn is leftovers from other socks; turquoise is bBrown Sheep Windlfoote, white is Trekking Pro Natura, lilac is Opal Uni, blue tweed is unknown. Toe was stared with US #1/2.25 mm needles. After the first stripe, I switched to US #1 1/2/2/5mm needles. Yardage is about 300 yds.

February project progress

I have cast on a shawl from a pattern that I found on Ravelry.  It's called the Simple Spring Shawlette by Haley Waxberg.  I'm using a yarn that I bought when I worked for CPY.  I don't remember the name of it and have to go back through some files to try to find it.  It was an undyed wool, sold in hanks, and I got it in approx 2003.  It was used in a Kool Aid dyeing day that I had with friends, and this was some that I dyed.  It's a super-simple pattern and is fun so far.

It's All About Me WIP

I am making the Waterfall Socks by Jeane Frisbee from the 50 Socks - 50 States CD. Started with size 3 needle and changed to a size 2 after one pattern repeat. The yarn is Mountain Colors Weavers Wool Quarters in Sweet Lavender. I love the yarn with the pattern.

Prime Time KAL - 2/11 WIP

This month I am making a scarf. I have no clue what this yarn is....but I love the colors. It was given to me with no information - it is definitely a cotton yarn.

Friday, February 4, 2011

January Prime Time

Thanks for the e-mail reminder, Adrienne. My project (last minute as usual, unfortunately) is Hedera socks:
I cast on for another project on January 31st, but I'm hoping to get some sunshine here so I can take a decent picture of it before I post.

Prime Time - February

I started these on January 29, 2011. I'm using left over yarn. When the socks are finished, I will have knit 3 legs. I was running short on white yarn and frogged the first sock back almost to the toe. The pattern is Cranberry Biscotti. I've changed the pattern to toe up because I was worried about yarn usage.

Another color was added and I worked the socks in tandem. I'm almost finished and there was enough yarn. They will be a gift for my granddaughter. The sock legs will be as long as I like them to be. I was prepared for them to be shorter if necessary.


...another new member to carefree, nakmo (nancy)!

totaly periwinkle bed jacket

Wow. I think I made it. I have lots of excuses - like it rained a lot in January and I live in Jeddah KSA and tropical storms here are kind of like snow in Seattle... they should know what to do but it only happens for 2 weeks every year or so so everyone forgets? anyway it flooded badly and I got distracted and forgot to take more progress photos. I hope the first 3 rows and the blocking shots count :P

This is a sweater that I made for myself, I spotted the yarn at a local shop 2 years ago and didn't buy it. I for some reason was on a "buy no more yarn" hiatus all of last year (summers don't count because I'm traveling and it's so hard to resist LYS's) and then I happened to be at a shop across from it and spotted it... twinkling at me in all it's mohair sequined loveliness. Not my normal yarn. Not my normal color.

Clearly it needed to be a lacy bed jacket type of thing, that was fitted not over-sized. preferably with minimal sewing up. because I seem to have a problem with that. So I mashed up two Garn Studio Patterns: Mostly 107-9 with some details from another yoked neck sweater, basicly the rib in place of the plain knit sections. omitted the bell rib at the bottom bleah. and chopped off the sleeves. I was going to do 3/4 but decided to go with normal 1/2 sleeves. I used a total of 4.2 balls at 120 yards each: Yarn Arts Kid Mohair - Confetti.

cheers, Kate

Finished Arwen

And here it is finished. It took 4 skeins of yarn, around 100 yds per skein (Those little bitty ruffles take lots of yarn!!)

new Feb project

Still haven't found more of the Mochi Plus in Violets Rainbow, so I switched to making a skirt for my granddaughter.
Here's the beginning photo, Arwen pattern.

January PrimeTime braids

Hooray, I got pics up in time!

I had a bit of a thing for braids this month. I started and finished the hat entirely on the planes and trains between Stuttgart and San Francisco, and did most of the mittens on the journey back to Stuttgart. We left for Denmark a few days later ... finished the mittens, and waited for some prime internet time. (Yup, those are airline seats in the WIP photos).

I finally saw and touched some Kauni. I can't see what all the fuss is about. It's awfully scratchy. The colors are nice, though.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

January Project - 2011 PrimeTime

Here is a pair of socks. Yarn was Super Socks Color, color 28, from stash. I had started out the month trying to use the lovely balls of Mochi Plus that you sent, but it really did not want to be socks on size 0 needles. It is such a lovely color - turquoise shading to cobalt - and is so soft, that I want to make something that will be really used, by ME! I then was going to play with needles and pattern till I got a satisfactory sock, but life intervened.

We had not done our annual visit to Peter's mother, as I had to work between Christmas and New Year, just before retiring. We were going to try and wait till the next school break, as his job has no benefits, such as vacation. After a flurry of phone calls, we ended up going to Canada mid-month. I grabbed a yarn that was a nice soothing color to work on during the trip, and we went off to visit her. This year, she did not throw us out of the nursing home. In fact, she could not even talk by the time we got there. We sat with her for three days (it's two days travel each way, and Peter could only get off for a week). We last visited her Saturday and left around noon. His brother was due to arrive on Monday. She died a little after midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning. At almost 91, it's not a surprise, but it still shook them.
So these are essentially deathwatch socks. I'm going to need to find a home for them, but they may already be rehomed. We stopped by to visit his cousin, aunt, and assorted second cousins, and they were fascinated by watching the sock grow. If they soften up after their wash, they will be going to his aunt - and I still have a request for his cousin and her daughter. Looks like it may be a while till I get back to the Mochi, as they are NOT going anywhere else.
Regards to all, and hope everyone is staying warm. From frozen Milwaukee, and about two feet of snow all at once, aj

a tiny bit about me :)

I want to thank peacockmom for getting me involved in this blog. I have a rule right now that I have to finish a project before I start a new one. I have such a back log of "finishing" that I should be able to complete the Prime Time event and zero out the inventory by pairing a new project with an old project :) in the mean time I made these two baby crocs to replace the ones that have inexplicably found their way into other peoples lives and offices. Apparently nothing says "come right on in" like a pair of baby crocodiles chewing the power cords on your desk. (it's a location thing crocs vs gators....) There are 6 total, only two qualify by the rules of this KAL, and they miss the yardage rule by quite a bit, I got the first 5 out of one ball of Loops and Theads "Carisma" (109 yds) Green and barely a dent in the red :D.
I intend to knit a whole family of crocs in different weights both larger and smaller, at 25-30 yards each that's 12 so well see how it goes between now and the end of the KAL.

The pattern is from Anna Hrachovic's Mochimochi Land Blog - Baby Gators the patterns is a free release from her book Knitting Mochimochi. There is a kind of involved story that goes with how I met peacockmom via Ravelry, Anna featured her story on her blog here my part was to sit on the side lines and cheer her on. so to new friends, silly projects and some new goals for the new year.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


My main project for Feb. will be the Lacey shrug from Ravelry finally using a huge ball of handpainted mohair I bought years ago.  I would also like to accomplish another Clapotis too.  I also have every intention of finishing a ufo that wont count but so needs to be finished.

2011 PRIME TIME KAL - tracy van wormer

This Chianti Shawl is my project for Feb. If it gets ungodly big....I may cut it short and make a hat for a matching set. All in all, I have 341 yards to work with in James Brett Chunky Marble. Size 10.5 needles are giving me 3.5 sts to inch in pattern. I Just started yesterday... Good thing I have a really long circular needle, I didn't realize that it would be on the outside 2 edges -- I have done these before and the stitches are all on the top edge as you go.

It's All About Me! Finished

I finished my all about me project.  I have been planning a rainbow project bag since October.  I wanted a circular bottom, funky straps and it needed to be felted.  I started gathering yarn and only found all the colors in January when I started the bag.  It took 616 yards by the time I was finished.  Pictures:

pre-felted, it is 14 1/2 inches tall without the flap and 31 inches around

I made braided straps, short rowed circle bottom, reinforced moss stitched top and a funky 8 by 8 ribbed stripes on the end with button holes using intarisa.  All 8 balls of yarn sat in the bag while I worked that ribbing.

Here is the post felted object.  I found bright buttons which I sewed on with contrasting yarn.  The measurements ended up being:  26 1/2 inches around and 10 1/2 inches tall.  It is perfect for holding and toting my knitting projects and I am so happy with it.  Now I just need to make the matching needle case and notions bag.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January PrimeTime

My first project for the Carefree KALs, my Molten (Hawaii) Socks, were finished Jan. 30th. They are a gift for a friend with slightly larger feet who will love the not-so-hot color choice.

Knit in Panda Superwash Jet Black and Panda Wool Neptune. I knit the feet until the blue ran out. Used 85 grams = 316 yds.
Now, time for ME!


There is another mediocre pic for you. A sock design of Cindy Craig from the book Outside the Sox. I rarely knit socks from other designers and I rarely do more than one sock of the same design but I found this one to be simple and well structured. Absolutely right for the ME KAL. Watch out, there will be a pair of them soon.
BTW, would the rules allow for making a "pair" by using two different designs but from the same ball of yarn? I do this all the time as I think there isn´t time enough for all ideas and so far nobody ever noticed that I wear two different socks.

It's all about me - Mary Lynn - progress photo

Okay, this wonderful yarn has been sitting around waiting for the perfect project, for me.  Really.  I have two  skeins of this Mini-Mochi and I have been hoarding it.  So I am making a keyhole scarf in a trellis stitch pattern.  It has an abundance of wonderful colors and the pattern is perfect for it. 

This is really just the beginning . . . beautiful yarn.

Mochi plus ruffles scarf

Hope this doesn't post twice, first one disappeared!
Anyway, knitting this ruffled scarf in lovely violets Mochi Plus, I have two skeins, gifted from CPY, but I think I'm going to have to find one or two more!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Tiny Socks for Prime Time KAL

I also made these cute little socks out of Wildflower DK Fancy with size 5 dpn and the Mock Cable Baby Socks pattern by Janet Gallagher. I don't need the yardage but they are cute so what the heck...

Prime Time KAL - 1/11 Finished

I finished my 2 skein Mini Mochi Shawlette in the Tapestry Rainbow shade (105) with just a very small amount left. I went away this weekend so it is not blocked yet but soon will be. I think the color (which I won in the Carefree KAL) turned out really nice. Thank you Susan! I'll post a picture on Ravelry once it is blocked. I used size 5 needles. It was a very fun pattern and the lace was great fun also. Thanks!!!

Just Showing Off Some Dishcloths

I am showing of some of the dishcloths I made over the weekend. I have more pics and a pattern on my blog.

January Primetime

Hi everyone. Here is my January final project.
Molten Socks
start 1-3-11
finish 1-30-11
yarn- Panda Superwash Jet Black and Fireworks
Two done this month. Now onto Me Myself and I!

Rules for posting

How soon can you start the next month's project? Do you have to wait until the first of the month to start? Thanks,

clarification by mod:

you can start projects for the rest of the year anytime you want. the only month you have to start and finish in the same month is january.

for the rest of the year, you can start a project now and have the entire year to finish it.

the only stipulation is that you post a finished project every month if you want to qualify for the grand prize drawing.

Prime Time 2011 - Jan

This is my blue cardigan. It was finished by Friday. Back from the weekend, I made a quick pic to post the finished cardigan. It is very warm and I will be happy if I find some yarn to fix the buttons once more with a second small button on the inside. Then maybe a better pic will follow.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shimmer Sweater

I've finally finished my sweater - it's really, really heavy!  I calculated that it contains 1396 yards, and the stitch pattern was very easy to knit.  I made the XL of Kathy Zimmerman's Opulent Options sweater in Knitter's No. 54 (spring 1999).

Just for Me

It's all about me and I don't have enough yardage yet. I do have warm hands, however. I had worn out the mittens that went with my winter jacket, and bought yarn last spring. Finally, I made time for me. They're finished and I used up about 196 yards of yarn. Worsted weight yarn knits up much faster than sock yarn.

I'll give details here, while I remember.
Pattern: my own, with elements from a number of places
Yarn: Aussi Wool in amethyst and rose bay, with the fuzzy part a combination of Bernat Sox in pink hot and Bernat Boa in doo doo bird.
Needles: US #4/3.5 mm for the cuffs and US#5/3.75 mm for the hands.

Knitting time about i week (Jan. 20 -28, 2011)

I'm working on a cotton crochet bath mat, which will certainly add enough yardage to count for this challenge.

Prime Time 1/11

I made it. I picked up the extra yarn on Thursday. Without it, the socks looked like this. With the extra yarn, I was able to finish the socks. Started January 3, 2011, the pattern is Niagara by Janel Laidman. I made the leg one repeat wider and two repeats longer. The yarn, Claudia Hand Painted Yarns with 175 yds/50 gm did not make it. I'll be using periwinkle in a future color-work project or buying still more and making socks for myself from it. Needles were US #1/2.25mm.


This was my first project for the KAL. I was sweating a little about getting it done, because, I have had company --- and the sweater might be a present for her birthday. I really liked the pattern-- got it off Ravelry for free.--Net time, I think I might do it longer -- add on to the lace portion, and maybe lengthen the sleeves to 3/4... But the way it is will go great with sleeveless dresses! Tracy Van Wormer