Friday, March 5, 2010

As requested by Adrienne, here are photos of the ends of the Pieceful Creations shawl. The color is actually a deeper teal than it appears in the photos. I just couldn't get the light right to get the color better!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

No picture for February project and a big Thank You to L

Hi girls,

I am out of the game now.

Though I did some projects in February I have not been able to take any picture. My camera is out of order and I have to have it repaired.
The dark brown sweater is ready as is a big green bowl for my wool. You will see it as soon as I can take pictures again.

Now the Olympic KAL is over I can´t present a picture of my shawlette (blue and WITH beads, Adrienne!) either.

But then there was a little envelope coming from across the ocean. Thank You, L, for sending this nice surprise! I am very happy with those cute blue and gold markers and will think of you whenever I use them!

Enjoy the KAL! I will stay around to look at your projects and will show what I am knitting as well.

Finished February Project

Here is my finished project for February. This is the Aran Print Eyelet Knit Scarf pattern off the web page. I used three balls of Crystal Palace Aran Print in the Birch Bark color (#2114). About 306 yards and finished size unblocked is 6" by 64". I haven't had time to block it yet but am happy with the result already. The pattern chart is easy to follow and the yarn works up well in the lace pattern. The color is really nice - the different brown tones blend well together. I'll post a better photo once blocked and pretty!

Feb 12/12/12 boy

Hi, Here is my last project for the month. It is a hat for my son's "girlfriend" birthday. She will be five. Ever since they met at one year old they are always together (don't ask about the kissing incident!) I CO'd 42 stitches and knit for about 9 inches before finishing the bag. The tie can be unwoven then raised or lowered for fit. I made it so she can use it a long time and with three different ties (in case one gets lost or she likes a different one each day. I used Burlee yarn from Natura's in Midnight Radience (and wished I had larger circs.) So, the knitting sock bag was just under 200 yds and this hat was 175 yards. Next month I am making a wedding gift and then it is back to socks.

2 More Finished Projects

I have 2 shawls to post this month.

The first is Saskia. I used 807 yards of JaggerSpun Maine Line in Teal, and knit 13 repeats of the pattern. The finished size is 68” x 22”.

The second is Pieceful Creations Sampler Stole. I used 840 yards of Halcyon Yarn Satin Bamboo in Copen Supreme. The finished size is 59" x 20". I added a repeat of the diamond pattern at the end before the ending pattern.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Start

This is the start of a hat, in double knit. It is on a 2.75 mm circular needle, about 16 inches. The yarn is KnitPicks Palette, in Rose Hip and Jay. Not quite the colors that I had in mind, but what was available - because when I ordered replacement needles, there was a clock tam kit on sale which would mean free shipping and . . . Well, you can guess the rest. This yarn got pulled from the kit. 144 stitches of each color, in K2, P2 ribbing.

Cast on is something I'd wanted to try. I tied the two strands together and did a long tail cast on, switching colors every stitch. At first, I physically switched the yarn. Then I figured out how to do the stitch from both sides without physically moving the yarn placement. It gives a nice border and seems stretchy enough.

Learned several things already. Leave a longer tail next time, as it is going to be difficult to weave in the ends. The opposite of a knit stitch on the face is not a purl stitch for the second color. DUH. No, it is not being frogged for this. At least it is good practice for the body of the hat, where there is going to be a pattern.

Main thing I learned is not to show it to husband and tell him it is going to be a hat. He then promptly tried to put it on his head, saying it did not look big enough. Well, a sixteen inch needle does not stretch around a head. When he handed it back to me, he said "It looks like some stitches fell off. Sorry." Boy, was he ever sorry! The final thing I learned is not to try and pick up stitches in a dim Italian restaurant. The next day, at least I got good at tinking double knitting - yes, there is a knack to that also. Hopefully it will never have to be used again. No, I could not live with a flash of orange on the blue side. Again, anyone want a slightly used husband, cheap? This time he could come without the yarn eating cats. Anyone . . .?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February Scarf Finished

Finished my scarf and I just love the colors. Used almost two skeins of the Crystal Palace Mini Mochi - well over 300 yards. Size 9 circular needles and the One Row Lace Scarf pattern by Turvid. Perfect length when you make it double around the neck and slip the scarf part through the loop. Love it!

Swivel Socks finished

Swivel Socks by Kristi Geraci yarn is Schaefer Yarn Company Nichole. Loved the feel of this yarn.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic are over how sad

I for one love the olympics. I watch every sport I can. Living close to Canada, we get to watch almost every sport as the TV coverage there is wonderful. I heard NBC did not even show all of the closing ceremonies. Shaking my head wondering why not. About the pictures now that the Olympics are over we are back to our normal weather pattern, windy, rainy and cool.

But, here is a my final projects. Mochi Plus Oz shawl. Wanted to see how it looked in a shawl as I had not seen one done yet. This was yarn I won in last years contest. Love how it feels and looks.

Then I played with some different yarns from Crystal Palace. Hats in Bunny Hop, Blanket Buddy in Puffin.

Also...umm remember I love the dil, picked out this type of afghan pattern and colors so a baby blanket. One big granny square. But, she will love it so that is the important part.

Then being this is the first of March. Oh my were did Feb go (oh right Olympics).. Thought I would post a start project. This is a Kit from The knitter.

progress pics

Here are the progress pictures for Feb. and olympic kal's! Fixed it over the phone! Yeah!

Olympic socks and 12/12/12boy

Here are scanned finished pics of the bag and the socks. I was so upset last night that I forgot I could scan it. I can fix the problem today and send progress and on my feet pics later!

February Finish

Here is a scan of the finished Panda Soy socks. The way the color blocks fall in the cuff was really pleasing. Sock count for the month is five and a fraction. There is this pair. There is the sock and a third that was done before the needles broke (now a UFO, sigh). And there is the pair that was started last year, with the second sock knit this month and the one from last year frogged to before the heel (toe up) and reknit. This pair uses a Cat Bordi heel, while the other three were flap construction. Since time was tight, these were finished with the EZ sewn bindoff, while the other three were done with Jen's Surprisingly Stretchy Bindoff. That will probably be my new standard ending - it is nice (found in Knitty).

When I feel like fighting with the camera again, I'll replace the scan with a picture of all five socks. Think that is enough socks for a while - next month something different. Let's see, my headband was lost - maybe a hat?

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympic socks and 12/12/12boy

I finished my socks but could not upload because my cord broke. I have a time and dated picture to show I did it! I am so proud of me! It usually takes me a month to do a pair of socks. I used the Bamboo sock pattern on the CPY site. I also used Panda Superwash in Chili Red and Natural. I could not get a Navy so it is actually a Canada sock and for my Mom for Mother's Day! I am going to make a pair for me but use a smaller needle size and longer leg. It is my new fave (except for Adrienne's blingy one ~wow~!)
My bag is done too. Computer neighbor back tomorrow afternoon and will upload then!

Speedy crochet

The pink/grey/black is my 12/12/12 entry.

I made the pattern to my 3 kids' specs - at completion the size is 'just right' but it grows. They loved it that the sleeves got really long and they can now hide their hands in them. The blue/white is the first one I made, with a slightly different pattern, not counting it for this KAL.
Stretchy Snuggly Sweater, hook 6.5 mm (K), yarn "Joann sensations rainbow boucle patterns". Used one whole skein= 853.0 yards (780.0m). Started Feb 22, finished Feb 25, 2010.

The grey/black is my olympic entry. Speed skating (mostly double crochet).
Stretchy Snuggly Sweater 2, hook 6.5 mm (K), yarn "Joann sensations rainbow boucle". Also used one whole skein= 853.0 yards (780.0m). Started Feb 26, finished Feb 28, 2010 4:20pm EST while watching US/Canada hockey game.

Olympic KAL - Team Norway

Here is my entry to the Olympic KAL, although I cannot find the list of eligible categories! But they've got lace, cables and beads.
Oh yes, these are also another project for the year!
What an amazing Winter Olympics these were, and congratulations to everyone!!!

February Projects, Finished.

With a few hours left in the month, here are my two projects for February in the 12/12/12 KAL.

My first project is an Herbivore shawl using Mini-Mochi in the Treasure Chest colorway. I love the way this yarn looks in this shawl! I think I'll be making it again in different colors eventually.

Since the shawl took less yarn than expected (only 230 yards or so) I started a new project last night to get enough yardage for the month. This second project is a neckwarmer/button-up cowl using an altered Accordion Scarf pattern from the lastest Knit Simple magazine. I'm happy with the way it turned out, but I'll be making it again and altering the pattern some more.


olympicscarf 001

I finished the Cable Sampler Scarf during the gold medal hockey game today.

Cast on: 2/12/10
Finished: 2/28/10
Pattern: The Cable Sampler Scarf
Needles: US 6 circulars
Yarn: Tatamy Tweed DK and Little Lehigh Pebbles DK
Yardage: 567 yards
Event: Alpine Skiing (cables)

Everyone's projects look great! Congrats to all the Olympians, both athletes and knitters/crocheters!!


Olympic KAL - Finished Project - Team Finland

Here is my finished project for the Olympics 2010 KAL - just finished this afternoon. This is for Team Finland in the Ivory and Royal Blue of their flag. I used 4 complete balls of Bamboozle so about 360 yards total. This is a pattern from the Signature Scarves book by Nicky Epstein. I did not include the fringe from her pattern.

This was my first real project involving cables and I am very happy with the end result. The pattern is very well defined and the drape of the Bamboozle suits the pattern well. It's nice how thick the fabric ends up with cables too.

I think this may qualify for Olympic Spirit, Team Spirit and Alpine Skiing.

Finished Olympics Project

I finished my Olympics project just in time:Julia Socks (Emily Johnson) in Lang Jawoll Color Superwash 82.0088, 2.5mm dpns.

I'm really happy with how these turned out.

Olympic Socks finished!

While watching the hockey game :-) The pattern is Adrienne Fong's TeaTime, the yarn is Wollmeise 80/20, colors Schwarz and Dornroschen. This is such a fun pattern to knit! I used about 400 yards altogether.

Finish My Olympic Project Done

Here it is : Just off the needles. I had 6 inches of yarn left. I think I called it a bit close.

And here it is being blocked.
I can't wait till its dry because I can't believe that I made this. Thank you for this KAL just to make me attempt to try.

February Finish 12/12/12 kal

Hi all,

I actually finished these about a week ago, but forgot to post. Almost an oops moment there :O)

These are gillyweed socks, designed by Rosemary Waits. I used the chart for the top of the cuff to do the whole cuff. Basically 3 repeats of it.

The picture on the left is the socks in process, and the right is the finished socks. I used White Birch Fiberarts sport weight. It's a lovely yarn, soft and springy.