Saturday, October 30, 2010

October Projects finished.

The Trailing Vines Mitts are finished and the pattern is available on Ravelry. It will be available on Patternfish soon. Yarn is Regia 6-ply, 3.0 mm needles. About 150 yards used.

I also finished a Christmas stocking for a customer. 190 yards of yarn. The yarn is from a huge house sale haul years ago, cheap worsted weight acrylic. Needles: US #7/4.5 mm. This is the latest in a series of stockings for this family.

12/12/12boy Oct.

Hi, here is another project for October. I think it was a Lion brand/box store skein. The pattern is Baktus scarf on Ravelry. I still need to block it out after I get over this cold. It was fun but, a little unnerving using half then decreasing half and wondering if the two sides would match. I will definately make a few more. Perfect daydreaming knitting project. I love the colors with my Mom jeans. It goes with so much. And there may be just enough to make two small mitered squares for the kid's sopck yarn blankets! On to start November ( and I am almost done with the Topsy Turvy cowl.)

12/12/12 Carefree KAL - 10/10

I finished the shawl for my friend who recently lost her mother. The yardage was 690 yards. Used a K crochet hook and Red Heart yarn. My mom is the model - Aren't moms great!

Holiday 3

Well, I finished my first round of Holiday 3 projects. Between the three items the yardage is at least 300 yards. I am in the process of moving and I think I should be packing boxes a little quicker....wish me luck :)

The simple scarf was with Alektra yarn and size 11 needles, the hat for my Granddaughter was a Beth Brown Reinsel class I took through my knitting guild (I used Encore yarn and size 8 needles), and the baby socks are mystery yarn and size 3 dpn needles for a friend's new baby.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Last minute progress photo

My Scatterling socks are probably for me and aren't done yet, but I needed a quick pair to give a friend so I cast on for Froot Loop a few days ago. I almost forgot that I needed to post a progress photo, but here it is:
I will be knitting frantically this weekend to try to get these finished for the KAL - her birthday's on the 5th, so I have a few days extra if I don't make it.

Holiday gift (part 2 of 3 chemo hats for Susie entry)

10 ply cotton and 4.00mm needles using 70 gms of yarn at least 15 years in my stash. :) I started this Hurricane hat on Oct 28th and finished it easily on the 29th. Free pattern by Andrea Gourtier on Ravelry. Definitely will make more of these. Fast and easy knit; fun to make. Love the results. Summer is approaching here and I think this will be a welcome hat for Susie to protect her noggin when she has lost all her hair. I plan to make another one using DK wt and a few more stitches on the needle.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I will have finished projects for October!! I WILL!

Actually, I'll have 2 projects, which will add up to enough yardage to count. First there are the fingerless mitts. The yarn is Regia 6-ply on 3.0 mm needles. I have designed these and the pattern will be available on Ravelry and Patternfish.

This is part of a Christmas stocking for a customer, the latest in her family series. I designed it a few years ago, and am knitting hte same design again with a couple of modifications.

Serab Socks

Just finished these for a group on ravelry. Hunter Hammersen was the designer. Loved the yarn and the pattern.

Holiday 3 KAL

Scarf and Glove gift set for a very special person!

2 more finished for the Holiday KAL

Pink socks for my aunt. I must like her cuz I don't like pink. :) She just moved to Ohio from Florida and her feet are cold. I told her I could fix that for her!
Those pink socks

Finished pink socks
Started: 10-23-10
Finished: 10-27-10
Pattern: Plain ribbed socks
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll in Carnation
Needles: 2.5mm

Then I have a pair of warm socks for me! I love sport weight socks to wear around the house in the winter.
My Trekking socks

My Trekking socks finished
Started: 10-19-10
Finished: 10-22-10
Yarn: Trekking 6ply color 1820
Pattern: vanilla 64st sock
Needles: 2.5mm

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October's Project is Off the Needles

Didn't think I was going to get something off the needles. I have way to many items go
ing and trying to work on them all. But I made myself work on this till it was done. I did the mystery shawl from the Ravelry Group, Criminal Minds. Criminal Minds Mystery Kerchief, by threebagsfull, aka Hilary. I used yarn from Miss Babs, from the Woolgirl Sock Club, Ladybug. You got it Red and I add the edge which was a garter stitch in Black.
I really like how this turned out. I think that I knit it twice. The pattern said COUNT COUNT COUNT wrote in red but do you think I can count nope. I started this one 4 times and then had to frog numerous time. But over all I love how it turned out and the pattern popped out with the blocking. Well I better getting knitting if I want to get something done for next month it might take me that long. Happily knitting, Bye.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tretta hat finished (part of holiday gift)

I finished this hat and thought I'd post it before gifting it tomorrow. I hope to eventually get some pics of Susie wearing the 3 hats I plan to make for her. This is the first and the next will be in cotton since summer is close here. I weighed this hat finished and it is 62 gms of Panda wool (knit doubled). Loved making this. Notice how the pattern is a bit like a peacock feather? If you want to knit a gift that looks like you spent a lot of time and effort (and didn't) this is the hat for you. :)

I used a 4mm needle for it and think I'd use a 4.5 next time for someone with hair. It stretches a lot, but I'd like it a bit roomier. Probably the way I knit and I think it will be just fine for Susie's hairless noggin. At the point in the pattern where it was starting the decrease, I measured 6 1/4" instead of the 5 3/4" in the directions. I don't think that is a bad thing. That is 39 rounds at the point of the decrease rounds and it is what it is. :)

I figure 3 hats will count as one holiday gift entry if that is OK with our gurus.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Mitts

I realized that a daughter has a birthday on 10/26. It had slipped my mind. What to do for a gift???
Wrist warmers. She's a runner and I haven't knit any for her. I've designed a new pattern, which will be for sale soon.
Yarn: Regia 6-ply sock yarn
Needles: US 2 1/2/3.0 mm