Saturday, November 29, 2008

What's up with the colors...maaaaaan

Yep, the deadline is approaching and I'm frantically gathering up everything and trying to make sure it gets blogged. These are two pairs of pink varigated socks I made for my dds. Once again, the color on my camera makes it seem like different colors. As Granny always said, "You get what you pay for" Well, I didn't pay much for my camera and it shows.

I've got a dishcloth set otn and a pair of socks. We'll see what I can get done by midnight tomorrow.

Happy Knitting!

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Just in Time

The Larskpurs Socks of Knit Picks Garnet Heather Palette are done. I finished grafting the toes late this afternoon. Total yardage: approx. 350 yards. It's too bad the "done" picture depended on fluorescent lighting -- the "in process" sock color is more accurate.
This series of three shots tells the tale of my second pair of Larkspurs. It is also made of a Knit Picks yarn, Imagination, in "Damsel", a luscious blend of merino, alpaca and nylon in terrific pinks and purples.

As you can see by the dates in the pictures they were begun in
early November and finished up just before Thanksgiving. These were a hostess gift for Anne, my daughter Karin's mother-in-law. Anne was a wonderful hostess when we visited during the week just prior to Karin's Senior Recital, "The Rabbi's Wake". I kept working on the socks while we were at Anne's house. She kept saying, "I love those colors!"

The colors, at least the purples are well represented in this picture. The pinks just didn't want to show up!
Anne's got smaller feet than I do.
Her socks only took about 300 yards.
I used #2 US bamboo needles. The pattern is one I worked out on my own, some details are in my October posting.

My daughter Grete needed a new winter cap. I was so diligent in getting it made in the first week of November (before Karin's recital) that I missed taking a picture. This cap of Encore DK weight in black, is made using a cable-brim...the pattern is one of Knit Picks' free ones.

The original pattern used worsted weight, so I revised the pattern for DK weight. This took just less than one skein, about 135 yards.
Well, I made the crown of the cap too long, so Grete sent it back to me so I could fix it...which I did this afternoon. That was a nice happenstance...for now you get the chance to see it, sort of. If I do another KAL I should get a better camera!

I'm hoping that tomorrow is a brighter day so I can take a picture or two of the stack of baby hats I made. A missionary (pediatrician in Nepal) visited us the first weekend in November and talked about the need for hats at the hospital where she works. I have a dozen hats, various sizes, that I've made since then with Bernat's Baby Jacquard yarn using Lion Brand's Preemie S0 Soft pattern. Some sizes (most of them) were extrapolated from the original, increasing stitch counts by multiples of 6, and increasing the lengths accordingly. There are no pictures of these hats in progress so I know they won't count, but they are really cute. The yarn makes up well and is so very soft.
My hands haven't been idle and I have more socks on my needles, but they won't get done for this KAL. They will be done for Christmas, though, if my niece ever gets some measurements to me!
Blessings to you all.

An Error on my behalf

and if you knew me, you'd be shocked it was just one.

I posted the same project Oct 8 and 19th.

Did you know that you can search the blog using keywords (my name in my case)? That's how I found my mistake. Sorry I got myself lost.


Updating on my progress...

I started this hat earlier in the week for a young boy cousin...

I used a pattern from a Canadian publishing, "Easy Cable Knitted Hat"

I finished the Capitan hat for a cousin's daughter-finally got the buttons sewn on! And just finished the above hat last night.
The Capitan hat was knit with the yarn doubled, so it was about 105 yards. The blue cabled hat was knit with Lamb's Pride Bulky, about a little over 100 yards.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Charade Socks

I actually got them done in time, and even started another project!
First, my CPY Panda Wool socks, using the free Charade Pattern from Ravelry:

Well, not sure if the pic went through; if not, will repost after checking the blog. Anyway, the two pairs together used 784 yards total; I know the first pair used more than 1/2 of that, so it met the minimum requirement. The project I started last Sunday is the Elf socks/slippers from Anna Tillman's book, "Knitted Socks". Dunno if I will get them finished in time or not, but I can at least try, right? Here is a project pic (hopefully; computer is complaining of connection problems, which is baloney):

Adrienne, thank you for inviting me; this is my first KAL and it was really good for me. I needed the incentive to knit more, even though my left hand complains, lol.
I also want to thank everyone for their wonderful inspiration, photos, and for sharing what yarns and patterns were used!

*Tried 2 more times to upload photos, no luck tonight (there are names for Vista which cannot be printed in decent company such as everyone here...), will try again tomorrow.

edited by adrienne to help annie post pictures. can't wait to see the elf socks/slippers completed. don't they already look adorable? and i wear a size 8 shoe (LOL)! ps. i have heard that vista is "MOST WONDERFUL" choke-choke!

my last prjects

Hi, Here are my last pojects a headband and a cat toy. The headband was going to be a wrist warmer. But, now it is a headband. This was a fun contest. Thank you. Please comment.


All gifts have been given.

All gifts knit during this KAL have been given already. Two pairs of socks were given to the birthday recipients on Nov. 2. The Christmas stocking was given on Thanksgiving (Nov. 26). The last pair of socks was given this morning. Seems our daughter and SIL brought Christmas with them from Florida, and we opened last night. I had their gifts ready and we went out to breakfast and delivered their gifts.

I'm still working on one pair of socks, hope to finish by Sunday night. They will be given next Sunday morning. Pictures when socks are finished.

The reason I haven't posted much...

.....has been 100% due to this project.

It's an afghan done for my oldest daughter for Christmas. two years ago, I made a similar one for my hubby and it didn't get delivered until February. I have a few smaller projects OTN. We'll see if any get completed this weekend. If not, I'm still WAY ahead of the game from usual! Thanks for the focus

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Block ready

This was an easy knit... and I liked it a lot. It was started this morning, and came ready today... now block 7 and 8 are still waiting. Block 6 will be skipped... it is a cat, and I feel that it does not fit in the style of the blanket. I saved the description though... maybe I will use it in another blanket. :-) 110 yards of Cascade 220 Superwash was used.

Start block 9

I have fallen behind on the blanket kal I was working on... but this morning I took up the needles and started block 9. I did not like block 6 (skipped) and block 7 and 8 will follow this weekend. The photo is showing a small part (as I have just 8 rows on the needles yet, but the cute pattern is visible.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

update for me

Hi, Happy Thanksgiving Day! I finally finished my headband. I had a hard time chosing the right button. And I finally found on that matched exactly. It is a nice one from the collection I recieved from my Grandma Jewel when she passed on. I chose the matching blue shiny one. So, I can remember her when I keep my ears warm in the Oregon winter weather. I did not care for the pattern personally. It turned out way too big for me I needed the whole skein. Next time I will go down a size in needles (and check the gauge again. I KNOW!) It was way too hard to do with little ones sitting on your lap. Everyone loves it and wants one! I also made a scarf for a friend. It is a combination yarn made up pattern and crocheted. Can you see the pattern? My camera is aweful~ it is an every other row alternating pattern. I did not care for the ribbon yarn. It had no give but will hopefully loosen up over time. (My other made one did.) It was really fun to make and she loved it! It is really thick and comfy. Nathan is wearing the progress picture and Katie the finished one. I added the progress picture of the yarn I doubled. I forget how easy it is to crochet now that I am addicted to sock knitting!
Headband winter 2006 knitty calorimetry- 100 yds. knit
scarf- 200 yards red heart total crochet ( Laura, only count this)
(with 1/2 150 yards Ribbon yarn and 1/2 150 yards patton allure doubled throughout)
jdhforjc and
knit-frog-knit on ravelry
P.S. I got toasted early and only had a progress picture in Sock Wars DOTD. Congratulations GlamGirl. Then finished the pair she sent me. Not complete sets to count towards this contest, darn. Knit-on! Katie is finishing her headband and cat toy for her 2nd 100 yard project! Will post later on today.

That's it for me

I'll still be doing some gift knitting, but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to finish any by the end of the KAL. So these are the last for me:

Darkside Cowl (Ravelry link)
Malabrigo Silky Merino in Arlene's Purples - approximately 96 yds
size 8 KP Harmony circs

Cafe Au Lait mitts (Ravelry link)
Lana Grossa Numero Uno - approximately 132 yds
size 4 KP Harmony circs

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Funky Monkey kit - the mini version
Socks that Rock heavyweight in Typhoon Tina & Harlotty - approx 87.5 yds
size 5 KP Harmony circs

Hope everyone in the US has a happy Thanksgiving Day.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Currently on my needles

This is a pair of wrist warmers in progress. I am using Knit Pick's Bare Sock Yarn which I dyed with Kool Aid last year, and which has been resting quietly in my stash waiting to decide what it wanted to be.

I am not using any particular pattern, just cast on 64 stitches on 2.25 mm circular, and put a right twist pattern on the cuff portion. Pretty much like making a basic sock cuff.

I am just in the process of doing the short thumb portion, which is done in plain stocking stitch. I may embelish these with some purl beads on the cuff portion if I get energetic. Not sure if I will get these done by the KAL deadline or not.

Brenda in Alberta

Another pair!

Except that it's still not a pair of socks; those, alas, remain single.

Instead, it's a pair of mitts.
I can't for the life of me get the color to come out right; imagine them more gold-y, and you've got it.

These are the Spiraluscious Mitts, by Anne Hanson (I don't think the pattern is out yet, but it will be soon, and meanwhile, the matching neckwarmer is). I used Shivaya Naturals Silky Merino yarn (which is such fun to knit with!), about 150 yards for the pair. This is a great knit, and they look wonderful on; I wish I knew someone who's getting married, because they would be beautiful wedding mitts, knitted in a white silk...
They're still not blocked. I put them on as soon as I wove the ends in, and haven't been able to make myself take them off. Maybe I'll make another pair for someone for the holidays, because I think I'm going to have to keep these!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Irish Hiking scarf is done.

apple hat cast on and off within 24 hours :)

Knit for a friend's first grandchild due in May. Machine washable merino magic. This took almost 100 yds and I started it yesterday at lunch and finished it today at lunch. Living in Oz I'm known as being "American as apple pie" so this seemed particularly appropriate for the new little apple of our eye. Found the apple hat pattern by Ariel Benjamin on ravelry.

Another pari of socks

This pair of socks required a quick trip to the yarn store in order to finished the second toe. 400 yds was not quite enough.
Started: Oct. 31, 2008
Finished: Nov. 24, 2008.
Needles US #1/2.25mm
Yarn: Aussi Sock
Pattern: Escher Wurfel by Stephanie van der Linden

Next project - I may finish this one this month. Pattern Binsenkorbchen by Stephanie van der Linden.

FO: Husband Socks


Yay, I finished the socks I was working on for my husband! He really loves the socks I knit for him and wears them all the time so I'm happy to make them for him. These are really basic and I used Panda Cotton in the Sable colorway with US size 2 needles. They are knit with about 320 yards.

-Kala (vegancraftastic)

Monday, November 24, 2008


Well, i've been working on a lot of different projects.
First, here's the first cuff of a baby sweater being done in the Flame Mini-mochi. I have a ball with knitting the smaller stuff, especially for this particular beautiful model!

next, here's a sock leg - stripes done with 2 colors of MiniMochi [mm]. this is neptune and tapestry. if you look, besides the stripes of each, there is a small checked section between color changes. this is an amazingly lot of fun!

finally, this is a baby sock, using the autumn MM yarn. i love the colors!

blessings, L

it's a pair!!!

...of mini mochi's!

mini-mochi in strawberry-lime rainbow (#106)
knit as a toddler sock to show one repeat of the colors
i cheated (was told to call this a design feature) and used the opposite end of the ball for the heel flap so that you can see the lovely color transitions on the instep.

and the wrister i posted earlier.

oh! they are suppose to be two of the same thing and they're suppose to match! dang! maybe you all will take pity on me as i knit these as samples and i knit so slowly that this may be the last you will see from me. besides, there is not enough yarn left to knit a second of either thing... SOB!

can you believe that they each used 22 grams of yarn? or 171 yards should this count...please?!

leave a comment on whether you think this should count for kal entries or not. who knows what we might use to draw a winner for another prize...hint! hint! time is drawing near!!!!!!

old navy finished! a PAIR of socks! what a novel idea! ;P

old navy for my brother's big feet
regia line steps color #5374

410 yds! YES!
and they match too!

i made many modifications which i will post on my blog.

started another pair for my sil, using the new panda superwash in the joyful colorway. don't know if i will finish by sunday but am posting anyway. and yes, i know i still haven't finished my mitered windowpane socks yet, thankyouverymuch!


Three singles

Well, I have now successfully completed three single socks (ah, the joys of test-knitting patterns). Alas that they don't make a pair! Did anyone ever decide if two unmatched singles count as a pair? In case they do, I'm including them, but I understand if they don't.
Sock the first. This is the Kicking Leaves sock (Ravelry link) by Laura Patterson, knit in Old Maiden Aunt yarn, to the tune of 150 yards.

And then there's sock the second.
That's one of Anne Hanson's Woodsmoke socks, knit in Socks That Rock lightweight. About 180 yards.

And, finally, the one that isn't a test-knit. I worked on this one at a conference over the weekend, and finished it up quickly (there was a lot of sitting still happening).
That's my own pattern (with the funky toe-up heel I've been wanting to try), knit in Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks yarn (a 50/50 merino/tencel blend) in the forest colorway. I used about 200 yards for that one.

Now let's see if I can knit some second socks before I get distracted by something else!