Saturday, January 17, 2009

One sock now ready

I tried the sock on yesterday, just to see how the heel pattern was forming. Discovered lateron another erratum, and it is a visible one. One sock is now done, the other will be started tomorrow.

For tonight I will be knitting on the sock yarn blanket for a bit - it is 70 cm in height now.

Friday, January 16, 2009

First New Project--January 2009--52 Week Challenge

Well, I finally started a new project for January. I see my picture is a little blurry, but considering I took it at 4 a.m. this morning, I'll let that go for the moment!

This is the start of a mitten for my daughter, Cara, for her birthday. I'm making these with Caron Simply Soft Heather in Deep Teal to match the scarf and hat she received from me for Christmas.

I didn't know she wanted mittens, and she just informed me of this on Wednesday. Hmmmm...her birthday is this coming Tuesday. Do you think I'll be finished in time?


ufo kal participants

i've just cleaned up the list of ufo kal participants. i left everyone who started a project for the "holiday or not" kal. if i've accidently deleted your name and you want to play, please leave a comment on this post.

everyone who originally signed up for the "holiday or not" kal is still listed as a blog member. i will be deleting non-participating members from that list on tuesday, january 20th.

prizes for the ufo kal are still being decided. there will be a grand prize (probably 4 skeins of cpy yarn of winner's choice). winner to be selected by random number generator from all those who complete a ufo. and there will be a blog members voted grand prize with bragging rights for the favorite cpy project.

i am so lazy, i don't even want to drag my ufos out to look at. is that bad?! (don't answer that!) i am totally in de-nile! you can call me "cleopatra!"

yeah, i am not finishing my "wip's" (no ufo's for me!). instead, i did start something new!

jasmine fingerless mitts
mini mochi - neptune colorway

working on writing up the pattern. and yes, the mitts are matching. i am anal that way. i tried fraternal but just couldn't do it.

52 Weeks

Okay, my crochet hook has been busy this week. I was back onto making mop covers/shrugs/sweaters/whatever you want to call them and a dishcloth. I just finished tucking in the ends about 15 minutes ago. I'm thinking about figuring out how to make ones to cover the wet sprayer one. I love these because I can't stand buying the refills. I hate the easy/frugal debate. At least these make it easier on my mind. Next on the list are those lovely slippers both Jane and AK have made. Mine won't be in such lovely colors, but I'm using up stash!

Happy fibering!
(about 700 total yards used 600 crochet 100 knit)

My January 2009 52 Week KAL Project

Really I didn't copy Jane, ok maybe I did, but I saw these slipper son her blog and HAD to make a pair. I of course am not as talented as she is and my slippers came out HUGE. I used 1 full skein of one color and 1/2 half a skein of the two contrasting colors, for a total of 440 yards of Patons Classic Wool Merino. Here are the photos, of progress, before felting and after felting... Oh and I made a mistake too, can you see it?

Aunt Kathy
(gimpykatk on Ravelry)

Wolhemelblanket (UFO update)

Another block is finished. 9 ready, 3 to go!

For a start

Hi all, here is another sweater that will be for my eldest daughter, or better, I have just cast on yesterday in the evening. This is for a sleeve and it is meant to be a big swatch, because this sweater is going to be fitted without ease, so gauge is critical.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

YFM sock progress lucky stripes

I am using 2 balls of the 1776 to begin at the same point of the color changes and hoping the second sock will work out the same as this one. Pure luck that the color changes at the top of the heel flap and again at the heel turn. Months ago I had one ball printed poorly and that same ball wound backwards to the others, so my suggestion is to buy an extra ball just in case of that happening again. This yarn fades very fast unless washed in cold water unlike the others yarns I used. But as Americans in Oz, it makes us feel good to wear them on the 4th of July, Thanksgiving and to air shows. :)

I do recommend the pattern (Gridiron by Anne Hanson) and used Adrienne's gusset stitch pick up method which is to pick up and knit from behind so that the twist helps cover the space. Also used the German twisted cast on for stretch. That makes the pattern an A+.

carefree ufo kal and cpy 52 week challenge kal sign-ups

we will be starting the carefree ufo kal soon. we hope you want to play!

if you started and posted about a project for the carefree holiday or not kal and you want to participate in the carefree ufo kal, then you don't have to do anything. you are already signed up and ready to play. we will continue to use this blog for the next kal.

if you didn't start a project and are already a member of this blog, then you need to let us know either by commenting on this post or emailing laura that you want to play along. if we don't hear from you by january 15th, then we will be removing your name from the sidebar.

if you aren't a member of our carefree kal blog family and want to play, please email laura and we will get an invite out to you asap!

we will be running two kals concurrently. one will be the "ufo" kal which will run until sometime in march. and of course, there will be prizes; once again generously donated by susan and crystal palace yarns. so remember to give big smoochies to susan. isn't she wonderful?!

the other will be a 52 week kal with the challenge of finishing one project (?) per month (we are still working on the details). there will be a grand prize with 52 prizes (some big, some small) which will be awarded by random drawing should there be more than one person completing this challenge.

please let us know which kals you want to join. we will be posting two separate lists on the sidebar.

...mumbling to self...ufo's. who the heck has ufo's? so what if the socks don't match. one sock on each foot makes a pair...mumble, mumble....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wolhemelblanket (UFO update)

The block that I started yesterday is ready. I started the 9th block as well... At the moment 8 out of 12 blocks are done... no 9 in progress.

"inner truth" -the scarf!

a few years ago, laura designed a scarf called "inner truth," which was published in the now defunct magknits". she recently had our ms debi reknit it for her in cyp's panda silk dk (knit doubled). the pattern will soon be re-released and will be available on the crystal palace yarns website.

see the "handsome" scarf?
it was originally designed for the guys but i think it looks great for the gals too.

anyway, here is the plan. susan would love to see this scarf reknit in different cpy yarns and you can help. the stipulation is that you live in the usa, agree to finish the scarf within a month of receiving the yarn, and send the scarf to susan to photograph for the cpy website. you will get credit for knitting the sample and the scarf is yours to keep! interested? email laura at drlauraAsiriusATgmailDOTcom or proflauraATfirststepinternetDOTcom with the following information:

pick any three of these yarns (in order of preference):
  • Bamboozle
  • Kaya
  • Iceland
  • Fjord
  • Fine gauge PSDK (on 6s so making a smaller version)
  • Bunny Hop (on 7s or 8s for smaller version)
  • Merino 5 (again on 7s or 8s)
make 3 color choices so susan can send you a yarn and color that she has in stock. remember to include your mailing address.

susan is away at tnna until next week so yarn will not be sent for another week or two. laura will be notifying you if you get to play.


... is the Wolhemelblanket that I was working on for Wietse's bed. I have already made 7 of the 12 blocks, and am currently working on the 8th block. Photos are showing: On the table the seven blocks that are ready, and the other photo is the block that is currently in progress.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yankee Fox Mike socks

I've started Anne Hanson's "Gridiron" pattern with Socka 1776 yarn for my husband to wear when he enters our plane in an international air show in Melbourne this coming March. Our call sign in Yankee Fox Mike and the plane is white with a blue belly, white top and red trim and letters.
This pattern is a fast knit and interesting enough to avoid boredom, but easy enough to knit during a good mystery program.
Meanwhile, I am almost finished with the first Sweetie Pie sock (another fast knit) and have about 3 of Adrienne's socks on other needles. Do you think I have a bad case of second sock syndrome? LOL And I bought 2 more patterns this afternoon and can hardly wait to begin those. At the rate I'm going, I can wait for the next year's UFO KAL and be ready and organized. :)

January Progress


Here's my progress on my Sweetie Pie socks, I've got one done and I started the other one last night. I'm really loving how this yarn looks in the pattern, yay!

52 Week Challenge

This is my project for January, after turning these two 50" x 5" strips into ......................

giant slippers. I used a little more than half of three skeins of 220 yard Paton's so I'm estimating 360 yards for these.

Here they are drying after felting down to a size 6 1/2.

And here they are keeping my feet warm on a frigid Maine day!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Have to tease you...

The photo is taken this evening, by lamplight... The leg pattern of Marrakech is worked in, and I am currently working on the heel flap. In the heel flap pattern, there is a little error... But the sock is starting to look so nice!

A Carefree Prize -- a wonderful carefree prize

Wanna see what I got????

Oh yeah, oh yeah, Dr. Laurie sent this to me as a prize from early on . . .

can you believe this . . . I got me some Mini Mochi (2 skeins) in a super-fabulous colorway (Color 102; Lot 2). This is so wonderful. I think I'm going to make something for ME!!! and, of course, have to hide it from my kids.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New project

I'm knitting more birthday socks. The Ravelry SKA group has a January option of socks from an online magazine. That fit my need for grandson socks, so I'm doing Widdershins from Knitty Summer 2006. I made a number of changes to fit the target foot, but one is finished.

update for blanket

I made an update picture of the sock yarn blanket. This time you see the wrong side... and it measures 54 cm at the moment. (500 stitches still on the needle) Still... I have to get to a whopping two meters... so there is plenty to do. But I passed the 1/4 limit, as the measured start on Jan 1st was 38 cm. It does not go fast, but it is growing!