Friday, May 21, 2010


I actually have my own blog now and it seems like such a waste to post everything twice, so I will provide two links for the relevant projects and basic info and you can get the rest of my comments over at my blog. =D

I think I may have done enough to count it as 2 projects this month but I'm unsure about crochet yardage.  Also peek at my blog for other projects that were tiny so I didn't bother taking a picture of in progress for this KAL.

First: Spring Surprise Baby Blanket
Crocheted bernat baby sport at about 700 yards. Yay!

Second: Kerttu Socks
Mystery yarn - I want to say between 200 and 250 yards somewhere.

May Completed

I originality posted that I was going to do a ruffle scarf for May. I realized that I am not going to finish the scarf in time. I have been busy making other stuff for the farmer's market. So I decided to do stuff I am making for the market, this month I decided on two pairs of crocheted socks and a doll. These did make the yardage I needed to completed, about 500 - 600 yards. So here are the progress photos:

And here are the finished photos:

Thursday, May 20, 2010

12m/12p/12boy - mlj1954 - May projects progress pics -- UPDATED

I am not going to have a May project finished.  The Mom for whom this was being knit ended up in the hospital on Sunday and, while everything is okay now, she is on bed rest.  She is an "older" mom and the docs are concerned.  It has been eight years since her last pregnancy.

I've decided to put it down for now.

So, here is another pic of my May project.  I am making a baby layette for my nephew's baby.  The sweater was posted earlier.  And here is the bootie so far.  It is a brioche stitch and the pattern came from Piecework Magazine, the September/October 2009 issue.  It is Baby Booties to Knit from a Vintage Pattern, from Flora Campbell Chandler's booklet of knnit, crochet and quilting patterns. 

This is the cuff . . . and trust me it is eating up lots of yarn. 

Two free sock patterns!

Chocolate Socks
Not Just Cable Socks

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 12/12/12boy project

Hi, I finished my cowl while taking care of my dd who is home from school today. Lost the yarn ballband but purchased at Woodland Woolworks (yeah I live close!) It is the One Row Lace Cowl on Ravelry. Easy pattern and nice size. The weather turned cool and rainy again so I can wear it tomorrow if dd feels better! I hope to finish the wedding gift for my neice and the Treasured Lace socks from the 50 Socks/50 States books this month too.