Saturday, November 8, 2008

Works in Progress

My buddy, Debi, has inspired me to knit felted clogs. I have to confess I'm in love with the pattern and have knitted many in the past. When the clogs are done, they are SO warm and comfy. We have a new "man cave" so what better place to be able to wear warm, comfy slippers?

The clogs are made with Patons Merino - each pair takes about 330 yards (although in reality it's 660 but since it's a double strand, well, it's only fair, ya know!). This pair is ready for the washing machine:

Here's what they looked like being made

(the color's better in this picture too)

This pair is for my younger son, who is on an orange and navy blue kick right

And lastly, I'm making a scarf for our boys' teacher of the deaf, the fabulous Miss Linda. The pattern is called Tiger Eye Lace Scarf - I found it on Ravelry. The yarn is Noro Silk Garden Sock. I'll use the full skein of 328 yards.

Happy knitting! Soon some FOs - I hope...

my first toe-up socks!

Hi all! I wanted to share another project I have started. This is my first toe-up sock project:
I am using Panda Soy in cocoa mint. Very pretty and soft yarn! I am using Wendy Johnson's fingering weight toe-up sock pattern, but tweaking it a bit for my gauge and also decided to increase by knitting into the front and back of the stitch instead of M1 (make 1) as the pattern calls for because I couldn't seem to avoid getting holes.

Whenever I get the camera out, Shelby thinks it's time for him to pose for pictures:

In Progress: Skulltarsia Scarf

My husband was looking over my shoulder while I was looking at Picture Perfect Knits and he really really digs this scarf so I'm knitting it for him for Christmas. I'm at the boring part right now, 60 inches of garter stitch with black yarn, aren't you jealous? Ha ha, it's not so bad though, it's great to bring along at knit night and for watching movies at home. I've never done intarsia before, only fair isle, so we'll see how that part goes when the time comes...



Scarf, made from organic merino (Nimbus no 413), 400m total.

Socks in progress

Under the flatbed scanner this morning... a sock in progress. It is another pair for Kelli... in Opal Petticoat.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Started Crocheted Sock

I started a crocheted sock. The blue accent is Paton's Kroy sock yarn. I don't know much about the pink yarn, it is a German brand. It is cotton fingerweight yarn.


Another one started. Modular scarf for her from Just not for Socks.
When oh when will I learn to finish one thing then start another?

Finished first sock

I have the first sock done. This is Pand Wool in basil curry. Because this is a short cuff I found I have yarn left from the 50 gram ball.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Christmas stocking

This stocking is part of a family series. I think it is #26. They are all the same basic pattern, but some have green for the main color. Each design is unique, so the series can continue for a long time. This stocking is for my new son-in-law.

mini-mochi #1

toddler sock i just finished, using the exciting new mini-mochi yarn from crystal palace.
it is a superwash merino and is so very very soft and luxurious.
it is also, LOL, addictive... very much hard to stop!

right now i feel very blessed to get to test the yarn as there's only enough for samples for the moment. shipments will be coming soon! except, LOL, you are going to have to come to my house and search for it. i want at LEAST 2 of every color Mini-Mochi and am thinking 10 of each color might be more reasonable, so i can roll around in it and braid it into my hair and ....
er um.
for this yarn? i'd give up chocolate.

FO: Blueberry Waffle Socks

Wee, I finished another gift! These socks are going to be for my mom, she loves her some purple, almost as much as I do! I used the Blueberry Waffle Socks pattern by Sandy Turner and 2 skeins of Berroco's Comfort DK.

I knit these with about 260 yards of yarn.

how does a pair of socks turn into two pairs and mittens?

Yes, these are supposed to be a pair of socks. What is that you say? They don't match, but it was the same colorway and everything . . . so, how does a pair of socks become two pairs of socks?

So I left the sock that I was working on for Zachariah at home. No big deal except that I was going to be gone for four days. Not to despair, I had brought the other skein and needles and started on the second sock. They don't match. So, he is going to end up with two socks.

But wait, there's more . . . I worked the election as a poll worker and took my "new sock" with me and got to where I needed to do the heel. Not bad. I will take it with me to my knit group gathering on Wednesday. Gee, do I want to be turning the heel and talking at the same time? Noooooo.

But wait, there's more . . . So I took Jelly Beans in Magic Stripes and am going to make Lindsey either mittens or gauntlets.

So, there you have it. That is how one pair of socks turns into two and a pair of gauntlets, or maybe mittens . . .

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Anne Hanson sock pattern

This pair takes 1 skein of Lorna's Shepherd sock yarn for 3" cuff and 8 3/4" foot length. 215 yds in the "whitewater" color. Sock Pattern to End All Socks Pattern. One more pair on the needles almost finished.

3 Starts

Adrienne said if you have needles they should have something on them. So I have on the left, not sure if it will be puppies or kittens but more critters, a Calorimetry out of yarn won on the bus trip to the Mariners Stitch n Pitch is in the center, and then on the right the gray will be puppies or kittens again more critters.

FO: Baby Soft Cardigan


A finished object, finally! I finished up the Baby Soft Cardigan I've been working on, I would have finished it sooner but I took quite a long break from it. I used organic cotton from Blue Sky Alpacas and Lion Brand and I love how it came out. I even found the perfect buttons last night at knit night, little kitties:


I knit this with about 200 yards of yarn.

-vegancraftastic (kala)

So many starts and just got one done!

This pair of socks was made for my a friend's mother who just found out that her cancer has returned. So. Here's her hug in the form of a pair of WIDE socks.

I used Elann sock it to me (eh? okay, nothing special)
286 yards

Another FO

I finished the Special Olympics scarf. I have more then enough yarn left to knit one more scarf. Approximate yardage used: 260 yards. The pattern is Meandering Stripes from Knitting New Scarves. Time to get back to finishing up my other projects.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

new project!

I finally started an actual Christmas gift! This is a black knit shawl for my mom. It's just a basic garter stitch triangle-shaped shawl knit from black Caron Simply Soft yarn. (This is what she requested!) I started it on November 1st. Here is my progress photo:
Unfortunately, black garter stitch is pretty tough to photograph! Here's a close-up of the top corner:
I'm starting a toe-up sock knitting class tomorrow, so soon another project will be underway!

A pair of socks ready

Started in October... and they had to rest for a while as my youngest son and I both got infected by the flu.

The third pair of socks in a series that I am knitting for Kelli. This pair uses 2 skeins of Happy Feet in a green/brown combination. I used 270 meter in total to knit this pair.

Slightly Fierce but Friendly Dragon

Here is the start of a dragon I am making for the future son-in-law. He saw the one I made for my son and showed an interest in it:

So I an now making him one for Christmas. The yarn I am using Red Heart Supersaver yarn in dark sage.

One finished object

Here are photos of first finished Christmas stocking - for the No. 1 grandson, Michael. Started on No. 2 for Daniel.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Two finished objects

I got lots of great knitting time this weekend (it was the last weekend of soccer, so Saturday was a long day), and finished the pinwheel blanket I'm knitting, as well as a scarf for a friend of mine.

First, the pinwheel blanket. This is for my husband's cousin, who is having a baby in December; we'll be seeing her next week, though, so I'm glad to have it done so I can give it to her in person.
It took three skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted Solid, at 220 yards a skein, so 660 yards total. I ended up knitting a moss stitch border on it, which I'm pretty happy with.
I may have to knit one of these for me!

I also finished the scarf I'm knitting for a friend out of my handspun yarn; this is a merino/tencel blend, and I used about 200 yards of it for the scarf.
The stitch is out of one of Barbara Walker's books, a basic feather and fan with a cable in the middle.
So there they are. And since I'm one of the ones who was posting intermediate yarn amounts (sorry!), I'll put my full totals for FOs here, and not post any more yardage until I finished something else (if I manage it; that sweater is hanging over my head).
Neckwarmer: 150 yards
Scarf: 200 yards
Socks: 300 yards
Baby blanket: 660 yards
Grand total: 1310 yards (did I do that math right?)

socks for my brother

this is the start of socks for my brother's birthday...from last year. it really is not my fault that he has yet to receive a pair of completed socks. it took him almost a whole year to send me his measurements. even now, i am not sure that he measured his foot correctly...a heel flap of 3 1/2"? still seems kind of long to me. and i rarely see him at a place where i can whip out a tape measure and measure it myself.

the pattern is old navy, a nice change from a plain 2x2 ribbing. he wanted blue socks. so he is getting blue socks (regia line steps #5374). i cast-on 72 sts on us 1.5 addis (2.5mm). the pattern is not a true cable so there is a lot of stretch to the leg. will probably knit the foot in plain stockinette or maybe carry some of the ribbing down. don't think those little twirly things will be very comfortable in a shoe.


Frogs and Dishcloths?????

Friends for Adrienne and something to use to clean up after being at the pond.

Yep that is the current progress. Since Adrienne spends so much time at the Frog pond I thought I would make frog slippers to taunt her while she is there. She said she talks to the frog while there. This is another in my critters patterns so I am not sure how they will turn out.

Also a simple dishcloth for the heck of it. Was chatting on the phone and so I just grabbed needles and cotton and started knitting.

This is a pair of sock that I played with patterns. "A Play with Patterns" is what I will name them. I casted on and then started playing with different 4 stitch patterns. When I liked what I had, I repeated it. Fun knit if I can say so myself. The yarn is "On Your Toes" I used 350 yards for them. The yarn has Aloe Vera in it. I wonder if that will mean soft feet.
This pair of socks was a test knit for the Sockathon Yahoo group. This is the Nov. pattern. I finished them last month but could not post them until now. The designer is Kala Hotakainen. I sent them off before I could get better pictures of them. These are in Panda Soy and I used 350 yards.

Blueberry Waffle Socks

So I haven't finished the baby sweater for my niece yet so of course I had to start something new!

I'm using the Blueberry Waffle pattern by Sandy Turner and I'm using Berroco's Comfort DK in a gorgeous purple color.

I'm knitting very slow this week...

Well I started knitting my youngest granddaughter her hat, she picked out the pattern. I am going to put flowers on it instead of holly. Still haven't tackled the socks. I am very sick with the flu. I had to rip out my grandsons hat out, since it looked so big. I finally got his head measurement and now can get started on it. Here is a picture of my progress on my grand daughter's hat.

The free pattern is here.

Two in progress photos, one ready scan

Yesterday I made a photo of two works in progress. First is block 5 of the Wolhemelblanket. Second is a pair of socks I am working on.

The block for the blanket is ready, and that puts another 110 yards into my account for this month. As it is pretty dark still, I scanned the block this morning.

Cute stitch. I like it a lot and thought it was easier than it looks to be. For Wietse's blanket I need 12 blocks in total, so I have still 7 to go. Block 6 is released on Wednesday.