Saturday, October 3, 2009

October project finished and new cast-on

I have completed my October project for the 52 week challenge! Wow, only 2 more months to go. This is been a fun year of knitting so far.

October 52 week challenge project:
10.03.09 001

Pattern: Sept. 09 SKA mystery sock pattern designed by Nancy Bush (Fox Faces)
Yarn: Panda Silk - buttercup tones
Needles: US 1 magic loop
Cast on: 9/1/09
Finished: 10/2/09
Yardage: 250 yards (but is a pair of socks on fingering yarn with a 5"+ leg)

This was my first time knitting with Panda Silk and I loved it! Can't wait to add some more to my sock yarn stash!!

Here is my latest project cast on for the 52 week challenge:
10.03.09 002

Pattern: Through the Loops Mystery Sock '09
Yarn: Sugar Bunny Boulevard - Emeline
Colorway: Mermaid's Song

Clogs are us....

Here are 13 of the 20 pairs I made in 2 weeks. Yes I did get a few felted. All are Fiber Trends pattern.
First time every making the child size clogs. I am looking forward to seeing them felt up. They are the light pink ones in the middle.
Otherwise these are Christmas gifts. I can not even post about them on my own blog.
Just as I was working on the 19th pair my daughter told me her clogs had worn a hole in them. Guess I am not done clogging yet.

As we know there has to be a start picture.....this one above was started Oct 2, well finished Oct 2 also. Below, I used leftovers from the other clogs to make the inside sole on this pair. These are the bright pink pair in the photo above.

52 Week Challenge- my knitting last month

This is a project for September that I wanted to finish by summer and now it is finished, but summer is gone. A long and loose fitting sweater out of cotton in a rich shade of red, not pink as the picture shows.

There is no decrease in stitch count, only taking the pattern itself to shape the garment. As in ganseys I put my initials on it. Now I can´t get lost :-).

Here is a new scarf for the upcoming stormy weather. It is a big one, 50cm x 2m, not yet actually, only half way through it, made of two cakes of yarn with long colour runs.

The new project for October is a long jacket. First, as always, I did a sleeve and now am knitting the collar and band. Yarn is of camel and alpaca and merino.

Then there are socks. I needed a new pair for me and used my Bergtrikot design.

Friday, October 2, 2009

My plan for the Holiday KAL

OK, Adrienne asked for our lists, so here's mine:


1. a Prayer Shawl for my friend who has been having a rough time lately. I chose this yarn in a color I think she'll like, and I think she'll appreciate that I knit this for her:
10.02.09 002
That is my number 1 goal for this KAL because I'm not always good at sticking with large projects and this should give me motivation to finish it!

2. I'd like to knit a pair of socks for my Dad for Christmas. I haven't decided on yarn or a pattern yet, but something in worsted weight most likely because that's what he prefers. He sleeps in them.

3. I want to attempt the Solid Socks mystery sock pattern using my red Panda Cotton. This looks like a very challenging pattern already and we're just on the first clue!! But I'm posting it here, again, to motivate myself to try it:
10.02.09 003

I'm also doing another mystery sock that I plan on being my November finished project. I'll post on that later!

Knit on, everyone!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

52 week KAL October socks

Love this pattern by Lorraine Ehrlinger: Bamboo socks. I used almost all of the 100 gm (437 yds) skein of Cascade Heritage (had 3 gms left). Color is closest to the finished pair on the table. The pattern says Men's medium, but fit Fred perfectly and I usually knit a Large size. I will make more of these for him at his request. :)

So, do you have a list?

debi thought it would be fun to post a list of your objectives and then to see how many you actually finish by the end of the kal.

i don't have a list myself. i figure that if i finish anything at all, that will be gift enough for me! :)

so, who wants to start?

i should tell you that debi has been on a clog kick and has knit like 300 million pairs of clogs in the past two weeks (actually i think she said 18 pairs). so if any of you are thinking of gifting clogs, you might just be able to sneak that onto her list ... she probably won't notice that extra 20 pairs.

carefree holiday (or not) kal

will officially start monday, october 5th.

we are still deciding the rules but they will be fairly relaxed and easy.

you will get to knit whatever your heart desires; whether it be for a gift OR NOT! so knitting for yourself will count too. we might even allow ufos! see how easy?

i will be thinning out the ranks of our members after the mystery sock kal is finished. if you haven't posted finished mystery socks, i will be removing you from the blog unless you leave a comment on this post or email me at carefreekal at gmail dot com that you want to participate in the holiday kal. i have started a list over on the sidebar.

don't worry if you are a longtime member of the blog and didn't participate in the mystery. you are safe. i know who you are.

eta: rules are now posted in the sidebar. kal will start on october 5th and end december 5th! have fun!

mystery sock kal over! i'm awake and have had my cuppa coffee.

and the sock "formerly known as it's a mystery sock kal" has a name! like the child empress of fantasia in neverending story, my sock lived for weeks without a name...and at the last possible moment, its name was whispered in my ear....

aka the sock "formerly known as it's a mystery sock kal"

(i've always wondered what name bastian gave the child empress...and now i know! ya gotta love google.)

thank you all for playing. i love all your creations! and i hope you had fun! for those still working on your socks, please post them to the blog when you finish as i would love to see them!

winners will be announced within the week.

get ready for the carefree holiday (or not!) kal! if you are not a member of the blog and wish to participate, please email me at carefreekal at gmail dot com for an invitation to the blog. i will be making room for new members in the next few days.

Hopefully under the wire...

Here are my sock from the Mystery Sock KAL.
Mystery Finished

Socks that Rock LW in Falcon's Eye
Largest size on 2.75mm needles
Started August 20
Finished September 14

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

mystery sock kal -finale

wow! finished socks already! amazing!

i would love it if you would post the yarn and color you used for your socks...just because we might see something we can't live without and then won't know what it is. LOL!

there will be a special drawing for all those who used crystal palace yarn for their please make sure to note that in your post.

i've also activated the "love" button so feel free to share some "love" around!

Mystery Sock

I didn't quite finish in time but these beautiful mystery socks are high priority so they will be finished soon! I love the Dream in Color Smooshy yarn in Beach Fog with the pattern. Adrienne - I hope you will do another Mystery Sock in the future! This was so much fun. I promise to post a picture when I am done.... Thanks for letting me be a part of the fun. Renee'

52 week challenge - cathy

I just realized that I had not yet posted a cast on post here for one of my 52 week challenge projects!

09.01.09 001

I am knitting the Sept. 09 SKA group mystery sock designed by Nancy Bush. It was a great pattern and I am almost done with the pair. I'll be posting them as my October finished project soon. I hope to finish up the second sock this weekend!

Yarn: Panda Silk - buttercup tones
Pattern: SKA (Ravelry group) 9/09 mystery sock - aka Fox Faces
Needles: US 1 magic loop
Cast on: 9/1/09

This is my first time using Panda Silk and I love it!!

Here's a progress pic so you can see some of the lace pattern:

09.12.09 005

I'll be casting on another mystery sock tomorrow with "Through the Loops"!!

Can you tell I love mystery socks?

Looking forward to another one by Adrienne some day!! :-)

-Cathy (n3tue)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mystery Sock KAL (at last!)

I finally finished my sock. Love the pattern. I should have done 70 sts on the leg and decreased to 60 for the foot as it is a little tight on the calves.

I did the bit of fancy heel and the fancy instep and toe. It ended just before my toes perfectly. I used Araucania Ranco Solid yarn in Caribbean as I couldn't find anywhere that sold CPY around here. Pretty nice yarn, but not alot of stretch which may be my problem in the calf.

Thanks for a beautiful pattern and a beautiful pair of socks.

Jill (jaerrt on ravelry)

editted: oops.. added a picture with both completed socks!!

Cynthia's Mystery done

It was a dark and stormy day ... Not very good pictures, but the socks are done! I will wear them with my clogs tomorrow to work. Woo hoo! What a great pattern. I used DGB Confetti Superwash in some unknown blue color. (I lost the band.) The beads are from JoAnn's and are supposedly size 6 clear beads, with an iridescent crystal finish. I used two beads per motif on the leg.

Cynthia in rainy, dark, Portland
Ravelry: femknit

My socks are done

Here is a photo of my finished socks.
Not a very good photo it has been raining here and I have been waiting for better light but time is running out so this is what I got.

I enjoyed doing this Kal.

Mystery Sock KAL info

I used Dream in Color Smooshy, colorway Giant Peach; use 2 sets of bamboo dpns to do both socks at one time.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hi all,

I just finished my socks and submitted them for Charms homework in the Ravelry Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup group. Here's a copy of the note to the professor.

Dear Professor Cattiekins,

I am handing in my homework, but I had some trouble with it. I did figure out what I did wrong and I hope that helps. Let me explain.

I was practicing the aguamenti charm as assigned. I made a small fire beside the lake and prepared myself mentally by standing in the water so that my feet and ankles were immersed. I thought this would help me to focus on water and make the charm easier. My intent was to use it to put out the fire.

I flourished my wand and said the charm and nothing seemed to happen, although my toes felt odd. I did it a second time and still no result other than an odd sensation on my feet. A third try extended the odd sensation to my ankles, but no stream of water was produced. I tried to step out of the lake, and to my dismay, realized that lake mint had grown around my feet and ankles. When I tugged my feet loose the twining plant had formed socks around both feet!

I saved them to show you and I believe my error was in pronunciation. I must have said “Agua-minty” instead of “Agua-menti” I’m sure I will do better next time.

StitchingMagic, 1st year Hufflepuff

I made them with Girlontherocks Blue Faced Leicester superwash in the color Tarnished. I'm quite proud of these and loved the pattern so much. Thanks Adrienne.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Knit from Regia
Color Brown
What a wonderful pattern...Thanks so much for letting me be a part of this.

Socks Finished!

What a great pattern this is! It was a very fun knit, no boredom in this one!
The picture is not true to the color... But I am wearing them now and they are a great fit!

Blogger is not allowing me to upload my picture.. I keep getting an error.. Check out my projects page on Ravelry..