Saturday, September 20, 2008

TdF yarn prize found its home

Yesterday my envelope from L came with my very first CPY. Very lovely colour and two balls perfect to try 2 socks on 2 circs (or 1?).
Will start the KAL with them.
Happy knitting to all of you!


Hi, My friend, Debi W. sent me an invitation for this KAL.

I'm going on a trip next week and I have all my needles and yarn packed, ready to go. Somewhere out on the Pacific Ocean, I'll be starting my projects: slippers, a sweater and a couple of hats (yes, a little A.D.D. happening here).

Happy Knitting, Everyone!!

Enquiring Minds- a poll

The current sockknitters group has a couple of posts where they say that toe-up is about 50-50 in preference with top-down.
ok, so i'm biased, but i simply do NOT believe it. i'd say top-down predominates at about 75%, with a growth in toe-up.

anyway, i've made a poll here and on the CPYsocksandmore blog, so would love to hear what YOU think.

blessings, :L

My prize for the TdF

arrived yesterday:
2 skeins of wonderful panda wool.

It looks great and the feeling of the yarn is wonderful.

I love it :)

Thank you very much

Hello from Susan

I'm Susan from south west London, UK and am going to be doing a mans aran cardigan, I know the size but haven't got a pattern, so I am searching through my knitting stitch dictionaries and will make a few swatches to see what they look like. I am going on holiday for a week at the end of next week and will take the knitting along with me - I don't plan on doing much on holiday, eat, sleep (if I can) and have a few drinks and sample the local nightlife - the town I am staying in has two very nice clubs and some good live music - very heavy rock/metal in one bar and heavy dance in another, just to my liking!

Will post more when I have a swatch or two to show off. I'm using athe Sheep Shop Wensleydale Longwool Aran and UK size 7 and size 9 needles. The wool has a lovey feel and is machine washable. I am looking forward now to getting my design down on paper to start, I should be able to knit this in the timeframe given.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Adding My Needles to the Ring :o)

Hi all, Hi Adrienne, ya got me, lol. am not sure I will even get 100yds knit as I am facing carpal tunnel issues, but maybe there will be a prize for slowest knitter. :o)
I have had some yummy CPY wool/bamboo sock yarn waiting in my stash, but I suppose I really should think about making hubby some socks; I just dread knowing he will blow out the heels faster than I can cast-on! OH! just got a GREAT idea for a funky hat too (to justify buying this yarn that I fell in love with, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!). Might have to order needles for that, bummer, such a chore (HA!!!) ordering knitterly things! Bet I can't buy just one! :o)
Annie in MT, also dreading 30 below

There's always a first time...

...and this is it. I am believing I can do it, but there's the question of whose digital camera can be borrowed to even take pictures of the proposed projects!
That's just a small problem to overcome.
I have socks on my mind. Beautiful socks. Soft. Warm.....warm enough to chase away 3o below zero cold. Gorgeous colors, too. That's important as well.

socklady from ND

Holiday Accomplishments

I am so glad to be part of this blog - accountability is helpful. I'm making scarf/hat sets for my neighbor and her 3 children. Hers is done, and the two girls' sets are done. Ready to cast on for the male child. My goal is not to buy yarn if I don't absolutely have to, such as to complete something. I have one gift ready to felt.

Then I have plans for something that will help with several presents. The rest will probably not be handmade this year. Well, maybe I should say not handknit, as I canned some wonderful things that I will be giving as gifts.

How is everyone else doing?

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I'm in! I'm not sure about my entire holiday knitting list, but I do know I'm making at least two of the Palindrome scarves (non-Ravelry link). And maybe a shawl of some sort, but I haven't planned that far ahead.

Debbie (redheadeb)

"moderator note" re Participant List

Hi folks,

i am trying to be sure that the participant list includes everyone - and that i put your name in as you'd like to see it.

do let me know if i've inadvertently missed you!

for now, there are numbers by the names - these reflect the alpha order of your emails [blogger order]...

I figure your identities are important, hmmmm?
if we can't keep your names straight we might give YOUR prize to someone else! LOL

and, don't forget to comment on Adrienne's "welcome drawing post" and read about how to earn extra entries into our prize drawing!

blessings, :L

Getting Ready!

I have my yarn. Arrived in the mail yesterday. That Whisper is just so soft (the yarn cat agrees and tried to run off with it). Just need to get needles in correct size. All of the yarns are new to me and include feathery stuff, longer eyelash and psuedo-suede. Should be fun. I'm making a computer monitor cozy.

Question on the contest. Do we have to list all the items that we plan to make or, once I finish the first item, then can 'announce' my later item(s) to complete before Nov. 30?

button, button!! who's got a button?!

does anyone know how to create a button for the blog? laura was asking about one but the request is buried in the comments somewhere. help!

i, personally, know nothing about buttons. i have yet to be successful getting one to show up on my blog site ( and this was attempted with very detailed instructions); let alone trying to make one. so if anyone can help us out, please yell VERY LOUD!

your help will be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Just hit the wrong button. My daughter just entered on the welcome site. I am so excited to have a crafty one. She just learned how to purl. We both checked out the Crystal Palace yarns site. She likes the Kid Merino and Rainbow Stripes. I like the Panda Silk, Soy, and Cotton. I will have to help her with counting yardage. And of course I have projects for all of them picked out. Three pairs of socks for my parents and DH, a scarf for a tea basket swap and hopefully a lacy scarf for my dear MIL and Socks for my FIL. I haven't decided for the kids yet.
Can't wait to start!
Jody H.(jdhforjc) and Katie H.

Crystal Palace yarns- yummie!

Yay for holiday crafting! And for not-holiday crafting!

Hey all, I hope I'm doing this right. I'm new to the blog scene and hope I don't make any major blunders! I'm so excited to participate in this KAL. I've only used CPY yarns once: on a pair of felted slipper socks that I made for my mom for Christmas last year! The colors are just gorgeous though, it was so hard to choose!

Now I live in the middle of nowhere where the closest yarn shop is...well, it's actually only 30 mintues away, but that's a small shop that only really carries two brands of yarn and is open just one day a week. The NEXT closest yarn shop is at least 1.5 hour drive! But right now, as I type, I'm in Madison, WI, visiting my parents and accompanying hubby on a work conference trip. And tomorrow: YARN SHOPPING! YAY! There's 3 yarn shops within 10 minutes of Madison and they're all just huge and full to the rafters with yarny goodness. I'm going to become a poor, poor woman tomorrow!

Hello Everyone

Hi I found this KAL through Wildflower38 and am excited to be a part! I am always knitting something and this weekend,even though they don't count for the KAL, while at the shore I plan on doing tea cozies, tea wallets and smoke rings! grace

Welcome All !!

LOL, don't you just feel soooooooooooo virtuous thinking about holiday gifting and etc already?
hmmm or is it the lure of the yarn?

whenever i hit a slump i go drool over my stash and get re-inspired!

my dh built me a bookcase - i had envisioned something smallish, to put on a desk and he got carried away and made the "great wall of china" - so i have knitting books and baskets of yarn, and the yarn is seeable and away from fur-babies.
then i go over and fondle the panda cotton PandaCottoncolors....

First, i set aside one ball of Granite with one of Mood Indigo, to make a new slipstitch design for DH.

But then i looked at the Trail Mix next to the Pinto Pony below, and decided they would also be
fun together

So I have to fondle all 4 and decide - as he'd love them both!

blessings, :L

I have joined

OK, I've joined. I think I am going to do holiday stockings. I was inspired by another blog's KAL + I have always wanted to do them for my DGS's. They will not be too complicated, but should be fun. I can make them of worsted instead of fingering weight & should go a lot faster.
drMolly, the BeanQueen

Glad to be here!

Maybe this will be a good motivating factor for me? Hmm....I think this must have been Adrienne's intent in inviting me to the KAL! ;) I've got lots of projects I'm needing to do; I've fallen in love with the Malabrigo Loafers pattern and hope to make at least 4 pair of those. at about 200 yds per pair, that's pretty good and do-able, I think! I still have a couple of fingerless mitts to make for gifts, as well, so I have a pretty good list ahead of me! Looking forward to seeing all the gifites!

(Rav: tapmouse2 Blog:

I'm in!!

Hey Everyone, I'm Sandi and I have some Panda Wool that has been calling to me to knit with it!! What a great opportunity to use this yarn... I'm definately making socks, just not exactly sure what pattern yet!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm joining in the fun

and posted also on my blog here I played along in the Tour de Sox and the Olympic Sock knit along... sure fun! Am looking forward to the prize yarns... for me they are on its way :-)

The Prize Choices for "Welcome" Drawing

... 2 balls Panda Silk ... PandaSilkColors

... 3 balls Merino Stripes ... MerinoStripesColors

3 balls Panda Soy... PandaSoyColors

3 balls Merino5 ... Merino5Colors

And !! just in case you want to start dreaming and planning, there are some great Free Patterns on the Crystal Palace website with the FreePatternsMainList,
and including 1. FreePattsbyYarnType,
2. FreeSockPatterns,
3. FreeScarfPatterns,
and 4. FreeShawlPatterns

The rules again:
1 entry for signup here before 10/1;
1 entry if a person joins and mentions you;
1 entry for posting a comment on the "Welcome" prize drawing post below with a link to your own blog.

**You must leave a comment on the "Welcome prize drawing post" below-by Adrienne in order to qualify for extra entries.

So excited to join in on the fun!

Hello, everyone. This is the 3rd knitting event I've participated with Dr. Laura ;0) It's always a great time to share photos of everyone's projects, and join in on the fun. I just received my Crystal Palace prize yarn yesterday from the Tour De Sox KAL. It is so yummy. It's Panda Wool in the color 9812 Violets. Now it's the challenge of deciding what sock pattern to use, to make myself some cool purple socks (maybe a Holiday present for myself). Can't wait to join everyone on the 1st for some serious Holiday knitting ;0)

Stacie in OH

holiday kal

Count me in!!!

"welcome" prize drawing

all who join the kal by midnight, october 1st will be entered into a drawing for some yarn. the actual prize is still being determined but we are leaning towards some panda silk or maybe something else that would be scarf-ish!

here are some ways to increase your chances for winning. get an extra entry for posting about the kal on your blog. leave a comment and link on this post. get another entry if someone mentions that you sent them over here to play. i am all about brownie points.

so, go talk up the kal and win some yarn!

My Carefree Holiday-or not KAL

... will be this.


Yesterday I have bought the pattern. One hour later I got the invitation for this knitalong.

I will use this yarn in black

Monday, September 15, 2008

Thanks for this KAL

It is a great idea to have this KAL. It will keep me on track doing what to do for Christmas gifts. Daughter Nr.1 asked for a sweater. Me being well beyond 6ft tall, she is a really good daughter and follows me in that respect. At least she is not as big as I am, so this will be a more fun knit than for myself ;-).
Then, if doing something that size for one, the others will receive knitted gifts as well. There are scarves and mittens and felted bags to be made.
For my husband, perhaps as a positive sign to end a year that brought so many changes to the negative, I will make a sweater, too. He is very tall, but not too big.
Many stitches to come :-). It will be fun to watch what all of us are doing.
What I am really looking forward to is CPY that was given as prizes for the OlympicKAL. As a special treat there will be socks for me out of this yarn you all love so much. Finally I can share your feelings.

I'm making a list.....

My Holiday or Not knitting plans are:

1. Kinetic Scarf(from for my dad
2. Irish Hiking Scarf for my lil brother
3. Harvest Socks(from the Socknitters files) for my older brother
4. Monkey Socks for my SIL
5. Garter Rib Socks(from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch) for Nephew #3
6. Thuja Socks for Nephew #2
7. Pink Lace Rib Socks(from Sensational Knitted Socks) for my Scrabble buddy's wife
8. Deep Forest Socks(Priscilla's Dream Socks from Interweave's Favorite Socks) for my uncle
9. Illumination Scarf (from Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Knitting/pattern by Evelyn Clark)for aunt #1
10. Illumination Scarf(from Encyclopedia of Knitting) for aunt #2

Some holiday knitting

I started early this year. I have finished 2 1/2 pairs of socks for some of the young men in our family. Last year I knit socks for all the women. In May I finished socks for my son. pictures on my blog.

I seem to have missed showing the next pair on my blog, but they are for the DH of DD#1. I don't seem to have a picture of the finished socks. Here's a view of the pattern. The pattern is Crusoe from Knitty by Marilyn Roberts, because they are stranded. The yarn is from Herrschner's, bought on sale a couple of years ago.

I finished one more sock this weekend, for husband of DD#3 (The man I skipped got socks last year). I'll show progress on that in another post. I also have a scarf and some dishcloths in my gift drawer, with no particular person in mind.