Saturday, October 10, 2009

October Leaf mitt #1 finished, shawl started

2nd mitt started and will be knitting this along with the Traveling Woman shawl I cast on this morning. I'm using the peacock colorway in Unique Sheep's gradiance for it beginning with #2 for the shawl and using #1 for the mitts. My camera doesn't do justice to the vivid jewel tones in this yarn. The feathers are much prettier, too. Visualize emerald green and sapphire blues...

Holiday KAL List

I figured that if I post my list here, I really have to get these projects done, so it's a bit of an incentive.

#1. Finish my FLS. I am on the first sleeve, so I know it doesn't count for the KAL, but I need to finish it to see how much Cascade yarn I have left to make #2.

#2. Fetching mittens with Cascade 220 Heather (although I will modify to make mitts as I do live in Alberta and fingerless mitts would frankly be silly)

#3. We call him Spidey Mitts and Hat for my 7 yr old son for Christmas (need to go to LYS tuesday to find yarn)

#4. Another Braided Scarf by Susan B. Anderson for my cousin in Wool-ease Thick and Quick Claret (God I love this scarf!)

#5. Striped Stocking Cap for my Niece in Wool-ease worsted black and white

I have a few more wish lists, but I think that it enough to keep me going until Christmas.

Jill (jaerrt on ravelry)

52 Week Challenge - Brenda (Owlsrook)

Oct.10/09 - Completed Scary Socks.
Which I think just about says it all.

I'm afraid to see what else lurks in my stash.

Brenda in Alberta

frogs 1: peacockmom 0

See why I used the yarn for the mitts? :)

Gift mitt almost finished in 1 day

October Leaves mitts by Abbie Tilden

I frogged the beginning of my secret garden shawl and am using the Unique Sheep's gradiance yarn #1 color of the peacock colorway for these fingerless mitts. I love this pattern and will be making more of these for gifts. I put the mitt with some peacock feathers to try and show the emerald color of the yarn in the feathers along with sapphire blue. But the lighting is awful today for taking pics and hopefully they will look better in the finished posting. But since I started last night and am almost finished with the first one, I thought I'd better post while I can.

This is a fast and fun knit. I wrote the designer about a question (I misunderstood her directions) and she was delightfully helpful. The next pair will be in a 3 ply alpaca that I hope to dye in autumn colors.

I will finish this in a couple of days. See the pattern on rav for a much better photo of this pattern.

Friday, October 9, 2009

traveling woman?

i have been talked into knitting a traveling woman shawlette. it looks to be a pretty simple 100 gm project and i just happen to have a couple of skeins of mini mochi in the violets rainbow which would be perfect for this.

thought it might be fun to do an informal kal on the cpy rav group. anyone care to join me? this might be the incentive i need to finish a project for the holiday kal. say, gift?! and of course, it would count towards the holiday kal!

ETA: i have a thread started on rav so start chatting!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Holiday KAL

I have two pre-KAL UFOs:

1. A cowl using Cascade 220 and the Darkside Cowl Pattern. I've currently finished 2 inches of 7.

2. The Through the Loops Mystery Sock '09.

And my newest project is a scarf, using some bulky Jo-Ann yarn and the Chunky Alpaca Scarf pattern. I think I'm just going to keep knitting this until it's almost too difficult to wear.

And my plans for KAL aren't really worked out yet, but I'll probably be making more cowls, some mittens/gloves, and a couple of shawls.

1st Holiday project - Socks

OK here is my first work in progress for the holiday KAL. My Mom requested a pair of "hot pink" socks for Christmas. After finding a fantastic Noro Kureyon Sock in hot pink I gave it a go but wasn't liking the variability in the yarn. I frogged that and started this new sock which I like much better. This is the "Spring Forward" pattern and I am using Berocco Sox Metallic. I am loving the variegated so far and the pattern actually comes through relatively well. Knit knit knit!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Navy Blue River (Scarf)

Okay, I have a mobile upload for the progress pic. I'm not sure how to get it here from face book, so please feel free to click HERE until I get super smart and figure it out.

Here's the great blue river I made for a friend. It's made out of 3.5ish skeins of Plymouth tweed @ 109 yds/skein. It was a a fun knit using the staggered rib scarf pattern on Rav....and nope, not linking that up either. I'm getting ready for my parents to be in town and I need more checkmarks off the list---sorry!

Hope you all having a great fall.

Current UFOs for the Holiday KAL

I'm starting off this KAL with four projects on the needles that are less than 50% complete. They are:

1) Wanida socks (Cookie A.) in Socks That Rock Lightweight 'Spinel,' 2mm dpns.

2) Mystery Sock '09 (Kirsten Kapur) in Yarn Pirate Merino/Tencel 'Butternut,' 2.5 mm dpns.
3) Baroque (Janice Kang) in Malabrigo Sock 'Violeta Africana,' 2.5mm dpns.
4) Branching Out (Susan Lawrence) in Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud 'Sand,' 3.25mm straights.
The first two were started this month, but the second two have been UFOs since early in the summer so I'm hoping a KAL will motivate me to finish them. I'm not holding my breath, though; I'll inevitably cast on for other things as well.

I apologize for the quality of my photos. I'm doing my best to take them in good light, but I'm using a cheap drugstore/children's digital camera so they still don't tend to turn out very well.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cathy's progress photos for Holiday KAL

Hi all!

Here are my progress photos for the two Holiday KAL projects that I have cast on. I started both projects on Saturday, 10/3/09, so I guess they are technically UFOs as of the start of the KAL.

1. Prayer Shawl - Lion Brand Homespun - Wild Fire
10.06.09 001

I cast on 57 stitches on US 11 needles. K3, P3... until done! Easy, peasy...

2. Crenellation - Solid Socks Group mystery sock KAL
10.06.09 002

Yarn is Panda Cotton in Lacquer Red - knitting on US 1 needles. Well, as opposed to the Prayer Shawl pattern which is mindless, this pattern requires a HIGH degree of concentration!! The above photo is as of Monday morning. Tonight I started the leg pattern chart and it was quite a challenge! But, I got through 9 rounds and only had to tink back a couple times. But, it is fun and a great learning experience!

I think these two projects will be a good balance for each other!

And I also have my 52 week challenge projects on the needles!! Busy, busy!



So my poor socks went swimming in the deep end of the frog pond. They are no more. I actually took out the entire socks, re-balled the yarn and put it away last night. I was so mad at myself and just not being able to understand the pattern. I wasn't sure what to do and this seemed like the best solution.

Today I decided to try again, but doing them as they work for me and not the way the pattern calls for. So I knit the top using the cobblestone cuff (cast on 54 stitches, knit 5 rows, then joined the cast on row and the last row knit with purl side out.) I've gotten through one pattern repeat and am feeling better about the socks only because I decided they are going to get a traditional heel flap heel. I'll just modify the final rounds before the heel flap to get the complete leaf pattern which would have come if I'd used the original patterns idea.

Here's what I've done so far today while trying to work (paid job), homeschool my almost 7 year old, train our 3 year old horses, and get other stuff done around the house today. We'll see if they make it to completion, but I think I final know what one of my sisters felt when she tried sock knitting and just gave up on it to say never again. It wasn't her thing and I'm beginning to think it's not my time for this pattern as it is written.

Cibola on Ravelry

Thanks Adrienne

Now I've got it. I will post again when I've started my Taos Mittens.

Harvest Time

My daughter's boyfriend wanted me to make him a fun hat. I thought being it was fall a pumpkin hat was the thing. Hoping to make a strawberry and who knows what else. But, being his birthday is soon I will send this one off tomorrow. The beginning picture taken with my new clogs that have a knitted top.
Here is the finished hat. Picture taken with the only pumpkins I have ever gotten to grow. I pollenated them myself.
Was asked if I would make a scarf for someone for a Christmas gift so this is the start. Colors are not as bright as they appear in this picture.
Found this little girls purse on Rav. Took scrap yarn. It is now felted, I am trying to decide how I want to deco it. But, that too is another day.

helping nolaboard post

I goofed and started too early, so my little lace baby hat in Bamboozle doesn't count, but it's awfully cute anyhow.

posted by nolaboard with help from moi.

nolaboard is learning how to post on the blog. in the meantime, i have taken the liberty of copying over her comment into a blog post

Holiday KAL

I am currently working on 2 projects for this KAL, a baby afghan and the Mystery Socks. Above are the photos of these to projects to date. I am sure I will add projects as I always work on multiple things at the same time.
GablesDeb on Ravelry

Holiday KAL

OK... I'm going to finish my mystery socks, then make a pair of socks for my friend Kathy and make a sweater for Haley (my grandaughter). Should keep me busy and out of trouble...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Secret Garden shawl begins

Secret Garden shawl by Janine Le Cras in Unique Sheep gradiance yarn in peacock colorway. What a surprise, LOL. My peacocks gave this to me for my birthday in September. I hope to start it this week after frogging the 1st 3 attempts. It isn't difficult, just not a good one for me to start while watching a mystery.

Holiday knitting begins

We miss autumn color living here and each October/November I find myself decorating the house with northern hemisphere seasonal items. This is a bit strange since it is Spring in Oz. After Thanksgiving we are ready to let Fall go and get ready for Christmas (in summer here). I will take a photo of the little tree with the autumn leaves I'm knitting in between other projects. The green and the red Cascade Heritage yarn is left from recent socks for Fred. The pattern is free on rav and is "mountain laurel leaf" by Bonnie Sennott. I think the leaves would make a nice closure for a jacket or vest and are very fast to knit. The acorn is also free on rav and is by Susan Rees-Osborne.
I plan to knit a chipmunk using Barbara Prime's pattern as a surprise for Fred to go with the squirrel I knit last year. We miss those critters here, but have other native marsupials that are adorable.
There are other acorn patterns I hope to make before the T-giving celebration and will post progress as it occurs (hopefully!).

My first holiday kal project

I consider myself an experienced sock knitting, but I'm willing to admit I'm frustrated with my most recent pair of socks. First it took be 3 trieds (froggings) before I figured out how to cast on and knit the top of the socks and then ultimately had to change the number of stitches because they were huge done according to the pattern. All went well until I hit the heel and I've worked them twice so far and still don't have it.

So I'm making these socks my official first project for the holiday kal. tI'm doing the Veil of Vines from the New Pathways for Sock Knitters. As of last night I still didn't have the leg done, so I think they qualify since I was not 50% done yet (still not).

But I will say for a person who can normally turn out 2 pairs of socks a week along with another project, these socks are ruining that rate. I've already worked on these socks 3 days and they aren't completed yet.

Oh, and for those curious, I do two at a time, either magic loop or two circular needles. I also perfer top down to toe up socks. And for this pair of socks I'm using size one addis (perfer zeros but this is a thicker yarn) and am working with Cherry Tree Hill, Supersock DK Select in the River Run colorway. I'll post pictures later when I finally get the hill turned. Or decide to frog back 30 rows and put on my traditional hill.


Holiday Kal: Calophi's First Project

Sadly my Fox Faces socks are more than 50% complete so they can't be used for this KAL. So I have here for you the beginnings of the socks I am making for my brother - the Ladder of Life Toe-Up Socks.

I am making the toes, heels, and cuffs the solid green, and then the rest of the socks will be the variegated. Though I MIGHT switch it before I start working on these socks again because I got a fantastic idea for the multi. I might need to buy more multi for it. XD

The yarn is Knit Picks Essential Solids in Grasshopper, and Knit Picks Essential Multi in Turtle.

moonchild winners!

we have a little unfinished business to take care of before the holiday (or not) kal can officially begin. so, who wants to win a little yarn?! that's what i thought...

i didn't use the random number generator. nope, not me. it was pieces of paper with names written on them, dumped in a "hat", and selected by draw (i let my son do this part). we had 20 pairs of socks completed and posted by the deadline (with 5 of those pairs knitted with crystal palace yarn).

drumroll, please...

the winner of the special drawing for using cpy products is.....






and the winners of the random drawing are .....





cookey knits


knit'in crazee

you each win two skeins of crystal palace yarn of your choice and color. please email me at carefreekal at gmail dot com with your snail mail addy, along with 2 yarn selections and 2 color selection. of course, failure to do one of these will result in forfeiture of prize to MOI! gotta love being a mod! LOL!

congrats to all the winners! i have to say i loved all your socks, each and every one of them truly unique!

now...let the holiday knitting BEGIN!!!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Holiday KAL To-Do List

Well, no idea how many of these will actually get done, but I suppose it's worth putting up! And I'm adding in if they coincide with other challenge

  • Ladder of Life Socks for my Brother (October SKA challenge)

  • Sock for a Cause (designed by me - October SKA challenge)

  • Fall Goddess Knits Mystery Shawl

  • November Goddess Knits Mystery Socks

  • November SKA Mystery Sock, perhaps, or some slipped stitch design

  • Luna (Sailor Moon) Hat for J

  • Wristlets based off the Moonchild socks for K

I forsee the shawl going unfinished just because as the clues go on I tend to drag behind, and this one is 1200 yards. XD

October 52-week progress and finished project.

Hi again. Here is my finished traveling scarf for Katie. I worked on other people's scarves for a total of 5" on 10 scarves. I have posted pictures of different ones since April 3rd. And here is the finished scarf for Katie. (Nathan's is in Italy right now and delayed.) Doesn't she look cute. She even got the fan out to blow her hair! I tried not to crack up laughing! She is getting so big and knows what she wants! I have figured that I knit about 200 yds. (The palindrome had way more yardage and cables.) I can not wait to see Nathan's. The kid's think they are cool because their scarves are world travelers!
More October progress photos for the 52-week and KAL are of a pair of Mittens and a traveling scarf for me. I am making Bella's Mitten's by Marielle Henault (googled it.) I am using Frog Tree's 100% alpaca with size 8 needles. I do not think that the scarf will be done by the end of the year (but I will post progress pics anyway.) I am using a variety of LYS quality yarns this time. My favorite to use is an alpaca in baby blue and almost an olive green from Lamb's Pride. My scarf will be in Lamb's Pride in a black varigated color and the Palindrome pattern on Ravelry. I forgot a progress for mine, but I will make it way longer than 50"to 60". The person I sent it to has a pic that I will get on this site asap.

Sept. 52-week

Aaahhhh! I almost couldn't post. I lost the ability to connect to the internet for days! Then we lost a monitor for our computer yesterday. The one I am using is from 1995! But, it works! Anyway, here is my pair of socks from the mystery sock "moonchild." I used 2.25mm square needles (love them) and Plymouth Happy Feet sock weight yarn (and just about all of it. I have big feet.) I did the plain heel flap and the fancy instep pattern. And I am considering ripping the one where the space in the instep decrease is bigger than the others. Can you see it on the left one? I hate being so picky. But, it will bug me! I love all of the variations for new sock ideas. I am so happy with my first real pair that fits me! I am done with gifts and more for me! It is fall weather here in Oregon and perfect knitting weather!
I will not be using this yarn again though. On the second sock the yarn was frayed about every 15 rows. Made me nutty. I was thinking of contacting the company but I don't know. I have never had a problem like this with any yarn I have used before. But, I hate being a complaining customer. I owned a business and had too much of it from the other angle.
Happy knitting,

Deep Breath

Scarily enough I have given NO thought to holiday knitting. Maybe I'm not doing any. HA!
So, I came up with a laundry list.
1. clean up all the stuff that isn't going to count for this so that I can start on a *new* and improved list.

2. cascade fixation ankle socks for K
3. cascade fixation ankle socks for D
4-8 - 5 pairs of socks of my choice out of stash yarn.
9. felted clogs for anybody I love who wants them (gee, where'd I get that idea???)
10. hats and mittens as needed in the family.

That sounds like enough not to accomplish, doncha think?

Holiday KAL - Knit List

I guess my hope to knit list for the Holiday KAL would be:

One Hat, One Scarf, One Bag, One pair of fingerless mitts, One pair of regular Mitts.

So now I have to go stash diving for inspiration.

Brenda in Alberta
Owlsrook on Ravelry

52 Week Challenge - Brenda (Owlsrook)

October 2009 - In progress Photo

What can I say, I was obviously under the influence of some outside unseen force when I bought this yarn, but there it was sitting in my stash.

There is just no reason to knit with this other than this is Halloween Month, and this yarn colour is pretty scary, so that's my excuse.

This is DGB yarn, which is very much like Kroy in texture. These are being knit in plain old K2 P2 ribbing.

Maybe I can wear them on Halloween night to scare visitors.

Brenda in Alberta
Owlsrook on Ravelry

Only lonely- such as it is

Who am I not to hear her masters´ voice. Here is evidence of having knitted the mystery sock, but only one.