Saturday, September 12, 2009

Two! Two mystery socks that don't fit! Ah ah ah!

Well I finished my mystery socks! They are too big, but since they are my first pair of socks, I forgive them. I think I will run some elastic through the cuff to help hold them up.

One is being (poorly) blocked on my ghetto hanger blocker, and the other is dry already. I'll probably pull the wet one in to shape more as it dries.

I used Knit Picks palette, and the colorway is "Orange". Real original, I know, but it works! The beads are size 6/0 Dyna-mites, square holed, silver lined, orange rainbow.

More Mystery Socks!

09.12.09 001

09.12.09 003

It is a dark, gloomy, rainy day here today so these aren't the greatest pictures, but I finished the mystery socks last night and couldn't wait to share them!

Pattern: It's a Mystery Sock KAL - adrienne fong
(with the "I'm so Jazzed" heel and the fancy instep)
Yarn: Tropical Peach Panda Cotton
Needles: US 2 circulars (magic loop)
Cast on: 8/21/09
Finished: 9/11/09
Yardage: 350 yards

These will also count as my September 52 week challenge entry.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Finished Mystery Sock


I finished my Mystery sock last night at my knitting group meetup, and all the women loved it! (What's not to love, right?!)

I used Crystal Palace Maizy in the Deep Rose colorway.

Thanks, Adrienne, for a really great sock and a really fun KAL!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cuddles and Hugs Baby Blanket

I was at the lys and saw this yarn. I fell for it as it was so pretty. The colors in the start picture are not very good. Well rotten for that matter. But, I wanted to play with this yarn so I decided to create a baby blanket. I used 3 skeins at 293 yards a skein. Took a few cast ons to figure out how many stitches to use.
I had a bit of yarn left over so made a hat to match. I so love this blanket. It is hard to capture the colors. Hat looks a bit funny as I used some yarn to attach it to the blanket. It is not loose threads laying on it. I am not a real fan of pom poms so I did an i-cord knot at the top.

Then here because the first one's colors did not show very well...I did what most knitters do???? I casted on a second blanket in another color.Yes Adrienne I am writing up the pattern. Should be ready before you knit a "PAIR" of socks.

alpaca slipper socks

I Just finished these Arwen slipper socks from Tabitha's Heart designs out of our friend's 8 ply alpaca and love them so much I'm going to knit another pair immediately so I won't be without them during the cold storm we're having now. I knit the heel on a smaller needle since my foot is so narrow and grafted the toe at 16 sts instead of 12 to fit my foot better. First sock knit with 2 very stiff circs. UGH. 2nd sock knit one needle size larger with KP options and magic loop. Pure joy. Wonderful slippers and a fast and easy knit. Christmas gift knitting to begin soon. :)

Finished Mystery socks

These were finished days ago, but I finally got some not-so-great pictures! I did a little bit of bling on the big toes. I wanted something subtle, and the left toe was the first…way too subtle! The right toe is more like it. Didn’t feel like completely redoing the left toe…so I have a little bling, and a lot of bling!!!

I used Plymouth Dye for Me Happy Feet...which I then dyed, of course! The colour doesn’t show quite true. The colour is a greyish-bluish-greenish colour, like the ocean on a foggy day.

edited by adrienne to add yarn used.

Look, Look I finished somthing!

Progress, progress!

I finished set of dishcloths. Count the yardage for 2 of them at 273.5 yds. Yarn is Lily Sugar 'n Cream in violet Veil and Cornflower about 1 ball per cloth.

I'm working on Mystery sock clue 4.

I finished the red stealth socks.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One pair of socks

...I had totally forgotten about to post...
I had knit this pair in early Summer (June) and the pattern of this pair is released in Yarn Forward issue 18. Roses socks. Made out of Panda Cotton (2 balls) and 1 ball Panda Superwash in the colour Joyful.

52 Week Challenge & Mystery Sock KAL-Brenda (Owlsrook)

Here are my finished Mystery KAL Socks - I knit these on dpns, using Kroy Sock Yarn in a Colour called "Muslin". Used 380 yards of yarn, and thought for a few minutes that I was going to run out of yarn. Each ball held 195 yards. So very little left.

It was a really great KAL and the pattern is beautiful. Or "Simply Lovely".

I am really interested to see the diversity of colours that will be used for this KAL, as well as the many types of yarn.

Thanks very much Adrienne.

Brenda in Alberta

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Carefree KAL

these are my finished socks!
Needes: 1.5 32"hiyahiya magic loop
Yarn: Heritage Cascade: Agua Sol

Finished Socks

I finished my socks, but I misread the instructions and kept knitting the instep with the same pattern until it was time for the toe. I love everyone else's socks. I will definitely knit this pattern again but the next time I promise to follow the instructions better! Thanks for the pattern Adrienne.

GablesDeb on Ravelry

first sock finished

I made a boo boo reading the instructions and didn't do enough of the 4 row pattern, so had a bit more of the plain knitting than I should. So I decided to put a heart which I'll see when my feet are up knitting by the fire which represents this whole experience. I will knit another pair the correct way very soon. The second sock is almost finished. :) Razzle is happy that he will get a bit more attention now that this is off the needles.

Monday, September 7, 2009

One down, one to finish!

09.07.09 001

I have one sock complete for the mystery sock KAL!

I still need to finish clue 4 and 5 on the other sock.


mystery sock clue 5

28 rows finished on the first sock. Love the way it tapers down. I really like the heel and how it fits snuggly. I know I'll be making another pair of these soon. I found that solid or nearly solid colors makes a big difference with this pattern. I started it in a couple of other yarns and they fought with the lovely stitch design.
I think this is the best sock pattern EVER!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sad news

Please follow the link... I had to share this with my Carefree blogfriends.

it's monday in australia!

the fifth and final clue to the mystery sock has been sent and should be appearing in mailboxes all over the world!

if you don't receive it, let me know!

happy knitting!!!!!!!!

Mystery KAL & 52 Week Challenge-Brenda (Owlsrook)

Here are my Mystery KAL Socks in Progress, just finished clue 2. As you can see from the picture I am knitting both at the same time on dpns. Really nice Patttern
Adrianne. I am using Kroy yarn for these as I had it in my stash, but I will do these again at some point in a nice soft pink.

Brenda in Alberta