Saturday, April 3, 2010

Finished March Project

I found this pattern on Ravelry and was really taken by it. It is the Mystery Sock '09 from Through the Loops. I had made a pair of socks for my Mom and my Grandmother demanded a pair so these are for her.

I really, really, really like this pattern. The small cuff detail, ropes down side of foot that continue down heel, the foot pattern that ends in an almost heart on the toe. This pattern is fantastic. I highly recommend it to everyone.

This is also the first time I have used the Panda Soy yarn from Crystal Palace and I am in love with it. It is my current favorite (sorry Malabrigo!). It is unbelievably soft and silky and the pattern dapples wonderfully. I used two balls of the Hazelnuts color (about 360 yards). Fantastic project that I am extremely proud of!

The foot model is my Mom by the way. She is in town visiting after my hospital stay in March and for Easter. I have to watch her like a hawk so she doesn't snatch them!

Friday, April 2, 2010

12/12/12 April entry: Haruni in my fav ultramarine CPY Panda superwash

Pattern by Emily Ross (free on rav) was very well written and a joy to knit with my favorite yarn for shawls. I had 26 gms leftover from the 3 balls =150 gms. The only change I made was to use a 2mm crochet hook and single chain 8 sts instead of 6 between the leaf tips for the crochet bind off (which was easy and a clever method). The drape of the yarn in this pattern is perfect and I love the way it feels. :)

12m/12p/12boy - April - Brenda (Owlsrook)

12m/12p/12boy- April Project in progress - Socks in CPY-Panda Wool - Red Lacquer -
the pattern I am using for the cuff is from a Wrist Warmer Pattern - which I thought would look nice in a sock. I started these yesterday afternoon, and should finish sock one tonight. This is a nice quick pattern, and an enjoyable knit wth Panda Wool. I should be able to get a couple of projects in this month - I have some mini mochi calling my name.

Brenda in Alberta
Owlsrook on Ravelry

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Beans.

May as well get April over and done with. As others have posted I knitted socks from sock madness. Pattern came out while I was on a beach in Southern Calif. Very Very hard to sit inside and knit when the beach, the waves, the sand, the speedos (yep that one is for you Adrienne) keep calling you outside. So here they are. The Start. Yes, I did colorwork 2 at once. Twisted balls yep.

Here are the finished socks. To the woman on the flight from Calif that complained about me "somehow getting knitting needles on a flight". Worry about the man next to you with the ink pen. I am not wasting my needles on injuring someone. Did not tell her about the other needles in my carry one.
Being I had to pack what I may need before I left, don't think I did to bad on my colors I took.
Oh and did I finished before Miss Froggy?

March wrapped up

Haha, get it? "Wrapped" up? Yeah, well. I try. This is a lot of mohair/acrylic that I dyed from lemon to poppy. Random bobbles were requested... and delivered. Sorry about the poor quality of the blocking shot (really, it's about as good as the blocking itself).

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last Minute March Photos

It's a bit last minute, but here are my WIP + finished project photos for the 12/12/12 KAL.

I ended up focusing on crochet projects this month, though I've also started the Evenstar Mystery shawl, which I hope to finish this year. (I'm more than a bit behind already.)

Anyways, my first project was the neck ruff from a recent issue of Crochet Today:

And the second is a 'vest' from Contemporary Crochet, which I used 2 skeins of sock yarn for instead of the recommended mohair yarn.

Sorry for the blurry photo and the lack of photos of the projects actually being worn!

March 12/12/12: Hang on kiddies, this is a long one!

Okay you ready for all the crap I did this month? :)

First I made a Tit Bit out of Naturally Caron spa. I figure it's 40-50 yards or so.

Then I finally dug out the skein of hideous looking Lion Brand Alpine Wool my mom gave me and made a hat (Foliage) out of that, which was promptly gifted to the new product manager at work. I used the entire skein of wool, so that's 93 yards for that project.

Then I dug out some more yarn left over from other projects and knit Gargantuan melon, only I cut it down to 60 stitches. It's done in Lion Brand Chunky and I figure it's 75 yards or so. The pattern has a bigger yardage but I find it hard to believe I used that much.

After that I still had yarn left so I went on to mitts. Except I didn't have enough for the mitts so I had to buy MORE yarn. ::sigh:: Anyway, these are the Susan Mitts and I figure I spent another 75 yards on them, because I made them longer, added more thumb, and used smaller needles.

And last but not least, the Artistic hat, made out of Lion Brand Jiffy and taking a whopping 100 yards at least. I still have some yarn left over, so I'll probably do something to go with it later, I think.

So that leaves us with about 384 yards total of knitted goods this month. And that isn't counting the shawl or scarf I started. Oi. :)

Kiri's March finishes

Hi all, I have two finishes this month. The first is my version of Susan Pandorf's beautiful Taliesin Scarf. I added a keyhole. Here is the project I tinked for the yarn.Here it is in the works,And here it is finished.

My second project was Mmario's mystery shawl kal. He named it Limberlost Luna. I used a hand spun, hand dyed, silk, single from No Two Snowflakes on Etsy. Here is the before,
during,and finished, modeled by my daughter.I am so happy with this shawl, which is good 'cause I wasn't happy knitting it. I did my own border design for it instead of the border as designed. I wanted it to have a bit more weight, and more beads even though I hate doing them.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

12m/12p/12b Project #6

A nice and easy simple tabi toe toe-up. One can never have too many little socks for camping, road trips, or just life in general!!

Yarn: Sensations Bamboo & Ewe
Needles: 2.25mm

March Project Completed

I finally completed my project for March. The pattern is the domino socks out of the Vogue Knitting Socks Two book. I put up the labels of the yarn I used. The total yards is 257. I am happy that these socks fit perfectly.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Knee Highs

Just finished a pair of knee highs for my 8yr old daughter. Used Panda Superwash, 2 balls, only about 26 inches left over. That's about 371 yds used.

March Madness

Finishing madness - Socks
These are the SKA March Mystery Socks. They are green because that is the Solid Socks color.
Yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton, 7/8 of a 100 gm ball, about 400 yds.
2.5mm needles.

Finishing madness - Project Yarnway (another Ravelry group)
The challenge was to knit with something not sold as yarn. I used black tape as used as hanger loops in clothing. The contrast is rayon seam binding.

Finished project for March

I did manage to get one project finished for March:They're Interlocking Leaves socks, and I used Oasis Yarn Aussi Sock in 'Oak Moss.' They're my first successful pair of toe-up socks.

My Mexican Waters Lattice Socks have been frogged, so I'm trying to decide on a new project to start for April.

12/12/12boy March

Hi, I did the SockMadness sock on Ravelry for March. It is the Simple Side-to-Side socks by Deborah Swift (Mt.Mom on rav.) I used a Flat Feet cloth that I got from a friend to make these. So, they totally need to be washed and blocked. The only thing that is stopping me is that I am unhappy with the color progression. One cuff, and toe are a light orange and the others have a darker brown stripes running through them (sort of seen in the top picture.) I am just so picky I want to rip them out and re-do them! It makes me nutty to not just to like them as they are. For April, I am already starting the Cool Beans sock with Mini-Mochi (also in ths SM group.) I also threw in a picture of my family at Disneyland (with Nathan hiding) just for fun! Have a great end to the month!


12m/12p/12boy Lois

This is my finished project for March. They are the SolidSocks Mystery Sock by Verybusymonkey. It is a beautiful pattern.