Saturday, March 21, 2009

handspun scarf edging completed

I found another 45 gms of Polwarth that I spun and dyed last year to add a crocheted edging. You can see how much yarn I had left in Georgia's hands (and why I call this 8 year old beauty "Peach"). The original scarf used 60 gms (300 yds) and the additional 45 gms for the edging added another 225 yds for this scarf = 525 yds for the entire project. I braided the tiny amount left from the last crochet stitch to make the tie.

UFO wrap-up

Well, I managed to finish 2 of my 4 UFO's during this KAL. Of course, the easy ones. I did make progress on my Tofutsies socks, but haven't finished the 2nd one yet because I am scrambling to finish the harika socks in March for the 52 week KAL! (I must go work on them as soon as I finish the blog post!!)

I already posted about the scarf I finished, but realized I never posted that I finished the crochet and knit cat toys that I posted my UFO pic of here. I'm not sure that this is even worthy of an entry, but I did assemble them and they are ready to give to my friends with cats the next time I see them:
02.21.09 002

This project fell in the "75% or more" category.
I finished these on 2/21/09.

Maybe I will finish the Tofutsies socks and Monkey socks by the end of 2008!

Love seeing all the other great projects that everyone is finishing! This really is a fun and inspiring group!


Sock Madness

Sock Madness. Yes it is. Adrienne talked me into competing in this craziness. So Thurs March 19 the pattern was released. I got knitting about 6 am PST.
The yarn is Sock that Rock in the colorway Jasper. This is yarn that I have had stored in my stash for many years. Below is a progress picture along with the pattern. Tropical Mer-tini.
Here is a completed picture.. I did finish the socks in time that I will be allowed to move on to Round 2.
I was worried about running out of yarn. I had maybe 3 -5 yards left over. These socks must be knitted as per pattern. They have to be a min. length cuff and for a size 7 or larger.

Friday, March 20, 2009

more blue socks for Fred started 3/18

Tesserae sock pattern by Anne Hanson. I'm using Cascade Heritage and hoping this pattern doesn't really need 450 yds in size large since the ball states 437 on the label. Very easy pattern to do while I'm thinking about starting more complicated projects. I seem to knit him socks on "auto pilot" now that I've made so many air show socks for him. Fred didn't get to the big air show due to an oil problem with the plane (turned out to be a simple fix, whew!) which caused him to return after an hour's flight. Good thing he didn't continue the trip since severe weather arrived mid-way through the air show and some planes were smashed, turned over, destroyed, etc. He's wearing his YFM custom socks to a fly-in today in Bunbury (west of us on the Indian Ocean coast of southwest Western Australia). I still have to replace the cuffs, but he doesn't want to stop wearing them long enough for me to reknit the white section. Can't ask for more as a knitter, can I? :)

Update on March Knitting

Here's a graduation present for a student who has been asking me to knit him a pair for over 3 years. I finally caved, and he didn't pass all his classes this quarter. Fine bit of good they'll do him in June, but I really really hope I get to give them to him!

360 yards used.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

52 week challenge: started

My "Bob" sweater (see pattern in Ravelry):
In KnitPicks Shine Worsted, color Wisteria

52 week Challenge KAL - FO's

Here are 2 pairs of booties for Destiknit's Baby charity KAL:

Again socks finished

Joy's second pair of socks is ready. I am going to send these, plus the yellow pair out to her this weekend. I truly hope she will enjoy them for sure.

The yarn used for this pair was Patons Kroy Socks. The colour is Winter Eclipse. It is a little thicker than the "daffodil", and I used approximately 330 yards for this pair.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ufo's completed.

I finally finished the baby blanket that I had started many years ago. The yarn is no long available around here. I did order some on line to finish it. It was approx 50% done. This blanket will go home with my Daughter to donate to "Project Linus". Jess is helping a group with blankets for that cause.
Don't think I posted a start picture of this. It was started last year. It was about 25% completed. The handles are recycled from a garage sale purse. No pattern was followed.
This one I had posted with the others. It looked like a dishcloth when posted. I did not follow a pattern just winged it along. So I guess dishcloth to market bag would be 10% dishcloth 90% bag.

I do love the ufo kal. I for one got many items off needles.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

52 week kal progress March

Here is a progress pic that I can post now once my mystery KAL has started. What you see is the first clue. It will be the project that accomplishes my March challenge. As the last clue is presented on 1st of April, I will be able to show the whole pair of socks in time then. The first was made by end of February, the second is worked parallel to the KAL now.

Next weekend I will show the progress on the cardigan that should have been my February project ... and progress on another one. One of them will be for April. I hope.

You girls are really great. You keep me finishing a project from time to time, not only beginning them by the dozen.

Thank you all for establishing and sharing this blog KAL!

Coming Up For Air

52 week challenge

For the last month or so, I've been knitting a shawl for a yarn company. This is the only picture I have in progress. The pattern is now finished, but not released. There may be changes in the photos. Yardage used 1600 yards. The yarn in Oasis Yarns Aussi Sock.

52 week Challege - Brenda (Owlsrook)

In Progress Photo - Winter Frost Sock Pattern (my own pattern design - available free on Ravelry) I decided to knit this in an unbeaded version this time, using Elann's Sock it to Me yarn in Colour #44219.

The color of this wool is actually a deep teal, although the picture came out lighter blue, maybe the Completed Photo will work out better when I take it.

March 17/09

ufo deadline is approaching!

all your ufo's must be completed by march 20th, 11:59 pm your time! progress and pictures of finished items must be posted by march 24th, 11:59 pm (pst) if you want credit for the drawing.

i have given up on my "wip" (works-in-progress). i find it's better not to acknowledge "ufo's." i did manage to finish ONE "wip" since the beginning of january; while adding 5 more single socks and 2 scarves to my collection. oh! the ufo kal doesn't work that way?!!! i was suppose to FINISH things?! NOT make MORE?! dang! i coulda been a contendah! LOL!

we will have a blog member vote for "favorite cpy project" from the ufo kal.

and we hope you hang around. we have another kal and more fun planned after this one!!!!

Sweater in progress...

The back of a small sweater. I started it for fun as I had left 2 balls and a bit of Cascade 220 Superwash... and that should be enough for a sweater for Wietse. The size is 86/92 (cm) and I will cast on for the front today. Hope to finish it for his birthday on Friday ;-)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Clearing up the Needles and stuff

Miss Cook's quilt that I finished up for her. I know not a knitting projects but come on how cute is this. These are the hand prints of last years class.

OH the animal farm. Seems this are wanted by many so decided to knit up a litter (?) of them. The ones with the blue cuffs are the only ones completed. Love needle felting, I just wish I could do the faces I really want. But, oh well I love them.
Blue socks from the sock of the month club. This kit came when I was test knitting for Knit one Purl too. The yarn in this kit and the test knit were the same so these got put away. Glad to finally have them done. I am trying to keep up with the kits this year and to get all the old kits done. We shall see on this.
Another sock of the month kit. Both pair of socks are from Wooliedi.

Sock Madness starts this Thursday so I am trying to clear things off the needles to be ready.

Katie's hat

Katie has worn her hat for 48 hours straight! She even wore it to bed and has plans for making one for her American Girl (target) doll! Her "next project" after that is a sweater for her doll and what the heck if mom has never made one! I won't stop her because maybe she will make one for me. I can only keep my mind on socks and that goofy Noro scarf that everyone wants. So. updated project- new scarf and progress on pair of socks for March. HOW DO YOU LADIES DO IT? Yes, I am new back do you ever stop knitting? Maybe we are in different stages in life experience. I have a three and eight year old. Or I am just slow!\

Sunday, March 15, 2009

UFO KAL - for March: the Sea Lettuce Scarf

Here is the photo of my scarf- 50% merino 50% tussah silk; two colorways "Wild Thing" & "Nature's Gold" from the Unique Sheep. The pattern is from Lucy Neatby - Sea Lettuce Scarf. I finished today!

OOPS - I forgot to put the unfinished photo in; here it is:


Hi, my hat is finally finished. Here is a picture of it. It was less than 25% done. It is my first one! We did not use a pattern, we made it up.

March 52 Week Challenge

Here is my progress on my March 52 week Challenge project. I didn't use a pattern - just CO 60 stitches on size 11 circs - K 30 rows - PU 30 stitches along each side and the 60 CO stitches, and then round and round and round - I changed to the green Paton's wool after using up all of one ball of Galway wool, Then back to gray after using up the green, then a little more green and the green straps and tab. The top picture is before felting - about 25 inches tall - the middle is drying and blocking after a hot bath.

This was my watching T.V. mindless knitting, and I love it!