Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bamboo Socks

I have another FO to report. I finished my daughters bamboo toe up socks. These went a little slower because I only worked on them when I was in the car. Hubby drives so I can knit....sounds like a fair deal to me. :~)

These socks were knit toe up, two at a time, Magic Loop. I started them the 3rd of Oct and finished them the on the 25th of Oct. I used 1 50g ball of Regia Bamboo which is 220 yards.

Although they won't count for this KAL, I've finished a few older WIPs and it feels great to finally finish them. I still have two more that I want to finish before the end of the year.

Socks for Zachariah

I started these socks on Wednesday, October 22, at the Book and Bean in Berea Ohio at a KAL. It is a great group of knitters. I go there while my 14 year old is at violin lessons at Baldwin Wallace College. These socks are for Zachariah (my seven year old) since the 14 year old informed me that she wouldn't wear them! LOL. He tried them on and said that they were awesome!

Maybe I'll even finish these socks.

Better Late Then Never

More progress on my Special Olympic scarf. I like this wavy pattern, it's pretty easy to remember and I found a cool bag to carry the two skeins of yarn in so I can take it with me now and am not linited to working on it just at the house.
This is the baby bib I started and maybe will finish... I hate when I have to keep reading a pattern, I'd much rather knit from memory, but this will have a pattern on a truck on it. Hopefully I will finish it before the baby is born. LOL Using Sugar and Cream cotton haven't figured out the yardage yet, still too soon to tell.

This is a baby blanket I am crocheting for one of my SIL's. The shower was today and I ran out of the blue Caron Simply Soft. Been all over town and can't find anymore, at least not at Walmart. Gonna try AC Moore tomorrow, I am 3/4 done, {{{sigh}}} already used 732 yards.

Still working on Christmas dishcloths for my SIL's. I really like this pattern and plan on making a few more of them, they seem so sturdy yet decorative.

As asked here is the revealed picture of the Breast cancer cloth I used for a KAL earlier this month. I am not exactly happy with the final design result... my heart needs to be tweaked and when I make the second one I will hopefully have that fixed. progress pictures of that cloth to follow later next week.

And I finally got some Crystal Palace yarn and maybe if I can wrap my brain around it I hope to actually make a pair of socks before this challenge ends.

So there you go. I am gonna be BUSY BUSY. Good thing I am about to have majhor surgery and will have lot's of recovery time at home to knit and crochet.

One pair of socks finished and a new pair started

I have finished the "Herbstliche Waldsocken" and needed 72 gram (335 yards)

and then I started a new pair of cable socks

More Starts

This is a pair of socks I am knitting. Kinda fun a whole different cuff and heel pattern than I have ever done before. Fun to knit, very interesting. Again a yarn that has been in my stash for years. It is a Knit Picks yarn that they no longer carry.

I have started a few more items. Here on the left will be clogs. The Pink slipper is the start of a new critter which will be pigs.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Candy Corn Bags Done!

And just in time as I really need to mail them tomorrow if they're going to get to my niece and nephew before Halloween.

I used the Candy Corn Bag pattern by Isela Phelps, with some modifications. First, I used acrylic yarn and did not felt the bags. Rather than using bulky weight yarn, I doubled some worsted weight. Next, I changed the width of the three stripes to more closely reflect the pattern of stripes in actual candy corn. Finally, I failed to read the directions for the handles. Technically there are supposed to be two handles per bag, sewn to the sides like on a standard tote bag. I failed to read the handle directions and made one handle per bag, attached at the ends like a messenger bag. Either way I think it'll tote a goodly amount of candy.

As far as yarn use goes, I'd estimate 300 yards of doubled yarn per bag or 600 yards total for both bags.

wrist warmers done

I finished the pair of warmers started on Oct. 12th. Katie wanted one white top and one purple! I knit and crocheted them from a friends pattern. (Never do that- trust me.) I crocheted 24 yds and knit about 70 yds. The novelty yarn was crocheted and the plain purple knit. The crochet total can be added to the baby blanket on the prior post to make it 300yds even. I am not sure where I am on yardage knit. I am just glad to get back to better designers patterns and projects that look and feel better. I am glad Katie likes them because I wont wear them. Has anyone else run into what they concider a failed project? I do know I will make two more anyway so there are even sets before this contest is over.


(ravelry name-knit-frog-knit)

Cluster Hooded Scarf Finished

I finished the hooded scarf I plan to give away as a Christmas present. I ended up using two skiens of Red Heart Super Saver yarn for this..That is over 700 yards.
For the next project I will make a stuffed dragon:
I will make this for the future son-in-law. He saw the picture of the one did a few months ago and loved it.

Mittens Complete

I finished my daughters mittens the other day.

The multi colored pair are made out of Plymouth Galway Paint and used approx 130 yds. The purple mittens are made out of The Unique Sheep Foot Prints sock yarn and I used approx. 100 yds. It gets cold & windy here so both pair worn together will give the extra warm need to keep my daughters fingers from freezing while waiting for the bus in the morning. Grand total yardage for all mittens is 230 yards. I used the Elegant and Easy Cable Mittens for the Family found in the book 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders. I followed the same pattern for the purple mittens but I omitted the cable. I didn't think it was needed since the purple mittens are to be worn inside the other mittens.

I'm still working on the bamboo socks for my daughter and the Errant socks for my mom. I'll be starting a baby blanket for my cousin who is due in December.


I have completed one stocking - now need to do the duplicate stitch for the pattern & initial.
Here is a photo of the stocking before embellishments:

Winter Twilight Mitts

They are finally completed and in a few hours the recipient will receive them. I can't wait to give them away and bring happiness to my manager on her last day at work. I definitely will have to make myself a pair, eventually. I've included the pictures of the progress from yesterday and this morning. I used 125 yards of Knit Picks Palette in Blue Note Heather, and 150 yards of Crystal Palace Panda Wool in Red Cinnamon. This is project #2 off of my list of things to knit before the holidays.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Socks ready

A small scan of a finished pair :-) I had to let it rest for a couple of days, due to the flu. I used 306 meter Fortissima Socka with Bamboo for this pair. On to the next project!

Three button wrap

It was a struggle to get in here, but I finally made it. It's taken me another week to post my projects. Whew.

This is my first attempt at my Three Button Wrap, using Claudia Hand Painted worsted in Roasted Chilies. It was frogged because the needles I used were too small and the resulting drape wasn't comfortable.

I restarted it with size 10 needles and it was perfect. It didn't take too long to finish. I still need to block it, weave in the ends, and crochet around the buttonhole. And I need to see if that dog head is still stuck to it.

I used exactly 3 skeins of Claudia's worsted, 504 yards.

As soon as I finished that one, I cast on the second, which is now half done. I love these things! Same yarn, same needles. It's a totally mindless knit, great for watching tv or movies or knitting in the car. This one is for a co-worker; the first one is mine-all-mine!

I haven't even looked for buttons for these. I want something unusual, and they have to be 2.5" each. I may get my daughter to make some from Sculpey, however that's spelled. She's artistic and could make something really cool.

Giselle is finished

My daughter was so lovely to play the model, so I can take photos.
I needed 360 gram of Drops Alpaca... 310 gram in black and 50 gram in red = 1440 yards

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Finally finished wash cloth. I even managed to; by not counting kept on going and going. So was brave and ripped it to a good point. Then ran out of yarn at the very end.
Now will have to figure out how much this used. And no do not have or is still lost in the unpacking mess the band thingie. That last was for Debi who gives me a huge bad time.

charity blanket and coffee cozy done

Hi I crocheted this blanket for baby O wen and our new mom's gift basket at church. I used 292 yds. I thought I had one more skein in this color to make it extra big. Oh well, if I find it I can make a hat and scarf to match. I also did a coffee cup cozy for my sister. It was knit with my remnant Noro yarn from a purse I had made this summer. It only took 32 yds. (I will add it later inanother full 100 yd. item. I just wanted to get the pictures in and up on the site.) I am currentle working on a pair of socks for Katie's birthday using Regia. And I am doing my first pair of baby socks with CPY yarn!!!! THANKS CRYSTAL PALACE AND SUSAN FOR A GREAT OLYMPIC SOCKS CONTEST GIFT!!!!!!!! The Panda Soy is so pretty to work with. I am hooked on THIS YARN!!! They are for Owen and I have only 5 days to finish them! I am working both at the same time and hope to be done before he arrives. We shall see, I would never wish a new mom more days to wait for a baby just to finish a gift!

Have a great day!


Larkspur Socks and slippers

It's about time this post takes place.

After spending the first week working on UFOs and swatching, I was able to get started on something for the KAL -- a pair of socks made of Knit Picks Palette in Garnet Heather.

My camera doesn't have a flash so the color isn't true. It's actually a beautiful deep heathered red. You can see the needles at the far left holding the cuff and one repeat of the lace. Palette is a fingering weight, two-ply 100% Peruvian Highland wool, packaged in skeins of 231 yards per 50 grams. The first sock has taken less than 1 skein and I'm still using that skein on the second sock. The sock pattern is being developed as I knit (in other words, it's my design). The lace pattern is taken from Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. It is "Larkspurs", an 8 row repeat, and I have reworked it from flat to round knitting.

A project that got started after a 5-day visit to my Mom during the second week of October was slippers. Hers had such huge holes in them! They were made of Red Heart Super Saver worsted weight in Turqua and Bonbon Print. The print color is packaged 244 yds to the 5 oz skein. Lovely bright colors. The pattern uses two strands worsted weight at the same time, size 10 US needles. Since Mom spends about 1/2 her time at her own home and 1/2 the time at my brother's house I made two pairs for pair for each location. A bonus small pair was made using the print and a medium purple. Only 1 1/2 yards of the print was left.
So, the total used for the three pairs of slippers was 485 yards.

That's all for now -- I need to get back to the kitchen to deal with some freshly baked Banana Bread.
I'll try to get caught up with my postings by the end of the week.

Two projects in the process

I've been slowly knitting. I keep adding more and more projects, but getting fewer completed. I'm still working on my Knotty or Knice Socks. My first sock is almost done, just need to do one more repeat (yea).
Then on Sunday, I started Winter Twilight Mitts, which is a free pattern on Interweave Knits website.
They were going to be a Christmas gift for my manager at work, but she is leaving us on Friday. Which meant I had to get them started and completed earlier than I wanted. So they will be a cool going away present. They are knitted with Crystal Palace Panda Wool in Red Cinnamon, and KnitPicks Palette in Blue Note Heather. I had both yarns in my stash from previous projects.
Happy knitting everyone.

Monday, October 20, 2008

2 projects finished!

I finished the Tudora for a cousin! I used the Silky Malabrigo for this one.

Which was my excuse to cast on for a Calorimetry last week...which was a nice, quick knit! I finished it this past Saturday!...
Here's a finished pic, though not modeled properly

I'd have to probably combine the two finished projects as one 'entry', as I doubt either used a full 100 yds. (ETA: less than 100 ea, so the two will have to count as a 'pair' unless I do my calculations and figure that each was actually 100 yards...)

So I cast on a new project last night! A Seaweed Cowl for a friend!

Meanwhile, I'm still chugging along on the EZ Moccasins. Here's a pick of the first one, right as I was starting the sole. This one is about done; one more to go for a pair!

And I still am slowly chugging along on the cuff to the Mystery Sock! I left out the third ribbed portion as I decided I prefered that section a bit shorter.

So thanks to this KAL, I now have 2 gifts completed, and a couple well on their way!

Circus Monkeys!

I started a pair of Monkey socks for my best work buddy, Nicole today. The yarn is Panda Wool, Circus colorway. I'll use two skeins at 170 yards per skein.

I love them already!

Autumnal Coat?

Although last week we suffered through high temps of 80 degrees, this week we are definitely back in the usual Autumn weather pattern of cooler days and rain.

My kids have at least two coats, a heavy winter parka for the frigid temps we are doomed to suffer through up here in the Frigid North, and a lighter one for spring and fall. (Actually, they typically have more than two coats, as I have a fetish for coats and have a genetic weakness to forget that they already own at least three apiece.)

Imagine my shock, then, to discover that Peter's one and only light coat had a broken zipper and was getting too small for him. Shocking. Purely shocking. I'm a terrible mother.

To remedy the overwhelming sense of guilt (and really because I was itching to start another project), I decided to knit him a light coat out of bulky weight yarn. I'm going to pretend this is his early Christmas present (that is, if I manage to get it done before Christmas, heh heh.)

This is my first attempt, which I have since frogged (i.e. ripped out. Get it, rip-it, rip-it?) and re-started because it was just a tad too small, and I want this coat to fit for at least this Autumn and the next.I'm coming up with the pattern as I go along, and so far, I'm pretty pleased with the result. (The picture below is what I've settled on for the design). The fabric is lovely and thick with a nice sproingy-ness to it. I'm still debating whether or not to knit this coat with a hood. I know Peter would love that, and so would I, but the yarn might be a bit thick for the hood part. We shall see . . . I love the color, at least!Any ideas of what to call this? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Pattern Specs:
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Bulky Spice
Needles: US size 10 Deinise circulars