Saturday, December 4, 2010

Am I in time?

It's still the 4th here, so I'm hoping this will count. I'd been waiting to take a picture when I was home during the day (so that it would have a better chance of showing them accurately) and just realized that I'd run out of time. This is the pair of socks I finished in November:
The pattern is Scatterling by Hunter Hammersen, and I love how the socks turned out.

Hats used 236g of yarn (@215yds/100g) = 507yds. Berroco ultra alpaca, needles US5 (3.75mm). Started Sep 23, 2010, done Nov.22, 2010.  It was a sample knit and the pattern is available here . used total 140g of yarn, about 3/4 of skein of Cascade 220 doubled (172 / 2 =
76yds) and about 1 & 1/4 balls of Chunky Mochi (61yds). Not much yardage but a lot of fun to knit. I couldn't put it down. Started Nov. 27th.  Knit till very late, like 1 or 2 am and got done to just before earflaps. Finished Nov 28th.  It's modified from a free pattern on ravelry .

Friday, December 3, 2010

November Project

This is MMario's second MMystery KAL, Moonpaths. Made in KnitPicks Sock Landscape Mesa, over three 50 grams balls - some left from fourth ball. Not yet washed and blocked, so it will stretch out some. Knit on size 5 needles, which are smaller than pattern calls for, but since both my mother and mother-in-law are around five feet tall, I didn't want a giant shawl, as one of them will probably confiscate it. Used alternative edging, as first choice of edging would have added about another twenty rows. I know, lace looks better in a solid color, but this has been a year for stash busting, and the colors felt like November to me. Hope everyone is having a good holiday season; regards to all.

More Photos From Nov KAL

I had already put up a post for November showing progress photos and finished photos of my socks and Christmas Wreath. These are just additional photos.

November 12/12/12

I hope it isn't too late! I did so much stuff in November and then I completely forgot to put them up here. -_-

I couldn't even tell you what my total yardage is, but the blue scarf alone was over 300 yards of crochet, so I know I used well over the minimum amount.

I'm too lazy to separate things out for the Holiday Kal, too. Heh. I don't feel like figuring out yardage right now to make sure I meet requirements for the 12/12/12 before splitting the rest off.

First I did Quirky Scarf from Crochet World 08/10 edition as a gift for my mom.

I still had yarn so I also made her Caron's Tri-Color Cloche with some modifications to make it more bucket-y.

Made a Trogdor doll for my boss! The original pattern doesn't have teeth. I think I'm going to have to add some. Probably out of felt.

Made a Luna Lovegood scarf for my MIL. I didn't like either of the two patterns out for it so I modified it pretty good. I'll be putting up the pattern after Christmas, since I have to make 3 more of these and they all follow my blog. =D Neither picture has an accurate color. The finished one is closer but the color is a bit darker than that. Also I think I'm going to have to block it.

And finally I knit a Hermione hat for my Grandma. She saw mine the other day and said she wanted one just like it. =D

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

12/12/12boy Nov

Hi everyone. Lost the camera in Katie's room last night. Here is my entry!
It is the Kentucky sock from the 50 Socks 50 States cd. I modified it a little for fit. Smaller needles 2.25mm, and decreased down by one more pattern repeat on the foot. The second one definately fits better than the first. I used CPY's Rose Musk colorways too. I like these very much. The only bummer is I kinda made the sweater that it goes with fuzzy. My Dh put it in the dryer. It is not bad enough to get rid of it but I propably won't wear it out of the house. I can not wait for Knit Night to show off the socks! yeah.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Latest Socks

This is my November Project... I LOVE them!

12/12/12 Carefree KAL - November

Finished my projects for this month. I used the Margarita Summer sock pattern by Denise Henderly from the 50 Socks - 50 States CD, Shibui yarn in the Pagoda colorway with CPY Kid Merino in Fall Herbs for reinforcement and size 2 square dpn. Also moved this month! The pattern was really fun but I wish the top didn't turn down...errrr. Hopefully that won't be an issue when I am wearing them.

I also knit a scarf using Crystal Palace Choo Choo yarn in Rose and Charcoal. Hope it is OK I am posting both the wip and finished picture - it was an afterthought project in case the sock yardage was on the short side.

Monday, November 29, 2010

12/12/12 for November (finally!)

Simple Skyp socks by Adrienne Ku made with Wollmeise yarn in Pfefferminz Prinz colorway which looks just like the parrots in our yard so we call these "Parrot socks". I wish my camera could show the gorgeous color of the yarn. It is a vivid green, blue green, with a bit of blue in it. I had 24 gms left from the 150 gm skein.

November KAL

Here are my projects for November. I did the domino sock out of the Vogue Knitting book, Socks Two.

Here is the progress photo for the sock

I scanned each sock separately, hopefully with color of each sock being different you can tell these are a pair of socks.

I also managed to fit in a crocheted Christmas wreath

November 12m/12p/12boy

This is my finished project for November. It was a test knit for MrsZoomie(ravelry name) for her Jacobite Cardigan design. I LOVE it!! I used Berroco Vintage in Fennel and it took 4 skeins (so 868 yrds). It is perfect for fall and winter and I have had lots of compliments on it already.

Sorry about the picture quality. They were taken by my 8 year old!

WIP picture.

Jill (jaerrt on Ravelry)

Holiday KAL Finally!

After nearly a year, you would think I would hae figured out how to get the writing on top of the picture, but no such I have finished some projects for the Holiday KAL finally.

The first is called Twister (pattern by Susan B. Anderson). I used her Spud & Chloe Sweater yarn in Grape Jelly colour. It's basically a very long skinny cowl that you wrap around your neck several times. It took 2 full skeins , so 320 yrds. WIP pic above. Finished pic below.

The second is a Booga Bag for my neice for Christmas, I modified it a bit to make it more of a drawstring purse. The knitting didn't take to long, but it took me forever to felt it and do the finishing. I used Paton's Classic Wool in a Burgundy Heather and used nearly 2 full balls which would be 446 yrds. (I had about 10gm leftover). WIP above, Finished project below.

I have a couple more projects on the needles, so will hopefully crank them out soon too!
Jill (jaerrt on Ravelry)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

November project

Hi all!

I thought I'd share another project that I knit with CPY yarn this year.

Here's a progress pic:
10.10.10 006

And the finished socks:
11.18.10 001

Pattern: Through The Loops Mystery Sock 2010
Cast on: 10/1/10
Finished: 11/18/10
Yarn: Panda Cotton - Coral Sea
Needles: US1 magic loop
Estimated yardage: 300 yards

I'll also share a close-up of the foot:
11.18.10 003

I was afraid this yarn might be too busy for the pattern because she recommended a solid or semi-solid, but I LOVE how these turned out. These will be a Christmas gift for my mom, so I hope they fit her.

-Cathy (n3tue)

Nov 12/12/12

This month I did get a few things finished. I finished Abby's socks just in time for her birthday. I used the pattern Afternoon Delight by Silvia Harding. A fun pattern I got to use beads so the sock had a little bling to them. I had yarn left so I made a triple I-cord head
band. Added beads into it and she loved it. I used one of my favorite dyers Zen Yarn Garden, I love working with her yarns they are a dream to knit with.

I also finished a mindless pair of fingerless mitts the weather was on the cold side her in the Pacific Northwest and my fingers where cold.
I stopped by my LYS and picked up 2 different skein of yarn to use Wisdom Yarn Poems. It is a single ply wool and I like how the colors flow much like Noro which is the other skein that I bought.

I'm working on the other pair. I just love it when people say "Can you make me a pair?" Not asking if you have the time or not or if you have 5 other things on the needles. But at least this is truly mindless knitting.
Happily knitting. Bye