Friday, August 7, 2009

the "mystery" begins...

i will be sending out the yarn requirements to you today via email. not because it's a secret but because i want to make sure that the group email system works. i will be sending this to the email addy that you used to sign up for the mystery. this is sometimes different than your email addy for the blog.

if you want me to use a different addy, please let me know. if you don't receive the email, please let me know. i may have left you off the mailing list. OR it could be that you have not completed the process to join the blog. there are still a few of you who have not "accepted" the invitation to the blog so you are not "official" yet.

if your name is not on the "mystery sock kal" list, then you are not an "official" member. if you've accepted the invite and your name is not on the sidebar, let me know so i can add you. i may have missed you.

what do you think about starting the kal a bit earlier? maybe august 24th? that will give you a couple of weeks to BUY yarn if you need/want to? (like most of us really NEED to BUY yarn- LOL!).

8 AM (PDT) email with yarn requirements has been sent. if you do not receive it, let me know.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August project done

My lace project is done. Used somewhere between 750 and 800 yards to make this one. Yarn used is semi solid moss alpaca and cashmere 3 ply from The Knitting Goddess. I am also thinking that this pattern would work well in CPY Kid Merino, but unfortunately I don't have that much Kid Merino at home. The pattern design is my own.

danger! will robinson, danger!!!!

i have an idea! yes, danger! i can be very dangerous.

i bet everyone here for the mystery sock kal is on ravelry? what if we do our chatting over there but used the blog to post official type progress and finished socks? i think it might be easier and more fun to chat about yarn choices and how you are doing with the pattern if we did it on ravelry. it's cumbersome to have to dig through comments to see what's going on.

we would be on the crystal palace yarns: kal's and other things forum.

leave me a comment. let me know what you think.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

welcome to all!

Hi, welcome to all of our new members. Lots of new people at once, whee!

Hello from the US Pacific Northwest

Posting from the Pacific Northwest,

The local temperatures just dropped back to our normal summer lows so socks are once again on my brain. Weather like the just over extreme heat wave we had is the only time I don't wear socks thus a continuing supply is essential to my everyday wardrobe. I look forward to starting another new pair soon.


hi to everbody, from ny

hi all,
i'm iris a/k/a risiko on ravelry and everywhere. i'm so excited to be a member, there is nothing more fun than a mystery sock ! i've already started 2 other mystery socks on the needles this month, but i always make room for a design by adrienne or laura. i don't have a digital camera, because i keep spending the money i get saved up...this time on a pre-loved schacht matchless and a ladybug for a very good price, so i will have to post scans, unless i can find my 23 year old son and borrow his camera. and now i have a great excuse to blow my yarn diet and get the mini mochi i have been coveting since it came out.

Hi from Italy/Germany

Strange title you ask?

My name is Kerrie, I am pretty excited about a mystery sock KAL and I must be equally insane to commit to it too!

We are a military family living in Italy and are literally packing a move to Germany as I type!

I love to knit, especially socks and I love spinning and dyeing as well.

Monday, August 3, 2009

52 Week Challenge August - beginnings

Another month has started and so have I, LOL

Here is something that will make sense to wear within weeks from now. Summer will fade away and I will be happy to enjoy autumn as every year as my most-beloved time of the year.

Dark dark green, merino extrafine, and as usual something with cables or leaves or diagonals, here it is cables and diagonals as a pattern from a German book that now makes it into my sweater.

a warm welcome

to all our new members. i'm so excited!

while we are waiting for the mystery sock kal to begin, please feel free to post any projects you are working on. we all love seeing new things (to add to our "future projects" lists).

just a reminder to those who have been a member for a while, i do need you to email me to let me know that you are interested in the mystery sock kal so i can add you to the mailing list.

Newbie from Germany

Hello everyone,

thank you so much for letting me join. I love knitting socks since I learnt it at school (long time ago...). ;o)
I´m glad I read about the KAL at Ravelry and I´m looking forward to this adventure. I don´t have a blog but most of my knitting could be found at Ravelry, I´m Bea23knits there.

Happy knitting and best wishes from Germany

Goddess Knits Mystery Shawl #13 + The Enchanted Sole

Hello, everyone!

I am a new member of this blog and I was asked to put up some pretties for everyone to ogle. So today I bring you my current WIP - the Goddess Knits Mystery Shawl #13. There are two clues out so far, and I finished the second one last night and took a few pictures - one of all of the shawl so far, and one a bit more close up.

I have to be sure to take a picture of the shawl on something super light or else the haze of my yarn - which is KnitPicks Shadow Juniper Heather - makes it hard to see the details properly. I love the zigzag pattern that is turning up!

Here's a close up so you can see the beaded pattern a bit better. The beads are Dyna-Mite brand size 6 - silver-lined, square hole, with a rainbow sheen on them. So they turn up all sorts of slightly different hues, even though their base is a nice dark green that matches the yarn pretty well. I got them at Fire Mountain Gems.

The orange lifeline, of course, is marking where clue one ends, though it's 2 rows off into clue 2 because I had forgotten to add it.

As for why I included The Enchanted Sole in my title - the author of this awesome-looking sock book has been hosting a contest in her blog. You just comment on her entries and every day she picks one person who commented to win one of the patterns from the book. I won Mermaid a few days ago, so I am super excited!

Mini Mochi Shawl

I made this shawl to be auctioned off Aug 15. The proceeds will go to help fund Para Olympics. I hope she brings in some $$.
This is Mini Mochi in Neptune colorway. It is so pretty and soft. I did finish it Aug 1. Sorry about the poor pictures. This blue baby was finally dry close to sunset. So the lighting is not the greatest.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fair winners!

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Ladies, thank you so much for encouraging Katie to knit. She turned in to the county fair the items she made for the Holiday KAL and veggies from our garden. She won a first place for her cat toy and a participants ribbon for her cat blanket. I also won for the barcelona socks I entered for the 52-week and five other past Kal projects. I actually won a judge's choice ribbon and first place for the socks. You have all inspired us to strive for higher sights in the knitting world (especially socks for me.) I can not wait for the book so I can see and make your lovely designs. This has inspired her to finish the items she has and do more for next year. Seeing her pride in a job well done and being rewarded for it by meeting you all have touched this mommy's heart this weekend. I will remember the joy on her face for a long time to come. Thank you all so much.


tdf kal (and anything went)

The lace was inspired by the geometric design of the Brazillian flag. A 3-stitch lace pattern evolves into a diamond with a circle in the middle. The socks were knit toe up with an after-thought split-toe. About 302yds of Panda Silk, color bamboo green, dpns US 1.5/2.50mm. I finished them this morning.
What kept me from these socks was finishing up the yellow cardigan. That was finished on July 29th.
Bamboozle in yellow.