Saturday, November 6, 2010

Back into socks

I am starting the Oklahoma sock again. I lowered the needle size of the pattern. It was too slouchy for me. Plus I have the Kentucky sock started too. I have never planned to have two pairs done in less than a month. But, I am going to try it.
I will post pictures next week.
Bianca, If you see this. You did a sock yarn blanket a while back. Did you use a pattern or just wing it?

daffodil finished and house shaped cloth started

I wanted to post the beginning of the house cloth started today after finishing the daffodil cloth. I will block it and post with the others when all are ready for a gift category entry, but thought you'd like to see the finished cloth since it is so pretty. I bought a peacock pattern today and have already started. What a surprise... :) These are certainly enabling the second sock syndrome to go into overdrive! But they are fun and I will be gifting them at Thanksgiving (I hope).
Both patterns available at Knitwits Heaven site.

holiday 3

Hi, I finished it! And love it so much! It is the topsy turvey cowl on the CPY site and Ravelry group KAL. Now, I have mitts and a cowl just in time for the cold weather. I cast on on October 15th and finished 11-6-10. Katie says since I finished it for her she should get it for her!birthday! I love Mini Mochi so much!

Friday, November 5, 2010

correction about daffodil designer

Ooops! I just posted the pic on ravelry and discovered that the daffodil washcloth was designed by Lisa Vienneau who is Alli Barrett's partner in "Knitwits Heaven".
Apologies for not giving her much deserved credit in previous post.

progress in gift for Cheryl

I started this Daffodil cloth by Alli Barrett yesterday and this pic is through row 44 of 64 rows. I will take a pic of all of the cloths when they are finished, blocked, and ready to gift. I need to get these ready to send back with our Thanksgiving houseguest so I'm working on them steadily. Bendigo 8 ply cotton and 3.5mm needles. Cheryl's new house has yellow in the kitchen and she loves daffodils. I can hardly wait to see her face when she opens the bundle of cloths. :)

New Socks on the Needles

I started a new pair of socks. I am using a self-patterning yarn this time,ONline Supersocke 100 Emotion III-Color which I found in Portsmouth, NH when we visited our daughter in September. Tomorrow we are off to Dallas where I'll have heart surgery. I hope to finish these during my recovery so I can post them in December.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Did I make it under the wire?

Wow. I can't believe it's already November. October was full of classes, swim meets and illness. I have no idea if we are passing around a nasty cold or some sort of the flu, but I hope it gets out of the house for GOOD!!! I lost a good two weeks with that last round. It's been a long time since I felt that badly. That being said, I hope you all are doing well. Here's my October project. Felted boots #2. This pair is for the same daughter. She talked me out of the yarn for my pair. Little snot! I must really love her or somehting!

Again, I used about 700 yards of elann yarn doubled and about 30 yards of single ply wool and the novelty yarn held together. Guess what's on the needles for November? Another pair of felted slipper boots for her teammate. Yep, go ahead and write sucker, gullible or whatever else you'd like on my forehead. I deserve it!

October Project

Almost forgot to post - worked the polls and it was busy. Another pair for husband, from a yarn he pulled out of my donation stash. Tofutsies, dyelot PR070511, 425 meters, although it sure felt like it was longer. These almost seem like knee socks and I HATE them. Sigh. This probably shows from how I jammed them on the scanner. Must do something different for November; these drained me.

Another Pair of Socks

I started a jacket for my daughter. I am using Cascade Ecological Wool and the pattern is Josephine. Here is a photo of the back.

I have another pair of socks to post for November. The yarn is Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett and I used almost all of 2 skeins (approx. 430 yards total).

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

another gift set started

Weave me Wash me cloth by Alli Barrett in Bendigo Mills 8 ply cotton 3.5mm needles

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November challenge - progress image

Glows - for Vicki in Canada. The design is by Julia Müller. This is the front of the left glove, and it is a load of cabling. But the result is such a beautiful glove!!!

Holiday gift

This almost became a November post, but I finished it on Oct. 31, at 11:30 at night. I showed a progress picture earlier this month. This was a Mystery Sock by Kirsten Kapur. The last clue came out on Oct. 29. The yarn is Jojoland Melody Superwash. It was a little splitty, so I won't use it again for socks. It worked fine on larger needles when I knit a scarf from it.

another progress pic in gift set

I will post all of the finished cloths at one time, but am posting the starts as I do them since I lose the pics easily in our computer photo software. Pattern is called Violets and is free from Sue Schaefer. Lots of her patterns on ravelry. :)

Holiday KAL-3 - 3rd Project - Brenda (Owlsrook)

In progress and Completed project photos. Project No. 3 for the Holiday-3 Kal is a baby sweater, hat and socks - the Pattern is called Lullaby from Lionbrand, and the yarn I used is Bernat Softee Baby. I made socks instead of the booties from the pattern, as I like socks better. This set used the full 395 yards from one ball of Bernat Softee Baby yarn, plus about 4 yards from a second ball. Done on 3.5 mm needles. This if a gift set for a friend's grand-daughter who is due to arrive in January.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

holiday gift progress

I am making a set of dishcloths for a friend who has a new house and thought I'd better post this start before I lose it. I will post all the finished items together for 1 gift entry as soon as I collect enough finished.

This is the leaf cloth from the mid-Sept KAL in the yahoo group. Using up more of the ancient stash of cotton I'm so glad I have. :)

12m/12p/12boy October Finished

Finished Socks

WIP Picture

My october finished project is a pair of Knee-High socks for my 10 year old neice. They were supposed to be for her birthday last week, but I am saving them for Christmas now. They fit my 8 year old son very well and almost to the knee, so they will be perfect for her.

I used almost every last yard of 2 balls of Kroy Sock Stripes (330 yrds)and Yarn Harlot's basic sock recipe and just knit the leg until it was 27gm of the wool. The heels look funny in the pick, but they are regular heels and don't look so funny for real!

Jill (jaerrt on Ravelry)

October Finish!

I finished this on Friday and just took a good picture earlier today.

This is a Sunflower Afghan by Melissa Bennett, which was published in Crochet Today for August 2010.  I used a size I hook and all of the yarn is in Loops and Threads Impeccable Solids.  I used a little more than 2 skeins of green, a little less than 2 skeins of yellow, and a smidgen more than 1 skein of brown. About 1300 yards total, I believe.  It's a cozy throw big enough for one person, and is for my mother's birthday this coming week.

Made it!

After spending much of yesterday and all of this morning on it, my second Froot Loop sock is done:
I'm hoping you'll be able to tell they're the same socks - there is a huge difference between kitchen lighting with an additional LED flashlight and sunshine on the porch, and my camera isn't the greatest at compensating for it.

Finished Sock for October KAL

I was glad I got these socks finished this month. I was not thrilled on how the colors pooled differently for both socks. I don't mind subtle differences, but these are almost two different socks.