Saturday, June 4, 2011

all caught up!

please check for your may prime time kal credits and your knit with the palace credits (1 ♥ per project).

let me know if i've missed yours (note date of your blog post, please).

ps. i still haven't heard from all the winners from our random drawing for prime time. all unclaimed prizes will be sent to me! =D

Friday, June 3, 2011

Primetime KAL

Here is a better photo of my ʻĀnuenue Hitchhiker. I started it June 1st after seeing
Peacockmom's fabulous Hitchhiker. I decided I simply must have one for myself.

I'm up to about 11 teeth now, and it's really going pretty well. There was a weird bit of purple fuzz in the middle of another color, but I just left it and am considering it a design element. I could've done a spit splice to avoid it, but didn't want to bother.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Here is my final project. It is my favorite on the CPY site with Chunky Mochi. I did no mods and have just the tiniest bit left. The pictures are a little off color but the weather here is ucky and I am getting used to this camera. It is feldspar Chunky Mochi. You can barely see Nathan trying to sneak in the picture! I started it on 5-25 and finished it on the 28th. I can not wait to try the Mochi Plus next!

May Prime Time - Post #3!

Happy June everyone! I finished up a few projects this month and thought I'd share. Earlier I posted my 2nd Rodekool scarf, made for my oldest sister. It turned out great. Then I made Sunday Swing socks for my mother for Mother's Day, a small purse for my daughter for Prom, an Animal Crackers Hat for Maggie as well and a pair of flip flop socks - Flippants for my sister Mary.

Now for some details! The Rodekool scarf was knit with 230 yards of Mini Mochi in Brandied Apricots and Caramel Latte. I used Dream In Color Smooshy Good Luck Jade for the Sunday Swing Socks (351 yards). For the Silk Purse, I tried some Laines Du Nord Mulberry Silk and mixed it with Ironstone Paris Nights - about 100 yards. The Animal Crackers Hat was made from all leftover skeins of Brown Sheep Lambs Pride and Cascade - about 179 yards total! Finally, Flippants was made with leftover Panda Superwash in Evening Blues and only needed 84 yards. Total yards knitted in May was 944.

May was a very productive month - glad I got my knitting mojo back! I can't wait to show you guys the shawl I'm working on with Panda Silk in Strawberry Fields. I had several balls of it in my stash to make pink ribbon socks but decided that it would make a lovely Maiden Shawl by Marla Mutch.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So here are my finished pics of my "waterfall" gloves. These are awesome, I love them. The second glove went way quicker than the first, mainly because I figured out a great way to remember the pattern repeats - separate the stitches on the needle grouped by the number of pattern repeat stitches. Sometimes it's good to do something twice! I actually finished these May 21 but just haven't had time to upload the pics. I really love working with the mini mochi.

Prime Time KAL surprise!

we have surprises!!!

susan has donated two prize packages of 4 balls of yarn (winner's choice if the project was knit with cpy). one prize winner was drawn from the pool of everyone who completed a project between january 1, 2011 and april 30, 2011. you were given an entry for each month that you have a completed project. one prize winner was drawn from everyone who completed a project using crystal palace yarns. once again, one entry was given for each month you had a qualifying project.

using the random number generator....

the winner from the entire pool is:

and the winner from the cpy pool (who also gets a set of needles) is:
Susan in Michigan

and you know susan. the surprises do not end here. everyone who used crystal palace yarns for at least one project between january 1 -april 30, 2011, has also won 2 balls of yarn! YUP! there are perks for using our sponsor's products!

winners of 2 balls of cpy yarn

cathy (n3tue)









congratulations to all our winners! please email me with your mailing addresses and if you have a preference for non-wool yarn. susan (you are special), email me with your choice of yarn with 2-3 color choices and your choice of needles.

a huge thank you to susan for her generosity!!!

posted may 23, 2011

prime time for may

sheesh....where has the year gone? finally finished my coquille amidst sock madness competition and miscellaneous designing.


coquille 1

mini mochi - jungle
us size 3 and 9 needles
large size, missing one repeat of medium and large gussets because i can't read

i have it blocking right now.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Triforce in May

Ravelry project, used Caron Simply Soft. I used 400yds to knit and 22yds to crochet. Plus about 184g of stuffing.  For M who loves the Zelda games. Started May 15 2011, finished May 31 2011.

Prime TIme KAL May 2011

Second baby sweater, same pattern as the first, but this time in Misty Greens. Pattern was changed slightly, as you can see from sleeves - did them in the round since I do not like seaming.

Got him to pose with his gorilla this time, but he said it was too hot for socks. You can probably see why he can wear whatever wild color he wants - that's 250 p0unds of truck driver. LOL.

Tried to have the buttons show in this shot, but it did not work. There are three little buttons at the top (which were not listed in the pattern, sigh). Used the same buttons for both sweaters. They are a pearly white. Hope the kids do not chew them off.

This month was supposed to be the double sided mittens, and this sweater was going to be for June. Unfortunately, that did not work out. Got a phone call with a weak little voice saying, "AJ, I need you." My mother - AJ: mom, I was going to come down at the end of next week. Her: I need you now. That was Monday night. Tuesday, I ran around trying to get everything together for a stay of unknown duration, and frantically packing. Wednesday, I took off. False alarm - "I just wanted to see you." GRRR! And to boot, I packed so fast, not only did I leave the mitten yarn here, but I put in two pair of my favorite socks, which did not come back with me. The knitting bag did not make it back, either. At least she could not fit into the sweater, nor did she have a doll that size. Told my brother (who lives with her) that next time, I need to get the emergency confirmed from him before I come dashing 700 miles. He didn't even know she had called. Ah, well, it still was better than the visit with MIL.

Hope everyone is doing well. aj


I had finished a pair of shelled socks earlier for the KWTP KAL, but I we were in Lincoln, NE over the weekend and bought some Mini-Mochi at The Yarn Shop.

So I whipped up a mobius scarf just in time for this KAL.

Knit with the Palace: Cotton Twirl Washcloths

I picked up 3 skeins of Cotton Twirl at my local yarn shop in moss roses. Here is a picture of the yarn:
I decided to try making some wash cloths. I've never made them and thought they would be pretty in this color. These take so little time to make up. And here they are:

One is done in moss stitch and the other has a moss stitch border. I think they turned out pretty and I may do up the other skeins as wash cloths as well. They would make a nice wedding present for my cousin.

Knit with the Palace

Hi, here is my first KWTP project. It is the Neck Cozy on the Crystal Palace site using the Leaves and Sprouts Chunky Mochi. I was trying to knit a project with smaller yarn. But, it wasn't gonna happen! I really like it and it was super fast. (I almost forgot to take a progress picture! (I promptly sent it off to a friend as a gift.) I can't wait to make one for me since the weather still fits wearing them. I have one more to post but, my daughter is sick and I need to get her a doctor's apt. today before they fill up.

project- Neck Cozy

needles- 13

yarn- Crystal Palace Yarns Chunky Mochi-leaves and sprouts

start- 5-20-11




to the carefree kal family!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Prime Time KAL - 5/11 Finished

Hello... Finished my Coquille Shawl today by M.L. Egan from! It was great fun and pretty easy once I got the hang of it... I love a pattern where I can tell when I screw up! I used Mini Mochi in the Jungle colorway #110 and size 3 and 9 needles. Love the colors!!!

Prime Time KAL May 2011

I would have had this done weeks ago but I opened one of my books and , 3 books later , I got lost. This is my second Haruni Shawl and I love it. My youngest daughter wanted a red one and my oldest loves purple. I blocked it differently this time. I just finished blocking it an hour ago so I will get better pics when it is done.

Prime Time - May

Diamonds in the Fluff was the Optional Round Pattern from Sock Madness. I think they turned out great in one of my prize yarns, Leaf Shades in Panda Superwash. I still can't believe how lucky we are in here to knit with these beautiful yarns and win more prizes! Thank you everyone involved in this KAL and especially our dear Susan!

KWTP - Carol

From Think Outside the Sox, I made Perpendicular Socks from Mini Mochi in Neptune Rainbow. The sock is worked sideways around the leg with stitches cast on for the instep. Heel and toe are worked connecting up with the instep and finally the toe. More a construction challenge than a practical sock - they were a lot of fun to make.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

All finished.....
Cast On: 4/30/11
Cast Off: 5/28/11
Mini Mochi Color #109

Michelle(Insatiable on Ravelry)

Prime Time again

I don't remember if I posted a progress photo for this one, so here goes.

The pattern is a SKA Mystery sock by Janel Laidman named Artichoke. The yarn is Knit Picks Stroll from my stash. I don't think I'll buy it again. Needles - 2.5mm. Cast on May 11, and finished May 29.

primetime pictures

May pictures. It looks like rain, I am going to wear the cowl tomorrow! Sorry about the goofy posts. The cowls were so quick I almost forgot to do progress pictures!

Primetime May

Hi, Here are my May projects. I am still off of socks since I can not do complicated project yet but, my BC treatment is mostly done! Yeah. Now to get lots of rest and recovery my strength.
Project- mug rug and snack mat (crochet)

Yarn- Lily cotton

Start date 5-10-2011 (all started the same way.)

needles- 7mm

Finish date- May 24-2001

Project- 3x3 ribbed cowl (knit)

Yarn- Chunky Mochi

Start Date- 5-26-2011

finish date- 5-27-2011

needles- 13

Project- prayer squares swap (crochet)

Yarn- Cascade 220- burgundy and white

start date- 5-1-2001

finish- 5-15-2011

needles- i hook

Chunky Mochi is now my best friend! I hope to do a pair of socks next month. I miss socks very much. But, patterns and lacy things are still a wish. I am just glad that knitting, CPY, and this blog helped get me through this breast cancer thing. It really kept me sane with all of the doctor's apt.s and treatment! I really do not like crocheting but, it was all I could do to put my mind on coast! I am going to try the 50 Socks 50 States-Colorado sock next month! (for some rason the rest of the pictures won't load. Will post and load again.