Thursday, December 31, 2009

12 months/12 projects/12 balls of yarn

a new year! (can't believe that we are going double digits...just seems like we were worried about y2k. yikes!) and a new yearlong kal! knit at least one project for each month of 2010 and you will be entered into a drawing to win 12 balls of yarn! there will be random drawings during the year from all the projects finished. we are also working on adding a twist to the prizes.

the rules will be very similar to the ones for the 52 week challenge kal. projects cannot be started until january 1st (of course, i am a softy so may allow a new year's eve start for all of you who like to bring in the new year doing your most favorite thing! knitting and champagne!!! what more can you ask for?!!!).

so let me know if you want to play! leave a comment on this post or email me at carefreekal at gmail dot com and i will add you to the list.

if you are new to the blog, please email me for an invitation to the blog and we will get you set up to play!

eta: projects do not have to be completed in the same month that you start them. however, you cannot start any projects until january (or maybe dec 31st-if i decide to be really nice)

12/22: i have everyone listed who has contacted me to join this kal. if i am missing your name, please let me know!



Here is the start of a triangle shawl.

The pattern for the shawl can be found here.

I bought the yarn over 10 years ago for the another project. I still have a couple balls left over and thought about using it up for the shawl.

Good luck to everyone participating in the 12 month KAL!

Happy New Year 2010!

Julie H

End of 52 Week Challenge 09 - last objects finished

No KAL-socks, because I missed to take a pic of the unfinished socks. These were a gift for a friend and she likes them.

Qualifying for a second project for December: This is my cardigan, finished right before Christmas and very welcome, as it was very very cold. We definitely had white christmas.

Here is a detail from the band and how it is sewn to the front. Shape was made with the help of short rows.
There is only one object missing that I did not finish this year. It is the green cardi with the asymmetric closure and the square neck. All I have to do is the seaming of the sleeves. But I cannot find the cardi. Within the last two weeks I re-organised my stash. My big stash. My giant stash. Now I know where each and every yarn is, but where did I put that green cardi ?
All the best to all of you for 2010!
AND: Thank you for offering this KAL. I will go for it again in 2010.

Monday, December 28, 2009

December project

I have started a new project with the goal of finishing it by the end of the month. I have credit for 11 months in the 52 week challenge, but the project with both a progress and a finished post does not have enough yardage to qualify for December.

As part of the Ravelry group Sock Knitters Anonymous, one of the options for the December challenge was to knit a sock completely from left overs. I started with a pile of yarn like this.

I've a good start on the sock, and I'm off work this week. There are 8 different yarns in this sock. The slip-stitch pattern is from Barbara Walker's first Treasury

rules for 12 months/12 projects/12 balls of yarn

the rules will be the same as the ones for the current 52 week challenge. you may knit different small projects for the month but must meet the minimum yards to get credit for the month. please show all the projects together in ONE post as i get easily "cornfooseded!" :)

no current ufo's or wip's may be used for 2010 project credit.

you may cast on beginning december 31, 2009 for the 12/12/12 kal. i know we all want to be doing something we love as we celebrate the start of a new year!


it's almost time!!!!!!! squeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

here's the twist!!!!

as you all know, our carefree kal blog is generously supported by crystal palace yarns (and we love you, susan!). although, you are not required to knit your projects with crystal palace yarns, we have always encouraged its use with special prizes limited to projects made with cpy yarns.

we have added a twist to the 12 months/12 projects/12 balls of yarn kal. susan has donated an additional prize package of 12 balls of yarn to be awarded to the knitter who knits the most projects with crystal palace yarns during the kal! the projects must contain a minimum of 90% crystal palace yarn to qualify.

so, there you have it...2 prize packages of 12 balls of crystal palace yarn (winners' choice of yarn and color) plus additional prize drawings during the year! what are you waiting for?! january is just around the corner! sign up now!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

December project

The purple slippers are finished. Knitting was finished about 9:00 Dec. 24th. Felting followed and they were placed on our boiler for drying. Past history was repeated. Next afternoon they were dry!

They were wrapped up, and Saturday they were unwrapped and spent the rest of the day on their owner's feet. 283 yards of bulky yarn out of my stash!

And another December project

That was a cute quick knit that I finished right before Christmas. Mini Mochi in Neptune Colours... was not enough to qualify for the December project... 1/2 ball approximately was used.

December socks

This pair is using a stitch that was inspired by something that my dad once said. It must have been a year ago or so... and in the beginning of this month, his question popped into my mind, with these socks as result. My dad is always in my mind.

390 yards are used for this pair.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Project for Christmas

I actually have 2 projects unfinished for Christmas, but neither is needed until Saturday, when the family gathers.

I have knit a pair of felted clogs. which are in the washer right now. Here's what they looked like yesterday. The top of the foot is Aussi Wool bulky and the sole is various bits of Lopi. The accent yarn is Bernat Fur Out.

Happy Birthday

Just a quick note to wish Adrienne our wonderful "mom" here a Very Very Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Adrienne's shawlette (no name yet) + Lulu

I call this my Dandie shawl and used the Unique Sheep peacock gradiance yarn I frogged from the Traveling Woman shawl I knit earlier this year (my binding off was way too tight). I knit 2 repeats of the pattern and will do another one in shawlette size doing one repeat of each chart. Adrienne posted hers in shawlette size.
The ultramarine Lulu by designer Birgit Freyer is CPY bamboo wool and has a great drape for this pattern. It took almost exactly 2 skeins (2 gms leftover).
I'm adding another pic of Georgia Peach (my fav model) having fun with the mini-mochi shawlette (Evelyn Clark "wildflower" scarf) in Neptune being "babushka girl". Note the coloring of the Neptune and the peacock gradiance. :)
I wanted you to see them finished and had to wait for my friend to bring her granddaughter and her camera. You can see why I call her my "Peach" and she is as polite and sweet as she is lovely.
Happy holidays to all of you from way down under here at Peacock Paradise xoox

Monday, December 21, 2009

52-week December YEAH!

Hi everyone. I finally got my computer working again. But, everything is sitting in my old hard drive and still trapped in limbo. Here are my progress and final pictures for this month. I made Santa's Elf hats for each of the kids with matching scarves. Plus, I made a hat and scarf for a snowman decoration. I used two skeins (364yds each) of Red Heart Super Saver yarn. One in Cherry Red and the other Hunter Green. I have just enough left to make a couple of tiny elf hats for the hospital. I will post those when I finish them. Have a very happy holiday! I can not wait for my sock cd! You did rockin' great work Dr. Laura and designers!

Same pattern different yarn

Another pair from the same Adrienne Pattern. Yarn my dd purchased and asked me to make her socks with the yarn. The lys to her makes sock blocks with double strands and then dyes them.
Just another view. Did do the eop heel but does not show really well.
Had to do the side by side to show how much they really are twins.

With this my Christmas knitting is done..............

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Adrienne's Pattern complete.

But, before I get there had to show off Nemo. Took me a while to figure out which fin was "special". I don't have any little ones around here. Funny looking "nose" is the short rows for the body guess it does not like the angle. Also cocked the eyes on purpose.

Another view of Nemo. Was a fun knit from

Drum roll..........

My completed socks by Adrienne Fong.

These remind me of years ago my Grandma's Garden. Complete with all the climbing roses.
I am sure Adrienne will put her 2 cents in here so will let her tell you the name and when this pattern will be public.

Finished 3 more pairs of clogs/slippers, but will not bore you with them. I think it is like over 30 pairs I have done this year.

Off to finish off one more pair of socks before the big day.

Happy Hollydazes.......

52 Week Challenge- December-finished

At least they are finished and gone to my daughter. They may count for december and if she comes for a visit on Christmas, I could make better pictures with her wearing them.
If you keep your fingers crossed, my cardigan could be finished this week as well. All parts are waiting for the seams, ends have been woven in. Given our very low temperatures today, it sure would come in handy.


Woo-hoo! I have completed the 52 week challenge!

Here is my December project:

Project: Fair isle vest - #14 from the fall 2007 issue of Knit Simple magazine
Cast on: 7/18/09
Completed: 12/19/09
Yarn: Tatamy Tweed DK in Navy, Cherry and Sea Blue
Little Lehigh Pebbles DK in First Tooth (same yarn base, but just a color line for children - I needed the off-white!)

Needles: Knit Picks options circulars: US 4 for the ribbing and I-cord finishing and US 5 for the fair isle
Yardage: 580 yards (calculated by weighing)

This was my first big fair isle project and I'm really happy with how it turned out. It was challenging, but a lot of fun to knit. And I'm so glad that I had the 52 week challenge to motivate me to finish it by the end of the year!


P.S. I still have my Miss Marple mystery socks on the needles and really hope to finish these by the end of the month too, but these will just be a bonus project.
11.20.09 001
Panda Cotton in Jet Black and Picnic

Saturday, December 19, 2009

12 months/12 projects/12 balls of yarn KAL

Sounds like fun, and the incentive to finish things, not just cast on! Please sign me up!

Gables Deb on Ravelry

52 Week Challenge - Brenda (Owlsrook)

Completed December Project - Winter Frost Socks (no beads version) these were done in
Elann Sock it to Me Sock yarn, and took 346 yards. The Colour #40453 which is a Dusty Rose sort of colour. Had a hard time getting pictures to show the true colour as some of them with the lighting made the yarn look purple.

So that's the end of my projects for the 52 Week Challenge for 2009. Now look forward to starting the 2010 KAL.

Brenda in Alberta
Owlsrook on Ravelry

Yankee Fox Mike socks finished

This pattern is one of Fred's favorite socks: Gridiron by Anne Hanson of Knitspots. This is the second pair I've knit with our plane's color scheme, however, this time I did the stripes much better thanks to tips from Adrienne. :) White is Patonyle, red is knit pick bare that I dyed with Wilton's red and blue is knit pick "blue jay" (as I recall). Fingers crossed this pair doesn't have the colors run like the first pair.
I'm adding a pic of the plane that Fred built starting in our family room in CA and finishing here in Oz. 15 years from beginning to end and when he took it back east to the national air show, he won 2 first places: Concours d'Elegance + Best Composite aircraft. Am I proud of him?! I will need to knit a lot of YFM socks over the years...

Friday, December 18, 2009


Knitting this cute little shawlette called "Pimpelliese" (designed by Christine Ebers; free on rav and already shown here by Adrienne) and using the yarn I won last year. So glad I saved it for just the right pattern. :) I am going to be knitting this in between the monthly entries for next year. It is easy to pick up and do just a little. I started yesterday, but the rows are getting longer...I have 2 skeins of the yarn and will go as far as I can on the first one before decreases begin. This really makes me feel Joyful and it is a very enjoyable yarn/pattern combination to knit. Perfect holiday time knitting even here in the summer.

Oh My Gosh!!!

Thank you so much for the Holiday KAL - I can't believe I won!!! I really appreciate all of you that make this KAL possible - the great comments, support, ideas, yarns and pretty, pretty pictures. You are such a great group - so friendly - and it is an added bonus to see what everyone is knitting. Such inspiration - Thanks Again - Renee' aka yoyosocksister

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

from waistcoateer

i am sharing her email to me...

"Many many thanks to Susan and all of you who run the blog and maintain the KALs. Finding out I was one of the winners finally put a smile on my face after having a not so good day yesterday, and it was wonderfully distracting to think about which yarn to choose."

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What's Up?

I am a groundhog - coming out of my burrow to see the sun.
Oops, wrong time of year.!
I am Dorothy, trying to get to the Emerald City.
You mean that's not me either?

Well, anyway, here's what's been keeping me and Adrienne and a lot of folks busy!

The 50 Socks - 50 States (plus Canada, Mexico, and the US territories) CD/Book is beginning to ship very very soon. It has 57+ Sock Patterns, along with Fun Facts Info for every State & Country & Territory featured.
Our fearless KAL leader - Adrienne - has a really smashing design! Look for the lovely sky blue sock with diamonds! [oh? not diamonds?] The sock is called Bling and comes in two versions - subtle, and not so.
While a shipment next week means the CD/Book will be a belated HOL gift for yourself or a friend, we think it has a lot of fun designs, and hopefully much inspiration! Adrienne's already working on the plans for KAL's in 2010.!

Email me
proflaura AT firststepinternet DOT com

for info - or go to Paypal with the appropriate total from the following

1. $27.18 for US First Class
2. $30.40 for US priority
3. $27.46 for Canada First Class
4. $29.41 for International First Class

blessings, :L,

ps from adrienne: click on the pictures for better view of socks!!!!!


brought me back to sock knitting.

circle socks (rav link)
in a pear tree! for really!!!!

you know i can't follow a pattern to save my life. added k1tbl. p1 ribbing for about 1 inch; and then changed the heel to a mini heel flap/gusset with garter stitch short row heel, and a garter stitch wedge toe...just cause i thought they would be "cute!"

these will be for my niece as i cannot find the pair of rainbow socks i was originally going to give her. they are "somewhere"! just not somewhere i can see them...groan.

almost done with pimpeliesse scarf too. this scarf would be gorgeous in mini mochi. may have to knit another one when this one is finished.

so what else have you all been knitting?

Thank you!!

Thanks to everyone involved with running this fun blog and an especially big thank you to Susan at Crystal Palace Yarns for her generous yarn prizes!! It is a tough (but fun) decision to choose what yarn and colors I want when I'm lucky enough to win a prize here. :-) The yarns are all so great!!

I'm so glad to have found this online community to share my projects with and I like that we are a relatively small group. It's fun to see all the new people that have joined in recent months - welcome! This is a fun and talented bunch of knitters and crocheters and I'm proud to be a part of it.

I can't believe the 2009 52 week challenge is nearing the end (my December project is blocking and just needs a little finishing work!) and I am preparing to take on the challenge again in 2010. It is great motivation to actually FINISH projects that I start!

So, thank you to Susan, Adrienne, Laura, Debi and KyleAnn for organizing this fun blog!!

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!

-Cathy (n3tue)

Oh My Goodness....

That's so exciting to win something. I never win things. Now, I need some help since I don't know anything about CPY Yarns. None of the LYS around here sell it. So I need opinions from "those in the know" about what I should pick as my prize. (Though I'm sure they are all fabulous anyway!)

Thanks again for letting me be part of your KAL. I love them (and loved the sock KAL). Thanks for such generous donators of yarn to this KAL also. Such a great Christmas present!


Thank You

A big Thank You to Susan of CPY for providing us the yarn as prizes.

A big reason this KAL is so fun and has lasted now for over a year is because of Susan's generosity.

Rumor has it we are going for our second full year. Oh my....the knitting we will do.

Thanks again Susan.

Thank you!

I played for fun but I actually WON something! A big thanks to Susan for donating the prizes that feed our obsession--CPY rocks! Also thanks to Adrienne, Dr. Laura, Debi and KyleAnn for taking time out of their busy lives to take care of the day to day maintenance of the site and all of the KALs! I can't wait to see what's in store for next year!

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

Big hug from way down under

Many thanks to Dr. Laura and Adrienne for your efforts all year keeping this KAL going and especially to Susan of CPY for your generosity in giving us such lovely yarn.

I will post my current CPY project soon. I'm almost finished with Lulu in my fav yarn color: ultramarine. It drapes beautifully and I know I will enjoy wearing it.

My prize choice is for mini-mochi which is my favorite yarn. I wear that little shawlette/scarf I knit a few months ago a lot and always get compliments when I'm out. I wear it a lot at home, too. Soft, lightweight, comfy and I can knit with it on which as we all know is important in judging whether we will wear something, right? :)

I hope to have Adrienne's jasmine mitts finished before winter here in July.

Congrats to all the winners and best wishes for a wonderful holiday filled with knitting enjoyment to all of you-
xoox from peacock paradise

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ahhhhh, thanks to a long job today....December's project is done :)

Life is good, again.

375 yds Wollemeise 80/20 twin...vulcan colorway.
Now that the high for tomorrow is 7'F....I made him take them off so I can wrap them and toss them under the tree. They are to go with his Mizzou wear. Any Kansas fan will know how much this pained me :D.

Thank You!!

Adrienne, thank you so much! I'm so excited! I don't think I've ever won anything before! I will email you now with my yarn and color choices. Thanks so much for having this contest. It was a lot of fun and definitely encouraged me to finish more things than I would have otherwise.

Thanks again!
GablesDeb on Ravelry


and the odds of winning were pretty good. we had a final total of 86 projects knit by 17 members! our generous sponsor, susan (of crystal palace yarns), has allowed us to draw not just 8, but 9 winners!

using the random number generator, i matched those numbers with your project numbers. the winners are:
  • peacockmom
  • debi the "clog queen" =)
  • jill
  • angie k
  • gablesdeb
  • nolaboard
  • waistcoateer
  • denver nash
  • yoyosocksister
there were 9 projects which qualified for the special drawing for projects made with crystal palace yarns. each project counted as one entry. and just for fun, i left my 3 projects in the mix. i used the old fashioned "name on a piece of paper, draw name from hat" method for this. my son helped me draw....
  • adrienne
  • adrienne
  • adrienne
what are the odds?! if only i could do that with the lottery! LOL! so, drawing one more name - the final winner for the CPY project drawing is:
  • cathy (n3tue)
ladies and gentleman, you have each won 2 skeins of crystal palace yarn of your choice of yarns and colors. please email me at:

carefreekal at gmail dot com

with your mailing address and TWO yarn choices with TWO color choices. i will send these on to susan after i hear from everyone.


ps. the rule is i get to keep the yarn if you don't send me all the information.

we all wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season! feel free to keep posting projects through the end of the year. i will be back soon with the details for a new 2010 year long kal.

Friday, December 11, 2009

52-week Dec

Computer problems here. I can not post but I am making santa's elf hats for the kids and Stephanie Pearl McPhee's "Pretty Thing" (ha, ha first lace project and way Something is wrong with the disk/ hard drive space/memory... I think, So, ladies please go to Laura's Sirius group on Rav for a famliy update. I will try to post when my computer will let me upload pics. Hope all is well with you all. Happy "early" Holidays.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

December post

I missed posting this for the Holiday KAL. What can I say, I've been busy knitting things that I can't show you. I'm hoping to sell the patterns, so no pictures. I also have a full time job, which takes up a lot of knitting time.

A pair of socks for a December birthday. These are for a grandson who likes orange. Both yarns are from Knit Picks. The pattern is my own. Finished Dec. 3 and already gifted.

Finished Spitzbergen

I finished my Spitzbergen Shawl, although not in time for the contest. The pattern was written for lace weight yarn, but I was afraid that it would be too small so I used JaggerSpun Maine Line, which is fingering weight. It came out huge (measuring 74" by 34" but seems larger since it curves and fits like a hug), but I love it. I know it will get a lot of use!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ANOTHER Adrienne Fong design not named

This lovely pattern hasn't an official name yet. Maybe this post will give our esteemed designer a nudge? I think of it as my Dandie shawl because the green is like our peahen's neck and the blues are like her now 11 month old chicks born on Christmas Eve last year. She has 4 more now hatched on T-giving Day.
I plan to have this finished, blocked and ask my friend with a better camera to take a pic so I can post it this month. :)

An Adrienne Fong Sock

This is a sock I am hoping to finish for Christmas. It is an Adrienne Fong design. But, I know it will bug Adrienne not posting the name of the pattern or a picture of the pattern. Guess she will have to be happy with a heel flap.