Saturday, May 28, 2011

Prime Time - May projects

I have a little mismatch of projects this month. . .
Finally! I finished the Sweet Briar Scoodie that was started way back in Feb - just in time for the bday it was intended. . . I kind of like the idea of the hooded scarf but the pattern was painfully boring and picking up the border was not my fave either - if I were to make something else like it I would just pick a patterned solid scarf and hood w/ matching edge and it would go much faster!
Then as usual I had a few socks in the rotation. First was my 3 ewes Twisted in Fiber stripey fix w/ "frog legs":
and my purple "blueberry waffle socks" that was meant for my Apr solid socks but wasn't finished until May :) :
and lastly, we went a little bananas over "Jerry the Musical Monkey":

KWTP Trio Tote

I went digging deep to find this CP Trio yarn that I bought years ago just for the tote. It used almost 3 skeins exactly. . . I love the texture of the yarn!

KWTP Rainbow Coast hitchhiker finished

Lots of details about this project on my Rav page. After using 3.5 skeins of Intense Rainbow for this shawlette sized scarf, I'm still in love with this yarn. I have worn this a few times and feel it is a big success. :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Finished for May

For my May projects I am sharing a pair of socks knit from some sock blanks that I dyed. These have just a slight textured pattern on the cuffs. The other project is some Jester booties which I made for a friend's new grandson. I actually made a whole bunch of booties for him for different occasions. Most of the pictures of these are on my blog. I purchased the Jester pattern on Ravelry and used some Wildflower cotton yarn from my stash to make them.


I made the Santa Fe Bag by Devra Wagner.  I'm feeling so-so about the results.  I was trying to use up some stash yarn and the two yarns I chose were too close in color to show off the delightful zig-zag feature of the pattern.  Also, since I was using yarn that had been given to me, I'm not sure of the yardage I used (due to insufficient label info for one color, no label for the other) .  The pattern calls for 450 yards total.  While I'm not  convinced I used that much, I take it on faith that I used at least 300.

I wish I would have used my brain a little more instead of blindly following the pattern.  I definitely would have changed the top border and knitted it in seed stitch or even a couple of rows of garter stitch instead of stockinette all the way up to prevent the roll along the top edge.  One of these days I'll have to put in a lining.  Ripping it back and doing it over isn't an option (for me) since one of the straps (30 inches of i-cord) is knit as a continuation from the end of the purse.

Ta-da!  Another FO!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011 Prime Time! May project #3

Small gifts of tissue cozies which will be given to each of the women at a birthday party for my daughter. The cozies were knit from fingering yarn oddments., and the average amount of yarn for each was 57 yards.

Total Yarn: assorted fingering - 513 yards/128 grams
Needles: 2.25mm

2011 Prime Time! May project #2

A gift for my daughter's birthday, a book or whatever bag, lined with a paisley fabric to prevent anything from catching on the floats. Her name is Vanessa, which is also the name of a genus of butterflies called Painted Ladies.

Yarn: KnitPicks Essential Gold and KnitPicks Essential Burgundy
333 yards/72 grams
Needles: 2.50mm

Monday, May 23, 2011

Prime Time KAL - 5/11 WIP

I am making the Coquille Shawlette for my project this month. I am using Mini Mochi in #110 colorway and size 3 and 9 needles....

KWTP KAL Finished!!

Here is my finished Mini Mochi Sakaki shawlette. Began April 16th and finished April 27th. Used 2 skeins of color # 300. Finished size blocked to 53" x 12". I loved the edging as is, so I did not block the edging, which caused this to really become a lovely neck wrap!! An all time favorite! I have already received many compliments on it!!


Another shot of this very pretty yarn (Mini Mochi!!) and pattern! I think it might be one of my most favorite shawlettes ever...

KWTP KAL: Sakaki Mini Mochi Shawlette

Love this Mini Mochi yarn and this new shawlette pattern, the Sakaki shawl, with proceeds going to the relief effort in Japan (by Romi)....enjoying watching the colors change!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Prime Time May

I have declared my scarf project finished on Ravelry, although I will continue to knit them until I run out of bulky yarn or get tired of them. I have used over 650 yards of yarn, 9 different balls. I have them all listed on my Ravelry project page. Needles varied from size 10 to 11. I used the size suggested on the ball band. At least one was crocheted. They are 4-5 stitches wide and 5-6 feet long or until I ran out of yarn. I knit one sideways on 175 stitches and 9 rows. Most are garter stitch mindless knitting. The12 scarves plus any more I knit are being donated to charity through my guild.

KWTP Finished KAL

I did it in time for the shower for my friend's daughter... Yahoo... I used Maizy yarn and I really liked the way it turned out for a little boy. The patterns used were - Knit a Dozen Baby Socks by Edie Echman (size 3 needles), the bib was from Ravelry at (size 3 needles). It was quick and fun. I finished the washcloth (size 8 needles) as an after thought...(thanks Terry for the idea).


To add to the socks I decided to make a bib and a washcloth...

2011 Prime Time! May project

Pattern: Decarhombi Bag
Yarn: Plymouth Boku - 430 yards
Needles: US11

Such a disappointment this project is for me. Somehow when picking up the stitches for the closing square, I goofed. Idon't know just what I did wrong, and did not see the problem until AFTER the bag was felted...of course by then it was too late to fix the problem! The resulting shape is a disaster. However, once my annoyance has abated, I will cut it apart and reassemble the pieces into a new, though different, bag. So it won't be a complete and total disaster.

KWTP KAL Tracy Van Wormer

Hollyhock Shawl (aka Taos Shawl)

I changed the name of this shawl because the colors
resemble the colors of the hollyhocks blooming in my back yard. It is a side to side knitted
project, with a 6 stitch basic lace ruffle on one side, and 4 sticth garter border on the other. I used 2 1/2 skeins of Taos # 11. I was afraid of running out of yarn...(not that THAT has ever happened before) so I started with 10 stitches --4 garter border, 4 stockinette, 6 lace border. Then k1f&b in the stitch before the lace pattern on every RS row. I used up one skein on increases, then used the partial skein for the no-increase/straight portion, then one skein for the decrease portion. I ended up with only a few
yards left. This piece looks very "fair isle"...the photos do not do to colors justice. I used size 8 needles, but think I might try a larger needle for better drape. Still, I am happy with the way it turned out.

Ravelry project link