Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another pair for Kelli in progress

This yarn works wonderful! Pair 5 for Kelli in progress...the yarn is Online Supersocke 100. I am about to go to the heel for the first one, so with a little luck this pair will be done by tomorrow night... Speed knitting? LOL!!!

Market Bag Completed!!

I finished my daughter's Lacy V Market Bag last evening. I was racing against the sun because I wanted to take a picture outside. Well, the sun won and today it is raining. So, we have what we have. I love this bag. And my older daughter stopped by last night and saw this--guess what?? She wants one, too!! Maybe for her birthday in January!! I have to get Christmas finished first!!

This crocheted in Peaches 'n Creme natural undyed 100% cotton using a size F crochet hook. I used almost an entire cone of yarn, so we'll round it out to 600 yards.

I do love this bag, and again--something I may just have to make for myself!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Projects

I've been busily knitting and crocheting just not posting. *smile* I just love seeing all of the photos and reading about your projects! You all do such lovely work! *grin* I started a Christmas Tree doily, a set of Candy Cane Covers, a set of giant snowflakes, a basket weave hat, and a hoodie/hat/scarf thing. I'm making pretty good progress so far and I hope to have several of the projects completely finished in the next couple of days. My hubby has to go to Colorado on business so I'll have lots of uninterrupted knitting and crochet time while he's gone. *sad smile* I'm going to miss him but luckily it's only for a few days. Here are my progress photos; I hope it's all right that I posted them all together.

Steph G.


Well, I have not finished anything since my last post. I did finish ONE sock of a pair for the Through the Loops Mystery Sock KAL and am still plugging away on the second. I cast-on for a cute "Capitan" hat which was for ME, so I guess it doesn't matter that I didn't have time to post here, since it isn't appicable for our gift KAL! But I was sad that I had lost a purchased crocheted hat, so I felt justified in CO something for ME.

The very happy thing is that my cousin saw the hat and I now know that her daughter would appreciate one, so I am making her one for Christmas! So here is my Rosi Garmendia Capitan hat, v. 2.0 that I started this past Tuesday. I am just about done with the base hat portion and will have to make the brim and strap.
I also started another Cowl using the Malabrigo Silky. It started out as a gift for a friend, but being that I'm making one cousin the hat (above), I decided this might be a good gift for another cousin's kid. The color and pattern are right, and since I know I will see her on Christmas Eve (and probably sooner than my friend it was originally intended for...), it has now been re-assigned!
The color is Mint Frappe (and in person, you still cannot detect a hint of green!). I'm knitting the Ivy cowl pattern by Misty Wade that I found-where else?-on Ravelry!!!

Progress on Dragon

I am nearly finished with the friendly dragon. All I need to do is to make the wings and the ears.

Sweater finished

Somehow I had to knit this sweater... I started it on the 11th in a k 2 p 2 rib and finished it today. It contains 12.620 stitches. I used 175 grams (approximately 460 meters) of a local acrylic yarn. But Wietse finds it comfortable.

Lucky 7 Hat

Lucky for someone, but not for b-day brother. I should've gone up one or 2 more needle sizes 'cause it's a bit too snug to be a small adult hat. This will probably got to my cousin's 12 yr old or to dd1's male friends.

Lucky 7 Hat
Mission Falls 1824 Wool in Raven (black) - approx 1.4 skeins (50 g per skein) = 119 yds
size 8 KP circs
no mods

Since the hat was too small for b-day brother, he opted to keep the Maine Morning Mitts. Darn! So I've started another pair from another orphan Noro Silk Garden skein. This one screams uber-pink, so I'll gift it as well.

Maine Morning Mitts
size 8 bamboo dpns
should take the 1 skein like the previous mitts I've made

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hey Adrienne your Frogs are calling.

Finally got some items finished to post. And yes I am not sure the names but I did finish Adrienne's friends. But, in keeping with how Adrienne puts thing off a few other things first.

This is the second Calorimetry I have done. The yarn from this came from a raffle. Took just under 100 yards. I only casted on 80 stitches and knitted until I was half way through the skein then started the decreases. It fits much better than the first on I made.
The second cowl I have test knitted. Same Manos Silk Blend yarn. Forest Canopy Cowl. I went with smaller needles to see if I could cut down on yardage. Used about 150 yards. Love this pattern.

This is my first try at a hat/scarf/mitt combo. I found the idea then went off on my own pattern. Knitted from Malabrigo worsted. So soft I am so in love with this yarn. Below are the mitts. Notice the pearl buttons at the ends. The button will attach the mitts almost anywhere on the hat/scarf so that when not in use like inside they will not get lost. Bottom picture is the mitts attached at the bottom of the scarf. These took 660 yards. But oh the fun of doing this.

And now I am not sure what names Adrienne has been giving the frogs at the pond. I am thinking I will find out soon. But here is my creation of "Adrienne's best friends" I am going with 240 yards. Oh and the tongues are Panda Soy loved how that worked up.

Progress reports

Josh socks
Aussi sock yarn, pattern by Stephanie van der Linden Eshcer Wurfel. Started Oct. 31, 2008.

Peg socks
Patons Kroy socks yarn. my own pattern. this is a ruffled cuff.

One Row Scarf

Yes, I started yet another project before I finished the other two I'm working on:

It's a one row scarf for my mother in law, she used to knit so I like to give her handknit stuff but I never really know what to make. So hopefully she'll like this scarf!

Scarf, stated new project

I have started a new project, hopefully will finish it before the end of November. This is going to be a scarf using the "Strangling Vine Lace" scarf pattern designed by Nicole Hindes. However, instead of making this a long straight scarf, I plan to make it a keyhole scarf style. I had a ball of Bernat Sox yarn in my stash, so that is what I am using, and a pair of 4mm straight needles.

Brenda in Alberta
(owlsrook on ravelry)

A sweater in progress

I needed a little different to knit and went for a small sweater for Wietse. It is a quick knit and currently I am working on the sleeves. I guess it will be done tomorrow or so...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hat attack

Adrienne gently reminded me that I have been remiss in posting my gift knitting to this blog, and so here I go:

Left to right:
1) Unoriginal Hat in Sheep Shop 2 yarn (I think the colorway's Primavera) for dd1's teacher. I originally tried to knit Bounce with this yarn, but it was too heavy.
2) Blue Hat Fit for a Boyfriend in Mission Falls 1824 Wool for dd1's friend's brother who I taught to knit.
3) Charcoal Hat Fit for a Boyfriend in Mission Falls 1824 Wool which was my first attempt (both with 90 st cast on instead of the pattern's 100), but is 1" too short. This will go to my friend's toddler.
4) Hermione Cable & Eyelet Hat in Crystal Palace Merino 5 Print for dd1's friend since dd1 stole the first hat I made for her prior to the KAL.

and on the bottom:
5) Lucky 7 hat in progress for my b-day brother 'cause I want to keep the Noro Maine morning mitts I originally made for him. Also in Mission Falls 1824 Wool, this time in black.

A few of these hats are modelled in my blog with a little more detail on the knitting, but in scattered posts. Once I'm done with the Lucky 7 hat, I'm going to move onto mitts, cowls, and maybe even a scarf.

Completed Socks

Here are my completed "Double Eyelet Rib Socks", done on Magic Loop, Knit Pick's Circular needles 2.25mm. I used Knit Pick's Essential Yarn - Multi - in Confetti colorway. This is very sock yarn and really nice to knit with. It pools or strips at will. I used approx. 350 yards in total to complete these socks in a ladies size medium. Now, on to something else before the KAL ends.

Love the photos people are posting, nice projects, lots to add to my future to do list.

Brenda in Alberta

Another wip: husband socks

Since I ran out of yarn the other day for my scarf, I decided to cast on for some simple socks for my husband until so I'd have something to work on until I could get to the store. He loves the socks I made him out of Panda Cotton so I'm using some in the sable colorway I had in my stash.

Pair 4 for Kelli is done.

Socks scanned... a pair ready. I had fun with this pair for sure, enjoying the bright colours of Opal Petticoat. I used 295.5 meters in this pair. Onwards to pair 5 for Kelli.

Kelli on Ravelry is actually more a bag-knitter, although she has quite a sock yarn stash, she never came to knit socks for herself. She asked in the Handmade RAK group if someone was willing to knit a pair of socks for her...

I offered her to knit, but since shipment costs are an issue we agreed for her to send more than 1 skein of yarn, and I'd knit socks for her. An amazing box arrived in October, and it sure is getting empty...hehehe... 3 pairs to go still :-) But I enjoy every minute of it...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Waterlily socks finished and gifted

Birthday gift was a big hit and these socks fit her perfectly. This is a wonderful pattern and I will knit myself a pair post a few wips for Christmas gifts. This took a bit out of a second skein of Lorna's shepherd sock yarn so am guessing they were about 230 yds. I started a pair for my husband using Patonlye cream yarn I dyed. I really love using this yarn. The pattern is "So Square Sock" by Anne Hanson of knitspots.

Finished Photo!

I posted about finishing these last week, I think, here is the pic now that I have located my camera. I haven't figured out the yardage yet as I have started another pair of socks using the leftover yarn. If I don't finish this second pair (in-progress photo soon, I promise!) before the deadline, I will post a guesstimate by the 30th. I am using the Charade pattern from Ravelry for the 2nd pair.
Love all the pics, everyone!

Christmas stocking finished.

The stocking is finished. It's the only family one this year! Started Oct. 31. Finished Nov. 10. Basic family pattern with the leg taken from one of my Japanese stitch dictionaries. Yardage about 200 yds. All yarn from stash.


I frogged the Tiger Eye Scarf I was making, used bigger needles (size 6 vs. 4 - that's U.S. size) and changed the pattern to Branching Out and am SO pleased with the results!

The yarn is Noro silk garden sock, 328 yards. I LOVE the colors!

Busy Weekend

I had the pleasure of getting to do 2 different test projects this weekend.

First a Crocheted Scarf. This is the start. The yarn is so old I could not find it listed anywhere on the net. But it is an Acrylic/Wool blend. Twilley's Tweed is the name. It is made in Belgium. I have had it in my stash for many many years. This took 2 skeins, I think this yarn is multiplying in my closet as I have done 4 projects with it and I still seem to have as much as I had when I first got it. Pattern is Knotty Pines Scarf, Designer is Rachel van der Hoek.
Here is the finished picture. The label does not have yardage so I am going to go with 150 yards. Yes Adrienne those are crocheted yards I know....
Then I got the yarn to make the Forest Canopy Cowl by designer Susan Pierce Lawrence. Wow this is wonderful yarn. I had this yarn in my stash but not 2 skeins so I did go shopping for it. It is Manos del Uruguay, silk blend. I love this yarn. Here is the start.....and then the the final cowl. I did have to use part of the second skein so may make some mitts with the rest of the skein. So soft. Going with 150 yards.
Then because I loved this so much I started another one same yarn in a different colorway. This yarn was a gift from Jess, my daughter.

Finished first sock

I finished the first shelled sock. This sock barely fit on the scanner. I officially have three WIP's for this blog. I hope to have these project finished before the deadline.

Another project finished

I knitted this bunny for my little cousin, since I earlier knitted a turtle for her new baby brother, and you just can't leave the big sis out ;0) It is from the book "Knitted Toys by Zoe Mellor". I just love her books, and have made numerous toys from it in the past.

The bunny was knitted on size 8 needles, and I used Red Heart Fiesta Yarn in White, and Red Heart Super Saver Solid in Lavender. It took 220 yards of yarn.

Next Project Started!!

This is the start of my younger daughter's market bag. I'm using Peaches 'n Creme in natural, and this is crocheted on a size F hook. Hope this doesn't take me too long--I have a list of Christmas presents longer than my arm!!


I finally have my first project completed. This is my daughter's Irish Hiking Scarf done in Caron Simply Soft Heather. I made this longer than usual because she is a very tall girl. So, it is approximately 5 1/2 feet long, and I used approximately 350 yards of yarn. I knit this on size 8 needles, and I think it would be equally pretty in a chunkier yarn with larger needles--maybe for me? No, must wait until the Christmas projects are completed!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I am knitting a Lucy bag for a friend . . . here is about 34 rows.

Here is dark yarn, light yarn, and what I have done so far.

mini mochi #2

(whispering) ... everything laura told you about the mini mochi is true.

look at what i am playing with!

mini mochi flame rainbow (#102)

the colors are just like noro but the yarn is butter soft, the color transitions are very subtle, and THERE IS NO VEGGIE MATTER!

this fingerless mitt project is a sample for susan; and will not be a "pair" because there ain't enough yarn! yes!
a valid excuse not to knit a pair! i will be writing the pattern for the mitt and a matching scarf. (and i think this pattern would also make some wonderful socks so will be doing that too. susan said i could). now to wait for this yarn to be available for real. i wonder how many skeins it takes to stuff an over-deep queen size mattress?!

you are gonna love it! trust me!

More WIPs

You're not alone in starting more projects before finishing one! I seem to keep doing that, too.

For example, another wrap. This one won't have a buttonhole; I've decided to use some kind of scarf pin to hold it closed. It's from Claudia Hand Painted boucle in the colorway Ink. Straight stockinette stitch, very easy, very elegant. Except for the inky blackness on my hands as I knit....

Then there's the second sock that I started a week ago; I can't count the first because I started it a couple of months ago. Claudia Hand Painted fingering, Buckeye colorway. I love love love the rich reds in this colorway. I've turned the heel and started on the foot.

Think I'll ever finish anything???