Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dayflower Lace Scarf - Holiday KAL Project #2

Here is my 2nd project for the Holiday KAL. While up in Colorado for a friend's wedding back in late September I went to a very nice yarn store called The Knitty Cat. My friend Andrea picked out this Malabrigo yarn in the Melilla color. To be honest, I thought the color was kind of ugly in the hank but once I wound it I have changed my mind. This is super colorful and I am liking how it is knitting up. This is the most complicated lace pattern I have tried as of yet. It has changing stitch counts, k3tog, p3tog, p2tbl and the like. Hopefully, I won't mess it up! This is going to look great once done and blocked.

Friday, October 16, 2009

traveling woman in gradiance finished

I did an extra chart A. Not happy with the top section which should scoop instead of be a hump and the bind off is too tight. :(
The color is more like the darker picture. It is a lovely jewel tone and a lot like our peacocks.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

50 socks- 50 states and more

this is a preview of the book - a flier with just some of the 57-58 socks!
for each state, us territory, or country, we have a "fun facts" page, as well as great patterns with a lot of closeup pics!

everything is so far progressing well towards a 10-31 press/publication date and mailing there after!!

blessings, L
Dr Laura

Gift socks and other things

This pair is for my grandson. His birthday was in July. They're a little late. I have designed them, but the pattern doesn't show up well. He has wide feet, and yes he's an adult.

I'm working on another pair for a late October birthday. This granddaughter asked for blue.Again, its my own design.

Holiday KAL - Brenda (Owlsrook)

Holiday Kal - In Progress Photo - Lagoon Pond Scarf in Bernat Jr. Jaquard, (stash busting). This will be a Keyhole design which is why you see a narrow section in the scarf. I bought several balls of this yarn in various colourways some time ago as I was knitting things for some little people, so decided to use some up in scarves for give aways. I think I'll do some mittens to go with this & maybe a hat.

Brenda in Alberta
Owlsrook on Ravelry

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

done with ONE!

actually, this would be my second holiday knit but it is the first one to count for the kal.

traveling woman shawlette

mini mochi in violets rainbow
us size 6 needles

my first holiday knit would be these rainbow socks for my niece with the short row heels from h*ll! i must have knit the heel on the left sock at least 15 times if not more (5 days worth of knitting) before i finally got a heel i could live with. the right sock took me no less than 3 tries. funny, the yarn survived all that torture.

rainbow socks

deborah norville serenity in aquamarine
us 1 and 1.5 needles

and to make life even harder for myself, i decided that the socks had to be mirrored. yes, i did.

socks- 0
adrienne - a PAIR!!!!!!

now, don't nobody mention nuttin about short row heels in my presence. i don't wanna know.

update on Holiday KAL#1 plus start of project #2

These socks are becoming my nemesis. I know I'll love them ultimately but it's taking me longer to knit this pair of socks then it did my very first sock 8 years ago. Now maybe part of the problemmight be the fact I drove 20 hours over 3 days this past weekend and then spent one of those days on a college campus tour with my oldest son; hence, I didn't have as much knitting time as usual. But I'm finally on to the heel flaps for these socks. So I thought I show you all my progress and maybe that will help me finish them.

But because I'm hating working on these socks right now I started another project. Normally I'm a very monogamous knitter. So last knit I took to bed with me my very first hand spun yarn and decided I'd make a hat with it. I'm designing the hat from the top down as a very basic hat for my youngest son, who thinks I'm doing a charity knitting project so I can do it in front of him since it's a Christmas gift. The definitely over spun and varies widely in diameter, so I'm unspinning it slightly as I knit it. When I finished the first ball last night, it looked more like the top of a tam, so I unraveled 5 rows this morning and took out the last set of increases and tried again. So here's a picture of it. If all goes well, that will be finished tonight and I'll go back to my socks yet again.

-Sarah (Cibola on Ravelry, where I need to put my last 4 projects and accompanying photos)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Traveling Woman so far

2 repeats of chart A finished and will do another one with the next color and most likely do chart B with the color shown in the middle. The last one might be a back up in case I run out. This is the peacock colorway from Unique Sheep gradiance. The more I knit with it, the more I like it. :)
Really enjoying knitting this pattern and it sure is a fast gift idea! I'm keeping this one due to the peacock colors. That's why I'm hesitant to use the final yarn color.

my not traveling "traveling woman"

this is a fairly fast knit. YEAH! this is my progress picture after 1 1/2 days of knitting. picture shows one repeat of chart a. i've decided to keep this scarf size so am following the pattern with 2 repeats of chart a, then ending with chart b. i am halfway through chart b!

mini mochi in violets rainbow
us 6 needles (4mm)

i found myself with the wrong number of stitches after the stockinette section so just fudged it. i think i must have missed some of those "every row edge yarnovers". oh well.

Holiday projects in progress

this is my first project of holiday knitting... Solid Sock Mystery

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cal's Holiday KAL: Two more Projects!

First of all, I have completed clue #1 of the Fall Mystery Shawl. I am using Knit Picks Gloss (Chipotle). The first few rows were really hard because they are double-sided lace, and the double decreases on the wrong side were a huge pain. But it was worth it to get to the later rows. Cute leafies! (Edit: Just found out I have to make a SECOND one of these. My poor fingers. T_T)

I've also started the Luna hat and now I only have to do the crescent moon. I took a bunch of progress shots for everyone! I am using Vanna's Choice for this project. I believe the colorways are Pink, Purple, and Mustard. (Why they don't just have Yellow I'll never know).

Holiday (or not) KAL projects

Well, I was going to use the shawl that I started as one of the projects to work on but I messed something up in the second repeat and am tearing it all out. SO--my list for the KAL:
1: A red shawl for a friend
2: The red socks that I am working on now in Indigo Moon Superwash Merino (started 10/10 and will post a progress pic as soon as I take one!)
3: A pair of socks for the husband in Black Bunny Fibers Cashsock

I think that list is do-able by the end of the KAL!

Holiday KAL

First is my pre-KAL less-than-half-done stole for my mom. It's been plodding along for a while. Now that it's getting colder, it might plod a little faster.

I also have plans for a garter for my sister's wedding, but it's small and may not really count.

My family draws names for gifts. I don't know who I'm gifting yet, so I'm not sure what else goes on the list. I need a new hat, so that's going on the list for sure.