Friday, April 30, 2010

April Off Season Shawl

I completed the Falling Leaves Shawl by Everything'shonkydory.  I loved it!  It was knit in Knit Picks Gloss DK in Admiral.


2 Finished Shawls

I have finally gotten my knitting (and blocking!) mojo back. Here are 2 shawls that I finished earlier this month but just blocked. Above is Multnomah (which I had to make since my son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter live in Multnomah County in Portland, OR). I used approximately 600 yards of Rowan Tapestry with US8 needles.
This is the Eliina Shawl. I used a total of 798 yards of JaggerSpun Maine Line yarn in 4 colors on US 7 needles.

I almost forgot about April!

I finished these awhile ago but life got in the way.
Andy's Dreamcatcher Sock
Andy's Dreamcatcher socks finished
Started: April 1
Finished: April 8
Yarn: Opal Dreamcatcher

Dreamer socks
Dreamer socks finished
Started: April 7
Finished : April 16
Pattern: Sleep Walker from the Woolgirl sock club Feb 2010
Yarn: Dream in Color Knitosophy "The Dreamer"

I felt bad for only knitting socks for the KAL so I am using 2 projects for April. Unfortunately it is baseball season so socks are the practice and pregame projects and that is all I have been working on. I DO see some "Sox on the Beach" for May tho! :D

Thursday, April 29, 2010

i almost forgot to post my 200 beans

...on the sox! and there really are 200 beans on these. i actually knit more than 200 but some of them have been eaten by the frogs. don't ask. :(

cool beans
sock madness round 2

and i did make it through round 2 and met my personal goal of finishing one sock before debi finished her pair. yes, my goals are not lofty. ;o)

i didn't even try round 3 as i had a design that needed to be done asap. and i am so glad i am out as round 4 features the dreaded KNEE HIGHS! which i had already said i wasn't gonna knit; no way, no how! so there!

eta: progress photo...socks truly traumatized me. i have already forgotten that i knit the pair inside out! and that the heel was two colored fairisle. i now know why steeking may be the better alternative.

Another finished April project

Just finished these this morning.. Pattern is Skew from

Finished Shawl for April

I finished my shawl with several days to spare! Used almost three skeins of Fluffy yarn by Unger (at 156 yards each) and large (size 11) needles. I added a little crocheted loop at the bottom to give it a little zip. Simple but I think the friend I made it for will like it...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April Done

Here are are the finished dishcloths for this months KAL. I used I Love This Cotton to make these dishcloths and used about 400 yards. This is mainly for the the farmer's market that is going on this summer. It starts this Saturday and goes on through summer.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April Update

I have one finished pair of socks plus another started pair to post this week. The finished pair are Tea and Scandal Socks, which I knit with the Crystal Palace Panda Silk yarn in a very pretty silver blue that I won (thanks, Adrienne & Laura!!). I used a little over 300 yards of the yarn.

At the beginning of the month I cast on another pair of socks that I am calling my hospital socks since right after casting on I would up in the hospital for a week with multiple pulmonary emboli. I worked on them while in the hospital and now take them with me every week when I go back to the doctor. At this rate I am sure that it won't take me long to finish them!!


April progress

Hi all, I have one sock done and expect to have it's mate done by Friday. Here's the 1st sock.

The yarn is Timmie from Ruby Saphire and it's a lace weight, which is interesting. Just for grins and giggles the 2nd sock is toe up, this one was top down. What the heck, I'm designing it so I can play :O)

April Finish

Finally finished - so much for using a new technique. I goofed on size and had to rip out toes and add another inch to the sock lengths. Sigh. Now if it will just get warm here I can quit wearing the dragon hat and reknit the top shaping. Maybe by July?

Regards to all, aj

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Fuzziness

More mohair.... this time in crochet. I haven't crocheted in over 25 years. Good grief, crochet takes a lot of yarn. I was needlessly concerned about reaching 500 yards with this. I made heaps of swatches and finally settled on something like Sandi Wiseheart's Mermaid Scarf, with additional fluff and dots. More details in Ravelry.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Catching up on started projects

Green Scarf
This was started in January, as mindless knitting. The yarn is Noro Matsuri, a cotton/wool blend that I got in our knitting guild holiday exchange. Two balls will make a nice scarf. The pattern is the Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf. The needles are glass size 8 that I got at a TKGA convention, actually, I won 1 needle as a door prize and bought the other one.

Secret Sparkles Socks
These are another Ravelry SKA challenge. They fit both the online magazine and the Cookie A pattern requirements. I'm using Dream in Color Starry in Midnight Derby Color. The pattern is from Knitty, Clandestine Socks. Needles are Kollage square needles in US #1/2.25 mm. I should have bought the 7" length to fit my hands better, rather than 5", but I like the needles. They are not slippery, but are rather like bamboo or the KnitPicks Harmony needles.

My knitting guild has a toy competition every May. The toys are donated. I'm knitting a turtle from Knitted Toys by Fiona McTague. No pictures now.

April's Project

April's project is finished. I finished the Rivendell socks, a test knit Amphora socks, and my Raindrop Shawl.
Rivendell socks was knit in Wool Candy Lollipop BFL Sock, colorway is Wagashi. I did do a few mods, I made the leg longer, it was to short for me. They seem to take forever and that is ktb for some reason that stitch takes forever to do. I think it is just remembering to do it.

The Raindrop shawl is knit in Zen Yarn Garden BFL Nylon Sock yarn and the colorway is Grenadine. I loved knitting this it was a challenge but fun. I have to admit I frogged it at least 5 times to the beginning and then started to use a life line every 8 rows and frogged back then about 6 times so it did take me a while but I love how it looks, if you over look the errors. Some of the raindrops are not perfect but it is handmade and I am human.

Now what will next month bring I know I'm going to start another shawl that bug has hit me.
Till next month, Happily knitting Bye.