Saturday, August 7, 2010

Finished Project for August

I finally had a chance to block the Chalice Baby Blanket. It only took 3 skeins (600 yards) of Plymouth Encore Colorspun. Although all 3 skeins had the same color and dye lot numbers, the first skein I used was quite different. I didn't realize it until I was well into the second skein and I didn't want to rip it all back. I think the lys where I bought the yarn had put the wrong band on the skein, but it was too late to do anything about it. I am sure the baby who receives this (granddaughter of friends) will love it anyway.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dog Days KAL

I can't even remember when I started this hoodie for Haley, my granddaughter. I have enough yarn left to make her a pair of socks to match.... The pattern is #3115 from Sirdar. I used Snuggly Magic DK yarn and size 5 needles on the sweater and size 3 on the borders. I think she will love it ! I am so excited because I finished the 12/12/12 in time - yahoo! I thought I had till the end of the month for the sweater and then I read the details and oops....August 5th. I made that deadline too. Yepee! I'm on a roll :) Happy Knitting Renee' aka yoyosocksister


i was determined to finish spitzbergen for the dogs days of summer ufo kal. i did procrastinate on the photos too. LOL! will need to take better ones later.

middle of clue 4 of 6

here it is finished and blocked

and all those white looking dots are beads.

i totally do NOT know how to get photos off of the new flickr format. i give up.

adrienne with 3 stealth projects are needing to be done by the end of august. one down, two to go.

Where did time ago?

Dang another month slipped away. Being in a few days I am gonna be a Grandma I thought I should make a few more items. Then my daughters friend is also gonna have a little one. So baby booties and hats mode I went to.

My son asked if I could make a pair of camo booties for Carter (yes, my grandson's name). Gee ask and it will happen.
But then had to make a pair for the other baby also. Every male that has seen the camo booties turns to mush. I highly recommend making them to please the males. My son is taking the Camo booties to the hospital.

This was the beginning of the booties. I played with some CPY I happen to have here. The brown is Bunny Hop, the black is Puffin. Both worked up really nice in these. Yes, again made more than one pair from a skein of yarn.

Finally finished a baby blanket that I started wow way back in maybe March. This blanket took many trips with me. It was what I grabbed most times leaving the house. Including 2 trips to Calif.

Here Aran and Lace Baby Blanket is complete. Oh and more booties and hats. Again a camo to make my son happy.
Some items made the future parents came over and took the items home with them before I could snap a photo. Silly kids.

Oh and in case one did not hear....Carter will be born in a few days, so I guess I can make more stuff.

dog days of summer ufo kal rules

dog days of summer ufo kal will start june 5, 2010 and will end august 5, 2010.

rules will be simple.
1. post a picture of your ufo in current condition. would prefer projects which are not more than 2/3 completed.
2. post a picture of your finished ufo.
3. no ufo? no problem. just post a progress picture of your new project. post a picture of your finished project.
4. label your posts with "dog days kal."
5. no double dipping with 12m/12p/12boy kal.

anyone else want to play? leave a comment! =D

7/20/10 eta that i am too lazy to repost on sidebar so am "tacking" this post to the top of the blog. my BAD!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

12m/12p/12boy - August 2010 In Progress - Brenda (Owlsrook)

August in Progress Photo - Grape Vine Scarf in Chrystal Palace - Panda Wool - Strawberry. Really like this pattern, it is quick to knit, pretty, and easy lace.
Will probably be a gift for Teen Grand Daughter Meaghan who loves pink.

Brenda in Alberta
Owlsrook on Ravelry

July and Dog Days finished--finally!

I finally finished the Absorba bathmat for the UFO KAL. I think I have enough cotton to make another but it is going to have to wait til my wrists recover.
Absorba finished
Started: June 30
Finished: July 29
Yarn: Peaches n' Creme Ecru

I also finished my July socks.
Andy's Wollmeise finished
Started: July 2
Finished: July 13
Yarn: Wollmeise 80/20 Birkenrinde
Other stuff: 76sts with 8"cuffs on 2.5mm needles

Now to finish what I am working on to start the August project. :)

Dog Days Finish

Blah, this was a grueling shawl, but I finally finished it last night. A year in the making! I started it in June 2009.

Wildflower Meadow by Renee Leverington
Size 4 Needles
Yarn Fairy Goddess Lace - 1372.8 yards

12m/12p/12boy - First August Finish

I finished my August SKA challenge by Chrissy Gardiner. The main color (grey) is Plymouth Yarn's happy feet solids. CC 1 at the toe is Brown Sheep Wildfoote, CC 2 is Trekking, CC3 is Lorna's laces Shepherd sock, CC4 is Dream in Color Starry.
Needles US #1.5/2.5 mm worked with 2 circulars.

Shown in front of the first nasturtiums I've grown in years. I'd always been too busy for gardening.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dog Days cowl

Hi, Here is my Wham Bamm Cowl in Lion Brand. It is the super chunky. I modified the pattern adn ripped it out and Co'd 20 instead of 25. It used the whole skein 87 yards. It was hard to figure out how to take a picture of me wearing it. This is as close as I got. I will post on my rav profile another picture when someone else gets home. It feel really weird wearing this chunky cowl in summer with a tank top!

Monday, August 2, 2010

July Project

Knitpicks Dancing, size 0 needles, 68 stitches. Farbe 23587, Partie 61880. Used up 504 yards. Would have had another yard, but the cat ate the yarn again - not because he liked this type (he's never chewed cotton before) but because I moved him off the book I was using. Pattern mainly Cat Bordhi's Upstream socks.
I know, I said I was not doing socks this time. And I am not responsible for the color - if you remember, I wrote that husband did not want more socks. I was boxing some yarn to send to a new home, and husband grabbed these balls out. He said, "These don't feel like wool. Why are you getting rid of them?" Answer: because they are cotton and you picked them, and I won't wear them. Response: Gee, these would be nice socks. Me: Do you want another pair. Well, you can guess the answer, and he wanted them as long as possible. So here they are.
Next month, something different for sure - I'm stuck with jury duty and they do not allow knitting needles (or crochet hooks, or needles). So, since the previous washcloth stash went to a fund raiser for animals, I'll take in dishcloth cotton and chopsticks. I'll also take in some pencils, so if they confiscate the chopsticks, I'll use the pencils. If they take the pencils, they better take every pencil from everyone, or I'm raising a fuss. So if you don't hear from me next month, see if a 60+ woman in Milwaukee has gone to jail for disturbing the jury duty peace.

Papaver socks for July 12/12/12

I finished these just before the end of the month, but I wasn't able to photograph them until today because my camera needed fresh batteries.

Now I'm working on my stranded socks, although I do have some other UFOs around. Maybe I should look for one I can finish in time for the Dog Days KAL.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dog Days are Done

It's remarkable what a knitter can accomplish when she dedicates the majority of her knitting time to one project. I used over 2 # of dishcloth cotton. I had to shorten the sleeves by 2". The turn up cuffs were sewn on twice because I didn't like the way they looked at the fold. I got tired of knitting the lace. There is a lot of it. It took over a year. But......It is done!

The pattern is a knit version of a sewing pattern.

July 12/12/12

Argosy scarf finished July 15th (start July 9th). Used all of 3 balls of mini mochi = 585yds, hook 5.0 mm (H).

Also knit a very stretchy hat for my son (that also fits me). Used all of 1 skein cascade yarns sassy stripes, 218yds, needles US 1½ (2.5 mm). Start July 24th, finished July 29th. These two are not a set, just what I actually finished :)

last of dog days (I think)

Here are my last projects. A whale and mouse toy for my cat. Felted the whale to have the catnip not fall out. And I tried to get the i-cord on the tail of the mouse (but couldn't figure it out so it is braided.) I will look on knitting help if I feel better later. The dishcloth is the waffle stitch pattern on Ravelry. I am still working on a last wip but need to frog it and CO less. It may be for the 12/12/12 instead since I have to totally re-do it. Off to the fairgrounds to enter the kids (and my) projects. Nathan got to enter this year! He "painted" a birdhouse all by himself!