Saturday, June 27, 2009

TDS Farah

Here is a picture of one day's progress of the "TDS Farah" that I just took. (You may get tired of hearing from when this is said and done with!) I have put the ones in Koro on hold until the "race" is over. Anyway, I got to spend the day at the LYS knitting which is always a pleasant thing to do.
Jan Miraglio

Tour de France Start maz

Today it is hot and sticky. Good for enjoying the weekend while sitting in the shade and knitting. Diving through my stash showed that I had the prize from last year´s KAL still in its box.
Tadah: I have begun my first CPY socks!
Are they green and would they qualify for the TdF KAL?

While knitting and sipping cold water and juice I found it was time to dye some special TdF yarn for me. The colours are not very true, but you get the idea, a deep maizy yellow and a deep olive along with a lighter olive tone are now drying and will be knit into TdF socks from next week on.

52 week kal maz

My project of the month is this shawl. Made from a wool like Kauni and in Estonian patterns that are used in the Laminaria shawl from Elizabeth Freeman. I changed my mind of knitting a Bindetuch with only the star stitch when I saw this shawl.
The unblocked texture appeals to me and I am not sure if I should block it or wear it as it is a winter shawl on top of my grey coat. About 1100m.

More socks

I started these on Thursday 6/26, so they won't count for the TdS. I need them for July 5.

It's my own pattern. I will write it up after I finish the socks. It's adapted from the Vogue Stitchionary. Yarn is Patons Kroy 4 ply socks. Knit Picks US#2/2.75 mm needles.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Farah Sock

I am designing a sock that I am calling 'Farah'. I am working up the design using this Noro Kuureyon Sock as seen in this picture, however, for the KAL I will be using CPY Panda Cotton in Folliage (green). Since I am doing them toe up, they will be as tall as the yarn is long!
What this picture doesn't show is that the top of the sock is covered in cables! No it's not likely other folks will want to do this sock pattern, but then you never know!
Jan Miraglio

Finished socks

These took a long time to kit. I started May 2 and Finished June 26. There was a shawl finished along side this. They're for my son-in-law, whose birthday was May 19.

They're from a vintage sock book. I shortened the leg to 8 inches. There are 84 stitches on the leg, which really eats up yarn. The SKA group on Ravelry had cables for one of the May options. (You have until June30 to finish)

Yarn is Zitron Trekking Pro Natura, a wool bamboo blend. It's very soft and very splitty. I used Knit Picks harmony dps and should have used something with points less sharp.

I have started another pair of socks for a birthday July 5. I hope to "ride" in the Tour de Socks, but I'll have a late start.

anything goes...tweed socks ready

The first pair of a big order... they came ready yesterday. Trekking Tweed is the yarn I used for this pair... in blue. I like the way this yarn knits up.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Anything Goes KAL

The Labyrinth Carpetbag from Interweave Knits, Holiday 2008 knit with Patons Classic Merino wool - about 5 skeins @ 220 yards each. I did an i-cord handle instead of the leather one called for. There was a very big error in the pattern as printed in the magazine. The corrected directions for the triangles are on the Interweave website. This was fun to knit (once I figured out it was the pattern and not me that was crazy) but I would change the sequence of colors if I made it again.

June 52 Week Challenge

This is "Wavy" from I started it on June 7 and I'm knitting it with two skeins of Galway wool @ 210 yards each.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

All balled up and ready to go....

you can't tell I'm excited, can you. This used to be pale gray yarn...but now it's green. YIPPEE!!! I'm going to conveniently forget that I have sock one for anything goes on the needles. Better get hopping so I can start within a time frame to hope to finish in time!

anything goes

just to show that i do occasionally finish pairs of things....

"water lilies"

cascade heritage paints

and yes, i know that i only had to kitchener the toe on one sock after my progress picture. heehee!

and here are my "kai-meis." i actually finished these before we started the "anything goes" kal but wanted to share with you anyway.

mini-mochi in violet rainbow

this is the newer version of mini-mochi. it has a tighter spin to it so it is not quite as splitty as the first batch. being single ply, there are still some thick and thin spots and it is still a pita to frog (no, don't ask). it still knits up nice and fluffy!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Anything Goes socks and mitts

The fingerless mitts are "Green Thumb" by Diana Foss and a very fast knit using Merino Magic. Pattern says 150 yds. Fred really likes them on cold mornings here.
The socks are Anne Hanson's "Luxor" pattern in Crystal Palace bamboo wool Neptune color. This photo doesn't do them justice. The yarn is just gorgeous and has many subtle colors that have a slight shimmer in the sun. The pattern says 450 yds, but I used 2 1/2 balls which works out to 465 yds. This pair seemed to take a long time to knit compared to the Menehunes. I'm finishing the first sock tonight and so am happy they will be ready to post for July AND Fred's birthday. I have had to order some Wilton's frosting dye to get some red and blue yarn that won't run for the tour de France project. I sure envy you knitters up there that can just get yarn without a lot of fuss. The other yarns I have dyed using Ashford dyes have run into the white section so it will be worth the wait.

Monday, June 22, 2009

52 Week Challange - Debbie (Grandma 07)

Here is my finished project for June. The pattern is the June Mystery Sock from the Solid Socks Group on Ravelry and the yarn is Panda Silk. This one required a lot of concentration, but the end result was worth it! The sock on the left is actually a mirror image of the one on the right, but I didn't notice that it was on the blocker funny until I put the photos onto my computer. Of course, the camera battery is now dead so I'll have to retake the photo after it recharges.

Angel Island Shell Complete

And it is DONE. YIPPEE!!!!! I wasn't sure, with life and all happening. However, the Angel Island shell is done and no flakes are flying. Amazing what this challenge has done for my finish ratio! Thanks! I took 676 yds of Bella Colour to finish this tank.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Socks and dishcloths

I have finished one crocheted dishcloth. 137 yards so far. I'll make sure that the lighting is better when I finish the second one.

There is sock progress. I'm now on the heel of the second sock. It's remarkable how quickly socks knit up when you actually work on them.

Knitting Progress

I finished one sock for my latest 52 week KAL project, so I thought I'd post a progress photo:
06.21.09 002

This is Panda Cotton in the colorway "Roses". Love it!

Birthday socks started

I'm hoping this pair will be ready on the 4th of July and be my posting for that month. Pattern is Menehunes Cobblestones by Adrienne Fong.
It is a fast knit with enough pattern to keep it interesting, but easy enough to watch a good mystery by the fire. The yarn is from a stash of 6 skeins I bought for airplane socks, knowing he will always need red or blue socks for airshows.

anything goes items for Joel

The socks are "Baby Cable Socks" by Diane Kostecki and I used Merino Magic for them as well as the hat ("Ashton") by Maxcine DeGouttes, a free pattern on ravelry. I somehow lost the original progress pic of it so took this to show it finished other than weaving in the ends. :) The 2 projects took 44 gms of a 50 gm ball which is 105 meters. The hat reminds me of a Hershey's kiss and was a lot of fun to knit.
The tiny mitts are "Newborn Norwegian Sweet Mitts" by Jennifer Hoel (free on ravelry) and took 6 gms of Patonyle (about 23 yds) and HOURS to knit. Cute, but yikes! I mailed them to Cheryl who told me they fit Joel and are keeping him from scratching his face so the time was well spent. Not going to make 1/2 dozen pair like I originally intended. LOL

52 week June project finally finished

I finished Kala's "Sweetie Pie" 2nd sock in time for June. Hooray! Made of crock pot dyed Patonyle using Wilton's teal frosting dye and a bit of blue food coloring dribbled here and there.

This is a fast sock to knit and fits really well. I've made 3 pair now (gifted the others) and will keep these and enjoy wearing them myself. :) Approximately 300 yds used for the pair.