Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Carefree KAL Entry for Me!

I'm making First Grade socks for my daughter. I just cast on today (January 8).

She's a girly-girl who I think will really love them.


Second Project of January

I had wholeheartedly intended to start something else next using yarn I already own, then I came across this yarn and plans changed. So "Double Jeu" cowl it is. Who knows maybe I can pull off my sons socks too yet. Also, on last trip to the LYS I got the idea to make my Mom's Christmas present this year a Clapotis out of possibly Mini Mochi, it has similar sheen and softness to Lion and Lamb. I am quite bummed to find the 2 nearest yarn shops to me do not carry much Crystal Palace outside of the glitzy dressy stuff and only one has Mochi and neither has Kaya. :(


Friday, January 7, 2011

Grandson sweater

Just finished the sweater for my grandson. It used about 500 yds of yarn, I think.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

12m/12p/12b 2011 first project

I have a picnic cloth with a pattern I really like, so I used the pattern for the cuff of the gloves and a matching headband. Although I thought the name of this plaid was 'Shepherd's Plaid', it turns out that it is actually called 'Prince of Wales'.

Started: 1 Jan 2011/ Fin: 6 Jan 2011
Gloves used a total of 60 grams/312 yards

First project for 2011

My son lost his neck warmer so this became the spur of the moment project.  He picked the skein out and I whipped it up, being crazy enough to stay up near all night so he would have it at recess today.  January will be tough for the KAL as I had started 2 projects just before the end of the year and will need to be getting those out of the way asap.  This used one skein110 yards size 8 circulars, 80 st in 2x2 rib till I ran out of yarn.  


welcome to

more new members!


melissa (mostly munchie)

First Project of 2011

My girls have been wanting their own matched sets of hats, scarves, mittens & socks in Gryffindor colors.  I made the hats in December and am now working on the first scarf in small stripes.  I am making the small scarf and even in the 1 by 1 ribbing it takes up most of my 14 inch long needles.  There will be 14 sets of stripes plus an extra burgandy when it is all done.

I really enjoy seeing everyone else's projects.

January KAL

I am looking forward to participating again for this year's new KAL.

So far for the month I am making my son-in-law a pair of wool socks. I posted progress photo and the first completed sock. I am going to see him on Sunday so I hope to have the second sock finished by then.

First project of 2011 done

Yipppee. A dear friend wanted some clogs. She tried to make them herself being the tight knitter that she was as a few life issues added into the mix. Well her clogs were almost perfect size even before felting. I offered to help. She picked the color combo, well mostly. I have knitted clogs for her family and added some of the leftover yarn so Grandma/Mom will just have to look at her feet to be reminded of the "kids".

Well off to start another project.

Yoga Socks

Hi! I'm new here, and what a fun group this is!

This is the first sock done of one of my January projects. They are the Paton's Yoga Socks. A few months ago I promised my daughter's friend that I would knit some socks for her. My daughter suggested the yoga socks.

I'm knitting them from some yarn I found in my stash. It's Kollage Luscious, a cotton and elastic yarn.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sweater for my grandson

Knitting a little gift sweater for my grandson, who I go to see next week!
It's theoretically a 5-6 hour project. But I think it will take me more like 12!
Knit in Brown Sheep cotton fleece, which is what was in my stash!

sign-ups for year long kal open

anyone else want in? there's still time to sign up!

12/31/2010: GO!!!!!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! after all, it's 1/1/11 somewhere in the world!
12/30/10: are your needles and yarn SET?

12/29/10: READY (with your pattern?)

please leave a comment if you want to join the 12 month kal. (still trying to think of a catchy name...LOL). IF YOU AREN'T A MEMBER OF THE CAREFREE BLOG, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT CAREFREEKAL AT GMAIL DOT COM AND I WILL GET AN INVITATION OUT TO YOU.

rules will be the same as 2010 (see sidebar). you may start your january project on december 31, 2010!

so, who's gonna play?!

ps. what about "prime time kal?" as people keep pointing out that we start our kal on 1/1/11! =)

ps2! i will set up a chat thread each month on our rav sister group and will remind you all to post your projects here!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

12/12/12 - December

Hoping I'm in under the wire (thanks for e-mailing, Adrienne, or I might have forgotten completely):My Knotty gloves are finished. I'm fairly pleased with them, but I did learn a few things to try when I knit gloves again. I don't know how often I'll do that - there were a lot of ends to weave in!

car knitting for January

Blissful Moss Rib dishcloth by Terri Lee Royea using Bendigo Dk cotton. Fun pattern with only 2 pattern rows and very easy to remember. Same rows, just start with 5 knits on the right side and 3 knit sts on the wrong side. Makes a really nice reversible cloth or hand towel.
I keep this in the car for when I have to wait anywhere. No worries about a pattern or losing my place. My kind of car waiting room knitting!

place mats for birthday gift: "Apple Blossom"

Another Rhonda White pattern for Cheryl's birthday gift in June. She loved this yarn color when she saw it and so she will get 2 place mats. Pattern says about 12" wide. I don't like using this yarn, but it should make nice mats.
This pattern is a bit different than the other round one because there aren't any plain knit rows which could mean more interesting knitting OR more tinking...maybe a bit of each. :)

January start for a baby gift

Cheryl's grandson is due in Feb and this will be for bathtime at her house. 8 ply Bendigo cotton which is lovely to knit and use when finished. Color is light teal which I've used many times. Love this yarn and color.

This is a free pattern from Rhonda White. Easy and fun to do.

January starts as I begin

Hooray! Adrienne said we could post "start" pics as we begin which is so much easier for me to do. However, the finished items need to be posted at one time which will also be easy to do. :)
The MinKnits mystery fingerless gloves KAL started Jan 1st. You can still join if interested. See my Rav project page to click on group for info.
More coming. Blogger is choking on my next pic so will do one at a time.
I realized that I can weigh the finished little items and calculate the yardage based on yards/gram on the yarn skein label (or meters here and convert to yards). I will post all of that info on the final post for the month along with the finished goodies. :)

2011 Prime Time KAL - Jan 2011 - In progress -Brenda (Owlsrook)

January 4, 2011 - January Progress Photo - Men's Aran Vest - Cast on New Years Eve and started knitting Jan 1st and finished the back piece today. This is a pattern featured in the February 2010 Knit N' Style Magazine.

I am using Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool, which is nice to work with and defined the cables well. I am using circular needles - Size 4.5mm for the ribbing and 5.5MM for the pattern portion. It is a fairly quick knit, with simple but nice cables patterning.

This is being knit for my husband who has been requesting and Irish Sweater and Vest for sometime. I am still designing the sweater, so doing this quick vest first.

Brenda (Owlsrook)

last day for 12 months/12 projects/12 balls of yarn and other things

today is the last day for you to post your december projects for the 2010 yearlong kal. we have 16 people who managed to finish at least one project/month! i think we know who may have won the most cpy projects contest! but there will be one other person who will have 12 more balls of yarn added to her stash very soon!

please check your name and make sure that i have given you the proper credit. the ** means that you are in the drawing for the grand prize!

congratulations to aj, angieK, bevL, brenda, calophi, deb, debi, jardin rouge, jill, jody, julieH, kadezmom, lois, lorraine, peacockmom, and yoyosocksister for completing the yearlong challenge! eta: and squeezing in at the very, very, last minute! ikkinlala! that makes 17 finishers! way to go! now to see about that prize drawing.

the 2011 primetime kal challenge is underway. if you're playing, please check that i have your name listed over on the sidebar.

we have a side mini kal planned. details soon!

Monday, January 3, 2011

one last 2010 project

i started this in september for the holiday (or not) kal but didn't manage to finish it until december 31st! ok, i get easily distracted. what can i say? at least, i didn't have to try knitting a PAIR!!!

in the land of oz shawlette
mini mochi in neptuneLink

in the land of oz

in the land of oz shawl

i was hoping to have it blocked by now but that obviously has not happened. i am happy with the photos as this is the first time the colors have come out close to the richness of the colors in real life.

i did piece together the colors so the the stripes are wider in the lace section. i love making more work for myself! =P

will return with a picture of the blocked shawl after that happens.

12/12/12 KAL - December

With a day to spare! Finally got pictures of my 2nd scarf so I could be absolutely sure I had enough yardage.

Both crocheted scarves took about 300 yards of yarn and are my own modified design of the Luna Lovegood Scarf. The knitted gloves took somewhere around 100 yards and is a pattern you can find on Witchyknit's blog. All three were knit with KnitPicks Swish DK. I believe what we have here is Doe, Dove Heather, and Marine Heather.

I have another scarf that I don't think will count for either December or the new KAL. It makes me sad. I started it after Christmas and I'll be blocking it tonight. :-(