Saturday, October 18, 2008

A new computer means I can finally post pictures!

I had too many pics to download on my camera, so I've been (im)patiently waiting for a new computer so I could finally post! Now I'm just going to have to remember how to do this with all these pics. Okay, please bear with me. I may have to edit on my old one. However, I am going to type all the text now, and try to move it when I am not in the mood to sledge hammer anything. If anyone uses an apple out there, could you please help me with the cut and paste function. My old right click method is now defunct. Not going to work! Thanks!!

Okay, the first two pics are of mop covers out of Peaches and Creme in Spring Meadows. They were crocheted. They took right around 300 yards, based on the weight calculations of yardage on the cone and my kitchen scale. Not the most reliable, but the best method I had available to me.

The next three pics are for knitted dishcloths. the four cloths took approx. 50 yards each, which totals around 200 yards.
number 71
byw, I love that number! I love it when random isn't quite so random!

I don't know about anyone else, but I've got a zillion projects going on. I'm knitting slippers for the family, as well as socks in the same color for the girls in my house (and I'm included). I am keeping each one as one project as it's easier to keep track of yardage when the whole skein/ball/hank is gone and I'm dealing with multiples. If this isn't okay, please let me know! I have a few other projects going on as well. You know, too many sticks in the fire. That's me. You should see the knitting list I *think* I am going to get done by Christmas. Bwhahahahahahahhaha. yep. I'm that funny (read:delusional) The scary part? I wouldn't have it any other way!

Sleep tight and KNIT ON!!!!

wash cloth

A wash cloth. My poor brain is hardly able to do this.

Moving has made me more mindless than ever. But that has its advantages.

Finished socks

Note the plural there -- it's a whole pair!

I started these on October 9th, and finished them last night.
Here's a picture of the top.
To recap, these are socks knitted out of two skeins of Bunny Patch (80% merino/20% angora), from Newhue Handspun Yarns, in the Oasis colorway. Each skein was 200 yards, so these are 400 yards total. They're knitted in a size eight, and they're going to Cheryl, who spun the yarn.

I also have a knitting tragedy to report. The neckwarmer that I finished earlier, which used to look like this:
and which fit over my head and around my neck in the best possible way, now looks like this.
Turns out, alpaca felts. (I would like to point out for the record that I know this; apparently another member of my household who shall remain unnamed wasn't paying attention when he snatched the towel it was blocking on off of the bed.) Alas. Do these yards still count?

Finished Fidget

I finished my "Fidget" (neck scarf) made with Araucania handpainted Wool/Alpaca/Silk blend. I'm not crazy about the buttons, and I may change them if I find some I like better. I used the pattern on, but it is basically a 5 1/2" x 23" rectangle that can be knit in any stitch with any yarn with buttonholes on one end and buttons along the bottom side of the other end. This will be a Christmas gift for someone!

One pair of socks finished!

Yay - I LOVE these socks! Debbie O'Neill's Licorice Twist in Dream in Color Smooshy Licorice Twist (from The Knitter's luxury SOTM club). Aren't they gorgeous? The cuff is very cool.

DIC Smooshy is a 450 yard skein - I probably used 350-400 yards of the skein.

I also have started my annual Boston Red Sox "good juju" socks. Hopefully it's helping!

I've turned the heel on the first pair. It's a plain vanilla sock (zzzz) using Lorna's Laces "Loopy" colorway. Each skein is about 215 yards - I bought three skeins because it's for my younger son and his man-sized feet!

Go Sox!

I also have started another SOTM club offering by the Knitter. The name of the pattern is Autumn Leaves Socks, also by Debbie O'Neill. The yarn is Classic Elite alpaca sox in the Harvest colorway. One skein is 450 yards. I changed the cuff a bit - it's now just k1 tbl, p1 as I didn't like the cuff that was part of the pattern. I think these socks will be warm - nice for our NH winters.

Lastly, I started a flap cap for my nephew, Joshua. It's made from one skein of Malabrigo worsted - one skein (which is about 215 yards). Aren't the colors fun? I made flap caps previously for my boys and they loved them - hopefully the nephews will as well! This pattern is Mighty Mitts and Flap Caps by Cottage Creations - I LOVE this pattern!

Friday, October 17, 2008


This is a pair of Panda Soy socks.

The brown looking item is the start of felted kitties. I said I would try to make. I'm trying for a mini farm I guess. Also is a mindless pair of socks that I have been knitting different 4 stitch combos just fun.

Another pair of socks done

And this pair is one of a series that I am making on request for someone. The yarn used was Berocco Sock color 1810. I used 321 yards.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

purple socks and mitts finished

138 yds total for socks; 46 yds total for mitts

Bianca's baby blankie

440 sts on this last round. Putting markers to remind me to either Y O or K because it was too easy to just keep on knitting on autopilot after a while. At least now I have to think about it when I see the marker. There is one section where I missed a yarnover and didn't see it for 3" so I added a stitch in the middle of that wedge and I think it will be fine. Hence the markers...

A start and an end

My mail lady asked if I could make some fingerless mitts. She told me exactly how she wanted them. Lucky for me I had the wool in my stash. Another stash user. I love it. So here they are just started. They were the Fetching Pattern to begin but with changes. Lots longer. Very Red. Cascade 220. Started Tues Oct 14.

And there here are the final mitts. Very long. Took 200 yards. Hope she likes them. They are fun to wear while doing things. Had to try them on. Finished Oct 16 today. Leaving tomorrow I think. I am going to want a pair for myself now.

Knit, knit, knit

I'm still working on 3 pairs of socks. The red ones are now a stealth project, so I can't show the cuffs. You see a sole, a 2nd toe and some ribbing from the first sock. You may notice a little black from the color pattern on the cuff. This yarn is Regia.

The 2nd project is a mystery sock for September. I'm a little slow, but the deadline for finishing is Oct. 31. You get slowed down when you don't read the instructions. I'm much farther now. Orange yarn is from Yarn Place. The color is more true in the 2nd photo.

The 3rd pair of socks is a birthday gift. The cuff is a design from one of my new Japanese books.

The last 2 pairs of socks have been worked on since the pictures were taken.

I've also worked on my mitered square Noro sweater, but the new picture looks much like the last one. The body is in one piece, folded. I'm at the bottom of the armholes, but you really can't see it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another Felted Bag

I started another felted bag. I'm thinking of giving one to each of my sisters with some yarn, needles and a pattern in it for Christmas. The pattern is my own version of the Booga bag knit with Paton's Classic Wool with random stripes. I'll add a cell phone pocket to the inside and i-cord straps.

Block 2 is finished

Another progress photo of the second Wolhemelblanket block. It came ready today. The finished photo is a little bit dark... it is quite late here at the moment. I also posted a pair of socks that I am working on - I think that pair will come ready tomorrow.

Block 2: Yarn used : Cascade 220 Superwash. I used 110 yards.
Block 3 is released today... I have to print it out as soon as my new computer is installed.

encouraging thanks

Thank you all for encouraging Katie in her ( I know life-long love for all things fiber.) She will hardly touch my acrylic stash that I just can not get rid of! And wants to check the Kal blog every day. We have created a yarn monster! Run Away! Little girl with pointy sticks!
We went to our LSY for knit night and she went straight for the CPY too!!! Plus, a fabulous bulky yarn for her first hat. Her birthday is on Nov. 6th and I am thinking she wants yarn! Whee for God blessing me with a crafty girl. I know it makes for more generosity in giving gifts and donations with hand-made love.
jdhforjc #18, 19

Pangea Shawl

I am doing this for a dear friend for Christmas, the process is slow but only because the clues are revealed only once a week, I am using Cherry Tree Hill Merino and size 5 Addi Lace Turbo's. I enjoy lace knitting and have lots of projects planned for the holidays
~ Grace

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

mitt using leftover Isabelle sock yarn

I had 20 gms left over from each sock and this mitt weighs 17 gms. I will send a pic of the finished socks and both mitts later. The 2 mitts take 46 yds of the Merino magic. I had overdyed some yarn I had and the dye split while "cooking" the yarn. That is why the purple has flecks of the red and blue. Actually, it is a bit more interesting to me than just plain old purple. :)
the pattern was found at and is really fast and easy. "Wristlets" from the winter 2007 edition

i finished

...ONE sock! except for kitchenering the toe. i had so much fun with the miters that i decided to do them all the way down the heel flap. i think i could have done 6 tiers instead of 7 but i was afraid the leg would be shorter than i like.

and i made 3 little random miters on the instep.

i had better finish off that toe and get started on my second sock! although i would much rather start a different pair.

and oh, yeah! i have to work on that hat too, huh?!

pattern: mitered windowpane socks
yarn: cherry tree hill supersock merino, river run


Bianca's baby's blankie

This pinwheel blanket is for my friend's first grandchild due in May in Perth where cotton/acrylic will be great. I made a mistake with the fiddly start, but like the way it looks like a snowflake or sand dollar. Started yesterday and now on round with 350 sts. I have 1380 yds of this discontinued yarn brought with me when we moved here. Adrienne suggested the pattern to me found on ravelry and it is just right to work on in between more challenging projects.
It is the Round or Pinwheel Baby blanket designed by Genia Planck.

and another new project

I am getting bored easly too *smile to Adrienne* and so I have started another project yesterday evening.

Woodland Shawl

and this is my beginning:

I use a undyed natural sockyarn from Opal with 465 yards at 100 gram

Monday, October 13, 2008

current totals

Hi, Katie's blanket yardage is 175 yards. #19

For myself the purple hat and wrist-warmers and scarf for pj bear the yardage is 98. The teddy bear swap bear with white scarf and wrist-warmers is 4 yds (Oct.2 post.) Sorry is was not more organized for this part of the KAL.

Jody #18

Another Project Started

I started another project the other day. I'm knitting mittens for my 7 year old daughter who has informed me that the mittens I knit her last year no longer fit. It's getting cold here in Montana and we've already seen snow so warm mittens are a must. I'm using the Elegant and Easy Cable Mittens pattern from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders and the yarn is Plymouth Galway Paint. I'll make another pair of lightweight mittens for her to wear inside these for extra cold days and if I have enough yarn I'll make a matching hat and scarf.


Here's a progress photo of my Panda Cotton Mystery sock:
and a new project that I started yesterday, an illusion knitting Christmas tree dishcloth:
You can just start to see the bottom of the Christmas tree:
Thanks to whoever on this blog posted about this pattern first!! It was great inspiration! I've been wanting to try illusion knitting and this is the perfect little project to try it out and knit a Christmas gift at the same time!

One pair socks finished

A progress photo of the second sock, just before the toe decreases were made. Alexa's pair of socks came ready. I measured the yarn that was left... I used exactly 300 yards. On to the next project.