Saturday, January 31, 2009

52 Week Challenge - Brenda (Owlsrook)

January 31, 2009 - Completed my Online Socks - Ladies Medium - 360 yards, 5 inch cuffs, plain foot with round toe.

Only completed 3 projects in January to count towards the Kal.
Pink Socks, Noro Scarf, and Online Socks.

Now onward to February.

There sure are some nice projects showing up in the posts. Good luck and happy knitting to everyone in February.

Brenda (owlsrook)

more fun for the 52 week challenge

we have decided to hold quarterly " favorite CPY projects" for the 52 week challenge kal. once again, winner will be voted upon by the entire carefree blog family. the winner will receive 2 skeins of cpy (winner's choice of yarn and color; subject to availablity) and all the bragging rights pertaining to this title for the 3 months following.

cpy projects completed between january 1 and march 31 will be eligible for the first quarter's contest. in the interest of spreading the wealth, only one yarny prize per person. first place winner will always retain the bragging rights but the yarn will go to the next runner-up who has not won yarn.

so, dig in your stash and get those needles clicking.

happy, happy, joy, joy!!!

the prizes from the carefree holiday (or not) kal are in the mail and on their way to the 14 lucky winners!! we apologize for the delay but our prize sender-offer has had a very busy month and just now had time to get all that fibery goodness packaged, addressed, and sent!

would love to see a picture of what you receive (leaving the rest of us with yarn envy)!

52 week challenge - January

Started second sock around Jan.26, finished knitting yesterday, wove in ends today. Cuffs are about 6" from floor. Used Knitpicks essential shale multi two 50g-balls (231yds each) different dye lots held together throughout, on US3 dpns.

New project, progress, plans, dreams

Here is a better picture of the red socks´s pattern:
Then I have begun a new project, a long cardigan out of yak and merino, which will have some embroidered elements and probably will show a crocheted closure. But from that I am weeks away. It is knit on 3mm circs and has a width of about 58", length 32". The result of three days and nights is here:
It will be my project for February, hopefully.
At last, I thought about this KAL to be a 52 week challenge that should help to get accomplished some of those longlasting dreams. That is why I will cast on for one of my old favourites, the Frost Flowers and Leaves Shawl from Eugen Beugler.
If I show some threads, would you help me with deciding on colour and fiber?
I have some dark blue silk, some dark bluegreen lace from Uruguay and a dark purple cashmere laceweight and a stone grey raw silk and would like to have some help with the decision because this will be a long time project, perhaps not ending before the end of this KAL.

52 week challenge - February

01.31.09 008

I have also cast on for the project I aim to complete in February: Laura's Inner Truth Cables Scarf. I am knitting this using Bamboozle yarn on US 10 circular needles.

Bamboozle is so soft and nice to work with! It's like Panda Cotton's big brother. :-)

52 week challenge - January

I finished my January project - the Panda Cotton beaded mystery socks.

01.31.09 004

Yarn: Caribbean Blue Panda Cotton
Beads: Miyuki Seed Bead Mix, Deep Blue Sea, size 6
Needles: US1 40" Hiya Hiya circulars - magic loop
Pattern: SKA January Mystery pattern

I guess the estimated yardage is about 325, but they are a 5 inch leg so they qualify. Hooray!

Sorry I haven't been blogging weekly yet. I have been having major problems trying to upload photos to Blogger recently. I posted this one from Flickr and that seemed to work so hopefully I can start posting more regularly now!


52 Week Challenge

Whew, almost didn't get my pics downloaded to my comp, since the comp decided it didn't want to. Thank heaven for alternative means and sheer luck that I had them!
I based them on the cool pattern seen here before, but I added 10 stitches to each row and 7 rows to each color block, which explains why my yardage is different than others who have made them. I am figuring 400+ yards, as I used 99% of one 223yd skein (Paton's Classic Wool), 90% of another, and maybe 5% of the 3rd one (whatever it needed to make 4 squares). Next time, I will follow the pattern... well, maybe, lol. They are a hair wide for me, but that's okay :o) In the meantime, I have started a felted hat; it won't have enough yardage on it's own for February, but I want to try another pair of felted slippers and those will make it up. Love all the posts and projects!

Friday, January 30, 2009

New Project--52 Week Challenge--January

This is the start of a dishcloth so that I'll have enough yardage complied for January along with my mittens!! It's made from yarn that a friend gifted me which is made in China. Apparently, this has some sort of silver ions in it that makes it antibacterial and prevents this from getting "stinky". She also sent me a dishcloth made of this yarn, and I can attest to the fact that it does not get "stinky".

The pattern is Heavenly Trio from Knitted Kitty Creations. I'll be finished by tomorrow and posting the finished picture then!!


Photo update

The blanket is getting bigger. I took the pictures yesterday afternoon, and the blanet is resting on my lap. I have 90 cm in height at the moment... still a lot to go.

The other project is a sock... gotta feed the habit, don't I? It is done in Fortissima Socka Colori, and I love the little glitters in it. Silver sparkles :-) It is going to be a pair for me, believe it or not! They will be ready in the first week of February... guess Sunday or so.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yankee Fox Mike socks

This is Anne Hanson's Gridiron pattern with Socka 1776 yarn. This pattern is easy, yet interesting and perfect for watching a mystery on tv. I made size large and she says it takes 400 yards. I'm going to have to go with that because there isn't any yardage listed that I could find in English on the label. Fred wore them today when we took some friends flying. :) I posted the start of them on 1/14/09.

52 Week Challenge

I didn't realize you wanted a post a week for this challenge - I can do that!

I've already posted my completed January project. Here is the beginning of my February project. It's a simple shawl, with random rows of garter and stockinette and YOs knit with Noro Kuryon Sock Yarn. It's pretty mindless knitting, but I'm loving it!

UFO and other projects

I'm still working on a UFO from last year. This is the second sleeve of a Noro cardigan.

Socks are being knit. Pattern is Onion Domes from KnitNet.
A baby sweater for a great grandchild. The yarn is Bernat Baby Coordinates. Nothing got finished this week.

52 week challenge kal requirements

just some clarification on projects and how credit is given for the month.

  • projects for the kal have to be started on or after january 1, 2009.
  • credit for the month will be received after you complete enough projects to reach kal requirements.
  • project does not need to be completed the same month that it is started. however, you will only receive credit for the project for the month it is completed. for example, if you start a pair of socks on jan. 15th and finish them on feb. 2nd, you will get credit for february only.
  • once you receive your" letter" for the month, you will not receive any more credit for projects completed that month. (although don't let that stop you from knitting or crocheting or showing off. the more the merrier!! we love seeing your projects! )
  • "yardage is not cumulative" means that you will not be able to carry over extra yardage from month to month. for example, if you completed projects equaling 500 yards in january, you will not be able to count the extra 275 yards in february. you must complete another project using a minimum of 325 yards (knitting) in february.
hope this clears up any confusion. if i have created more or you have any questions, please leave a comment and we will try to sort this out.

A New Project--52 Week Challenge

This is the start of a pair of socks. These are "You and Me Socks" designed by Debbie O'Neill. I started these on January 25, 2009, using Trekking (XXL). These are certainly not the first pair of socks that I've ever started, but they WILL be the first pair of socks that I've completed.

Now, here's my question: Do I need to finish these by the end of January in order to count towards the 52 week challenge? I don't now about doing that!!

UFO 1 update...sock yarn blanket

I did not have much time to knit yesterday. So I worked on the sock yarn blanket... with 500 stitches still on the needle, I am at 90 cm height. 1.10 meter still to go, and then see if the blanket is big enough... otherwise I have to knit side borders. We'll see...LOL!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Maizy Sweetie Pie socks finished

This is a fast and easy pattern which was a lot of fun to knit. Many thanks to Kala Hotakainen for sharing it with us. The color doesn't show up properly in these pics; it is quite a lovely shade of greenish blue--kind of like a light teal green. The color of the yarn is Sea Gray. I did 12 repeats of the pattern for a 7" cuff. Fred calculated the yardage for me at 277.4 yds. I weighed the pair of socks at 68 grams with 32 grams left to knit toes and heels on some other pair in the future. This pattern was perfect for this yarn. I actually enjoyed knitting with it unlike the last time I used it with much smaller needles. I'm going to use it more often now with the 2.5mm needles :) I started this on 1/10 and finished on 1/27 with the YFM socks in between. I still need to take a pic of them finished and will try to post them tomorrow.

ufo KAL - Intense Rainbow Hexagon Blanket

I started this blanket on January 21st, and have begun working through it faster than I would have thought. It's crocheted using Mini Mochi, in Intense Rainbow, using a size E crochet hook. I'm not much of a crocheter, but am having a lot of fun with this project.

Right now, I've got 39 hexagons done, and have used a little over 2 skeins of yarn (I took the picture after I finished the 2nd skein). I'm not quite sure how big I want it to get. Originally it was going to be about baby-sized, but I'm not so sure anymore. I'll have to see how 'done' I am with it when I run out of yarn.

Long Month

I finally got some pictures taken of what I did make. I did a bunch more items but they left before pictures were taken. I have spent this month taking care of my Dad from having a valve replaced in his heart on Jan 2. Dad is now getting around very well on his own. Many items I finished were given to family members after working the ends into them.(the items not the family members).
Here is the start to the Inner Truth scarf. This is knitted on size 6 needles with Panda Silk DK. Love the color and how well this worked up.
Here is it all blocked for its glory. Yardage.....300 yards for this. This was one of the nurses favorites that I made.

I also decided to do Theknitter's December Sock of the month. Yarn is Cascade Yarns Paints. Pattern is Cozy Up Bed Socks. These were knit with a size2 needles. A very quick knit that only took 3 days to finish. Very washed out photo, but being I had a hard time getting pictures of items I did this will have to do.
And I just finished it about 15 minutes ago. This is closer to the red. 213 yards used. I do have a total of 513 yards that I can document. Getting in just under the wire.
I hope everyone enjoyed the start of a New Year. Looking forward to Feb and all the wonderful projects you will do.

One and One, but not Two

Over Christmas and New Years, I had visions of non-stop knitting, crescending waves of knitting mojo, and - well - lots of time to knit.

Reality set in, and we spent most of the time working on our place in the Mountains. It's not so easy to find time to knit when you're scrubbing out the Fridge of Horror.

So, instead of driving back to the Frigid North from my trip in the Sunny South with a nice warm layering of newly knitted goods, I only had two things finished . . .. . . a wonderful glove, my first, from Knitting New Mittens and Gloves. I used Caron Simply Soft because it's so soft (heh heh) and indestructible. I always wondered what the fascination was for fingerless gloves, and now I know.

Knitting five fingers in the round is. a. pain. in. the. arse.

Secondly, a sock. After frantic Christmas-present knitting, I really wanted some instant gratification, and self-striping sock yarn is as close as it gets. Plus, the bright and cheery colors have the added bonus of helping me beat the winter blahs.

I am knitting a basic sock on size 0 needles (yes, I know, that's insane, but gauge is important. I'm going to keep lecturing Flipflopping Mama on that until it hits home.) The yarn is Fortissima Colori Socka Color, one of my favorite sock yarns. Tons of fun!
So, one hand and one foot is warm. Too bad it's a whopping 9 degrees outside today.

Suppose I need both feet? I'm tempted to just wear the sock as my other glove.

(I have half done on the sock, and half done on the glove)

52 wk progress for Jan

Hi, I finished the dish cloth, wintery cowl so far. The Noro scarf is proving to be a pain for me. It is so deceptively simlpe that you lose track of rows and stitches sometimes. This project makes me so over their colorways! Part of the reason is too that in the middle of cool colors the put in plive green (see where the pen is?) So, I have ripped out this easy silly thing more times than I can count. I will also need to use 2 more skeins because it should have been 3 feet for two balls and it "so WAY isn't! My LYS says I am competing for most perfectionistic and person most likely to be in the frog pond!!!!! Here I come Adrienne! I hope to post the mitts and the dish scrubbie done by the 4th of Feb.
I used 250 yards with the next size up neddle for the cowl.
The dish cloth was 50gr. but no yardage on the ball band.
The scarf is already 200 meters (no yardage on band either.) Two more balls to go.
P.S. Knit On! Is it posible to change the fingerless mitts into fingered ones? My niece changed her mind yesterday. I have never made gloves. Is it easier to start again with a pattern than do the math?


Getting things finished

I haven't posted yet this month, but since I'm finally getting somewhere with this sweater, I thought I'd better!

I'm about 2/3 of the way through, as I've finished the body, but still need to do the sleeves and the neck edging.
I'm knitting this out of Briar Rose SeaPearl, on size five needles, and I've used about 800 yards so far. The pattern is something that I'm winging on my own.

In January, I also knitted the second socks for three pairs of socks that were languishing OTN from before the holiday madness. The first pair was for my younger daughter. (All the pattern links and yarn links are on my Ravelry page.)
These are Kicking Leaves socks, and I think the single second one took about 100 yards of Old Maiden Aunt yarn.

I also finished a pair for me.
These are the Woodsmoke Socks, and I used about 150 yards of STR lightweight to finish the second sock.

My older daughter also got a pair out of the deal.
I made up the pattern for these as I went along, and knitted them out of Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks Willow yarn, in the Forest colorway; that second sock took about 200 yards.

And I just remembered that I also knitted a sweater in January.
It's the Dofuku Kimono from Knit Kimono, and I used 1200 yards of Knitting Notions classic merino sport, plus a little bit of some of my handspun.

There it all is! I'll post when the sweater is finished with the rest of the yards I used. Off to knit now...

Red Socks Progress

Here are red socks, again for my eldest, in a pattern from a Japanese magazine. They will be finished by tomorrow, I hope.

This is the beginning from Monday morning, at breakfast. Pictures will improve, someday.

I have no idea how to place pictures and text in a satisfying way. That could improve, too, someday.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the progress pics

these are initial and final pics of the princess nadia FLAME mini-mochi sweater. you can see it on her in a post below.

i did actually share these progress pics for my ufo with adrienne and others previously, but don't know if they count.

if you are looking, you can see that i changed the sleeve lace and made it match in the red section- the skeins are sooooooooo generous that it was easy to snip and go find the color i needed and start again.
remember you can join a break by knitting one or two st. with 2 strands. trust me, it won't show,
but you do it at a side edge not in the middle of the front.

52 Week Challange - Debbie (Grandma 07)

Hi, I have finished my first project for this KAL. I knit this pair of socks with the new Mini Mochi yarn in the Violets Rainbow colorway. The lace pattern is a mix of patterns from the book Socks a la Carte. I must say that I LOVE this yarn!! It is sooo soft and easy to knit with. It was hard to put this project down because I was so fascinated by the way the colors changed.

These were cast on on Jan. 21 and cast off today...Jan 27. I'm guessing they took about 350 yards of yarn as that is what most of my socks use. Oh, the leg is 5.5 inches from cast on to heel.

52 Week Challenge - Brenda (Owlsrook)

In progress photo - Ladies Medium Size sock - using Online Yarn - Hiking Colour #969 on 2.00mm dpns (U.S. Size 0). These are just basic socks with a 5 inch Ribbed Cuff.
As the yarn is so "busy", I decided plain basic socks would be best. Hope to have this pair finished before the end of the month.

Brenda (Owlsrook)

Monday, January 26, 2009

52 week challenge

Hi, A little late than never. My Dad is now in rehab after his head-on car accident. Praise God there were no internal injuries. I knit a little. But, I was overwhelmed by the yardage totals. So, I started crocheting then switched back when they were changed. Here are my progress pictures. I will give specifics by the end of the week. They are a wintery cowl, two-row scarf, coffee cozy, fingerless mitts and a dish cloth/ scrubbie set. I hope to finish them all by the end of the week. Jody