Friday, September 4, 2009

August FO

I see that I forgot to post a finished project in August. I finished these socks August 30. They are for one of my daughters whose birthday is today. Yarn is Patons Kroy Sock 4 ply in blazing blue. The pattern will be available soon. I used 292 yards of yarn.

I think I got distracted by the mystery sock. I have started clue 4 on one sock.

52 week challenge for September

This shawl is loosely based on Gabriel's Wings. Instead of using a skein of Noro sock yarn, I am using many different odds and ends of sock yarn in my stash. None of it is labeled but there may even be some CPY in it before I am finished. I'm doing a solid color (Knitpicks Risata in Dusk) in-between each patterned yarn and will probably keep it going until I run out!

I finally remembered to post a picture of my mystery socks-in-progress. I really like this pattern Adrienne, it fits beautifully! The yarn is Plymouth Happy Feet which I first dyed a silvery-grey, then overdyed with blue and green, trying to create the look of the ocean on a foggy day.

My DH gave me such a lovely compliment on these socks: David said that if I wore these to Las Vegas, we would be asked to leave the casino, because the players would be looking at my socks, instead of playing!! Awwwwh, what a guy!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Not enough time to knit

Adrienne knows already. I can't work on the mystery socks at the moment. I frogged the first clue and started an easier pair of socks that needs to be finished soon. But in the coming weeks there will not be much time to knit. At the moment we're in the process of packing, and we'll be moving to a bigger house in a nearby town. Exciting, but also a lot to organize. I'll keep you posted though!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

52-week progress for Sept.

Hi, finally feel like I have something to post. I am on the second set of the rounds on the first sock ( I know I am behind!) Loving the Happy feet yarn and my new Kollage square needles and the cool design! Hopefully I will finish in time. I am doing a 70 Co but with 2.25 needles. I might add more if it is too short for me. Any ideas on that? Hope to catch up when the Katie goes back to school.


P.S. Darin will be going back to work at the job he was laid-off from (back in December!) Yeah Sort of empty house again and back to a schedule!

52 week challenge-august

just a reminder that photos of your finished projects must be posted by september 4th to count for the kal.

if you are knitting the mystery sock, you will be able to get double credit for september- 52 week challenge kal (photo of in progress and finished socks must be posted by october 4th) and the mystery sock kal prize drawing (photo of finished socks must be posted by september 3oth).

52 week challenge

Finished my Mini Mochi Double Knit Hat on Aug 31st. Used 328 yds. Now the hat covers my ears. It has a deep crown for 'floppy' look. Love it. (The 'original' only used 242 yds and was snug fit.)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

mystery sock kal-clue 4

should be appearing in your mailboxes right about now. if you don't receive it, let me know!

Calophi's Mystery Sock Kal

Well, I kept forgetting to post my updates here on the blog, though I remembered to do it on Ravelry. I don't think it's necessary to picspam my progress, so here's the latest picture of my finished clue 3.

I am using KnitPicks pallet: Orange, and the beads are Dyna-Mites square-holed, silver-lined, orange-rainbow. I skipped a repeat in clue 2 because I really wanted the beads to stand out and I didn't want more repeats to take away from that top row.

My gauge is a bit bigger than what is called for, especially my row gauge on the heel flap. I guess it's a good thing that I did the simple heel. I don't mind, though, my calf is 10 inches and not 9, so the sock fits quite nicely.

I think I'm doing pretty good so far for my first pair of socks!

Monday, August 31, 2009

52 Week Challenge

...And the finished socks! Now I can get to knitting on Adrienne's Mystery Socks, whoo-hoo!

52 Week Challenge

Another pair of socks, these were a lot of fun to knit, and are certainly my best effort yet at 2-color knitting. Based on Judy's Kick-Back 2-Color Socks (I really hope I have the name right) from, the yarn is KP Swish, discontinued colors. Also included is the start of a helmet-liner for a friend's grandson's armed forces company:

mystery kal clue 2

mystery kal clue 2
Originally uploaded by kadezmom
Whooo hooooo! I finally got there! Can't wait to go farther. Adrienne, you're kicking some designer butt with this one :D

Prize received!

I got the lovely Maizy yarn in the mail today - wahoo!! Thanks so much.

mystery socks so far

The "sea gray" color doesn't show properly in my camera, but it a lovely light teal. I had started this project with 2 other yarns and they weren't showing the stitches to advantage. I'm loving this pattern and will knit it again soon. Now that I finally started using the fabulous magic loop method, I think the second sock syndrome won't have such a hold on me. Of course, it could also mean I have double the WIPs. :)

Carefree Mystery KAL

What a wonderful pattern - Thank you Adrienne!!! I know I'm not very far along- but on to Clue 2 tonight. I love seeing everyone's choice of yarns. I tried several sock yarns but between gauge and showing off the pattern I ended up choosing Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn in the color - Beach Fog. I really like it. I'm using size 2 dpn. Happy Knitting, Renee'

52 Week Challenge - August - finished project

See my project for August. You definitely might get an impression of my A-line shaped body :-). This will be a very cozy, soft and warm sweater used as a shield against the stormy weather we will have within some weeks from now.

Fall is my favourite season of the year: Wonderful and unique sunlight, soft and golden, the earth under your feet not yet too cold, fresh winds and all the beautiful colours that go with autumn leaves and fruit and nuts and late blossoms. As a welcome side effect I can breathe and forget allergies for a while. How I love this time of the year!

Material for the sweater is merino extrafine in darkest green, yardage for certain along the rules.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mystery Socks

I also keep forgetting to post my photos here, although I have been posting them on Ravelry. I have knit both socks through Clue 3. I decided to use the plain heel since I'm not sure who is going to be the lucky person to receive this pair. Here are my photos:

(GablesDeb on Ravelry)

Mystery sock

I've been chatting and posting pictures of my mystery sock on Ravelry, but realized I should share here too!

Here is my cast on post for the 52 week challenge:

08.22.09 003

Pattern: Adrienne's mystery sock KAL
Yarn: Tropical Peach Panda Cotton

It's really fun to knit and a beautiful pattern emerging! I even learned a new cast on which I will probably be using for all my top-down socks going forward.

I finished one of the socks through clue 3 yesterday:
08.29.09 001

Time for me to get moving on the other sock!!

Mystery Sock and more

I have 2 photos of clue 2. Yarn is Panda Wool in ultramarine that I won in last year's Tour de sox.