Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WIP for April

This is a blast from the past! I pulled some yarn out of my stash that was given to me years ago and I am making a shawl for a special lady through our prayer shawl group at church. The yarn is Fluffy by Unger and I am using a size 11 circular needle. The pattern is the same as a washcloth I made years ago. I love it because it is a no-brainer and sometimes we all need that! hahaha.... I may crochet around the edge when I am done - but I will wait to decide.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 12/12/12: Pretties!

I started this shawl in March and got a bit bored with it so I put it down. Now I've finished it for April!  It's called the Gothic Revival Shawl and I shared out my Ravelry project page:

This was mystery wool and I used two skeins of it. I only have a few yards left - probably enough to make a cat toy, but not much more than that. I figure the shawl used between 320-400 yards but I have no idea how much was actually in skeins. I weighed them at one point and compared to other worsted wools and figured it for 160-200 yards a skein.

I did the pattern with repeats as written, on size 10 needles.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Sassy the skirt is DONE!!! 1025 yards of yarn, 1.5 x knitting and countless hours later....I am finished. BOOYAH!

12/12/12boy April finish

Hi, I just finished the Rhode Island socks for the month. I used a discountinued Opal yarn for a friend. I loved the pattern and will totally do this one again (just one that is less bright!) Started on April 3rd and finished today! I will also go down a needle size and add more length next time. Yeah! The progress photo is closer to the right color.

yarn in mail

I just got my olympic kal prize yarn today. It is panda superwash color berry compote. I love the color, and the shine of the bamboo. Looking at the yarn makes me smile. Oooooh, sparkly. Now the hard part, deciding what it will become. Will it be socks? Or a small shawl/scarf ? Have a few faved on ravelry. Or something else?

Thank you Susan.

April project finished

Here's my April project:
Sam socks in Mountain Colors Crazyfoot (which is apparently hard to photograph well).

I had to unravel the first toe and shorten the foot in order to have enough yarn for the second toe.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Updates on April Projects

Here are a couple more dishcloths I have been making for the farmers market. After making these, I decided to stay with my original plan to mostly make the windmill dishcloth.

Though I am not going to include these in the April KAL, I have also make a crocheted version of the knitted windmill dishcloth:


Another April finish

My Easter Egg Skews
The SKA online magazine pattern challenge gave me the push to try these.
Yarn is Patons Kroy. I used 2.5mm needles. I heard rumors that the socks were hard to put on, but my yarn and needles are a little larger than some. They fit fine.